Ford GT 2021, supercar has some news!


The tastes of everyone in the automotive world can vary greatly from person to person. However, truth be told, in general, the new Ford GT is brutal! And in fact, it seems to be winning over many fans in the supercar world. Which turns out to be quite curious, since the first ‘Ford GT’ was created just and only to win Ferrari.

That said, Ford has now announced a new graphics package full of customizable colors for its ‘new’ Ford GT 2021!


After all, a company tweet suggests that the new package will include at least three new external colors, dark red, blue, and white.

Graphic changes could replace the two famous GT tracks with just a single line!

Despite the two lines characterizing the original model, the new changes offer an impressive final design, which is apparently convincing enthusiasts. It is that in addition to the new single line that runs through the entire car, we also have new details on the air intakes of the V6 EcoBoost engine, as well as the option to choose a color to contrast with the side mirrors.

According to Ford, the new options highlight “features that help deliver all 651 horsepower during the toughest track sessions“.

This is because in addition to the graphic changes, there are also some physical changes to the Ford GT 2021 so that it can bring even more performance to the track. We are talking about an increase in power, new standard features, and mechanical adjustments inspired by the track MkII launched last year.

Ford Gt 2021 New Colour Scheme
Ford Gt 2021 New Colour Scheme

Still looking like 2020, the Ford GT had an increase of 13 horses!

As we mentioned earlier, we have some physical changes in the current model, including a significant increase in power.

But if you think we are just talking about horses, you are very wrong. Ford went far beyond simply increasing horsepower in this car. We are talking about adding more energy ignition coils, a new “gallery-cooled” piston design that helps the engine to cope with high temperatures, and even changes to the rear of the car in order to improve aerodynamics.

Interestingly, in the UK, all available models of the Ford GT 2020 are already sold! A trend that seems to have reached the 2021 model

In short, this incredible Ford model shows what the manufacturer is really capable of creating when performance is the goal. So, as you can imagine … All of this will have a price! And here, with the 2021 premium pack, it should be almost 450,000 euros.

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