Ford helps fight coronavirus to resume production!


As has been said quite often, we are currently experiencing great difficulties due to the new Coronavirus. After all, due to COVID-19, many people and companies have been affected, and in fact, we have even had some businesses close, due to all the charges that are required to maintain an establishment. (Rents and wages are to be paid, whether production or not)

As a result, some car manufacturers, such as Ford, also had to suspend some production lines as a precaution. However, it seems that the North American giant is not in the mood to keep its arms crossed! In fact, he has already announced that he will resume production on the 6th of April.

Ford has already announced the resumption of production in some factories!

First of all, first, the company’s objective is to resume production of its most profitable models.

After all, according to information obtained so far, the Hermosillo plant in Mexico will return to production as soon as possible, with factories in Ohio and Kansas City following the same path. In addition to these, other factories in Dearborn and Kentucky will also resume production on April 14th. (Dearborn is expected to return on the 13th).

As in so many other industries, the last weeks of the global pandemic have had a resounding impact on Ford!

However, be aware that this company will not only resume production soon but will also “inject” about $ 15.4 billion to face the uncertain economy ahead. However, it appears that the giant has a move in mind to fight the COVID-19.

Ford is planning to produce 100,000 Coronavirus protections a week!

This pandemic has affected all types of markets, due to the way it has very quickly affected people’s normal lives. Therefore, like Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysçer Automobiles have already announced a halt in automobile production and the start of production of safety equipment against the virus.

In short, in addition to wanting to resume its car production, Ford also wants to continue to help in the battle against the pandemic. Thus, it will not only manufacture protective equipment, but it will also inject an exorbitant monetary value into the market.

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