Fotogenic Pro App Download For Android [Fully Unlocked]

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Fotogenic Pro app Download – It is a photo editing tool that is truly made for beginners & hardcore photo editors. There are many best photo editing apps in the market, specifically for Android devices, but Fotogenic is the best of all of them. It is a free photo editing app that has a variety of editing tools. As we all know, photo editing is not super comfortable on Mobile devices because we get a little screen, two fingers support, and no shortcut key to press to apply some changes instantly. It has a lot of inadequacy compared to editing photos on PC.

And so, to make photo editing an easy & fun task, we need a photo editor with an innovative and easy-to-use interface to edit photos. And for that, Fotogenic is a fantastic choice. However, it is easy and intuitive for beginners yet capable enough for professional photo editing. But to use all the stunning features of Fotogenic, you have to go for its Pro version, which costs money. The best part of this article is we will provide you its Pro version for free today. And you will be able to use all its premium tools & features to edit photos for free. So, are you excited now? Let’s get started!

Fotogenic Pro Overview


Fotogenic Pro is a top-rated photo editing app that has a 4.9 rating and millions of original downloads. It is widely popular for face tunning, capturing selfies, applying filters, and more. The camera of nowadays phones comes with decent Mega-pixels, and it can pretty much capture everything on a face. And that sometimes creates issues like things get captured which we don’t want, i.e., pimples. Well, to not ruin your photography or selfie, you can use the built-in selfie tool of Fotogenic. It comes with an instant face tunning feature, beautifies the overall picture, and makes it look very realistic.

Also, you will find all kinds of tools & features in categories like Beauty, Color Adjustment, Paint, and Textures to further edit the photo. The special & unique part of Fotogenic Pro is you will get advanced features too that we usually get on a premium photo editor. The advanced features that we spotted in Fotogenic Pro are Square Fit, Straighten, Bodybuilding filter, Reshape, and more. These four features are rarely found in any photo editing app for the Android platform. And probably, having these types of premium features made it get a straight 4.9 ratings.

Apart from that, it also has all the tools for beginners as well. From cropping tool to text on photo feature, it has it all, and most importantly, all of these tools are well placed. You won’t struggle to find & use any of its tools. Once you tap on any of its tool categories, it will show you all the tools & features present under it, and with one click, you can access it and edit your photo. Moreover, Fotogenic Pro is also famous for its ability to produce high-quality images without losing pixel. It doesn’t matter how high the resolutions are. It always creates the best quality image possible.

Download Fotogenic Pro Latest Version for Android Free

Fotogenic Pro app Download

If you purchase the Fotogenic Pro version from the Google Play Store, it will cost you around 10$. But here, we will provide you the same authentic version for absolutely free. Meanwhile, you will be able to use the Pro version on your phone without paying 10$. And for your information, the app has been modified to unlock the paid items, and you may face a warning if you directly install it on your phone. Later, we will also guide you to install it on your phone as well properly.

Before that, let me show you its important file details so you can have a glimpse of the file before downloading.

File Information:

  • Name- Fotogenic Pro
  • Size- 86 Mb
  • Version- 1.2.5
  • Developer- Best Photo Editing Apps
  • Type- Photography
  • Android Required- 4.4 and Up
  • Last Updated- 26 June 2019

Make sure you don’t skip reading the file details because it ultimately helps in Correctly downloading the APK file. Now, you can follow the below link to start downloading the Fotogenic Pro updated version.

Fotogenic Pro (86Mb)

How To Download Fotogenic Pro On Your Android Phone?

Downloading such a modified app on Android phones is not easy nowadays because it has evolved & security has been improved. You have probably seen that whenever we download any APK file from a third-party website, the Play Protect scanner starts scanning it once the downloading finishes. And it also immediately acts if found any threat or issue in the package. And believe me or not, it can easily detect the modification in this Fotogenic Pro. Well, here, we will provide you proper steps to safely download it on your phone. Just follow whatever steps are noted below.

  1. Firstly, make sure the built-in security feature of the Play Store is turned off. You can navigate to Play Store>Menu>Play Protect>Settings to check.
  2. Now, click here or the above download link to visit the Google Drive page where Fotogenic Pro is uploaded.
  3. Wait for the page to get loaded on your browser completely. Unless it gets fully loaded, you won’t see the download button.
  4. After that, click on the download button and wait for it to Ready & send the APK file to your browser.
  5. You will receive a download request. Before accepting that, make sure you verify it using the above-provided file information.
  6. Once the downloading starts to happen, wait on the download screen until it completes.
  7. That’s it.

Follow these steps carefully, and you will be able to download Fotogenic Pro safely. So, now you have got the file, let me help you with the installation steps.

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How to Install Fotogenic Pro & Start Editing Photos on Android?

Install Fotogenic Pro

Installing any app from the Play Store is easy, and it only requires a couple of clicks. But in manual installation, you have to confirm several things to trouble-free install modified apps or games. If you normally try to install it, in the middle of the process, you will get a notification saying, “Play Protect has blocked the installation because of a threat detected.” Not only Play Protect, any modern security app or feature now have the ability to detect such code modification. So, before we go through the steps, we suggest turning off all the security features on your phone. After that, you can follow the installation steps below.


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  1. Enable the Unknown sources from Android Settings>Security. It will authorize the third-party app installation on the phone.
  2. Go to the download folder and Locate & click on the Fotogenic Pro app. This will open it in the installer.
  3. After that, click on the install button and wait until it gets installed on your phone. You will get a confirmation notice when the installation complete.
  4. After that, press the done button to close the installer. The Fotogenic Pro installation is finished, and hopefully, you have not been warned through any security app or feature. Now, let me guide you to get started with it.
  5. Launch the Fotogenic Pro on your phone by clicking on its icon from the app drawer.
  6. Click on Create a Project, or if you want to edit a photo that you already have in your gallery, then choose the second option, “Browse.”
  7. After that, select the size of your new project and then continue. If you are editing a photo, you will automatically get redirected to its main editing interface after selecting the photo.
  8. As we have already said in this article, Fotogenic has a lot of editing tools that you can explore & use with just one click. Just explore its tools and click on any of them to activate. For instance, from the textures category, select the Border tool. It will simply help you create a beautiful & customized border around the photo.
  9. You can explore its tools and use them to edit your photos easily. Once you are done with editing, simply click on the export button from the top-right and then select the quality as per your choice. After that, the photo will get saved, and you will be able to access it from SD Card>Fotogenic folder.
  10. That’s it. Enjoy.

Remember, the higher the image quality you will choose to export, the higher the image size.




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Fotogenic Pro is capable enough for editing high-quality photos on Android phones. If you have a common brain and know the different editing tools, you can also edit next-level photos. We have personally tested it before writing this article, believing it or not, but this one is actually a fantastic photo editor. You will find all the professional editing tools in it, and its user interface is also very user-friendly.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful, and you’ve got what you were looking for? If so, we would like to know your thoughts about this application. Also, comment below if you still have any questions.