Football Manager Mobile 2019 Android Game [FM 19]

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Most youths dream of being like their favorite soccer players. Work a little, earn a lot and earn a living by kicking a ball, signing autographs and getting millions to wear a shoe of a particular brand. And even if football is the dream of so many kids, I do not think many are those who dream of becoming club leaders. SEGA now offers us the opportunity to discover this experience with its new game for Android, Football Manager Mobile 2019 (FM 19).

You can choose from as many as 17 countries, including the big European leagues.

Manage the best teams

Your job will consist in becoming the best manager of all leagues. To do so you have to make important decisions, how to devise the best tactics of the transfer market, buy and sell players, choose the formations of each game and convince managers to build a new stadium.

Football Manager Mobile 2019 (FM 19) includes important innovations compared to the 2018 version. Not only does it include two more leagues (that of the United States and South Korea), but also the database has been updated and now contains about 21,000 real names and players and reports team progress is much more complete and detailed, with tables of weaknesses and strengths.


Plan transfers and tactics of the transfer market – decide who plays and who will have to warm up the bench.

Of course, all very nice, but it is not a free game. Installing the APK file will cost you as much as a drink. But if this sport is your life and you want to try a different football experience, it will be worth trying out the latest edition of Football Manager Mobile.

The training has undergone the biggest revision of the history of the series. The new module now includes a wide range of new options, sessions, and programs to help managers get the best from senior players and develop their young stars. Sports Interactive has worked closely with real-world clubs and coaches to ensure that the new methods are truly representative of what happens in training camps all over the world.

The changes are equally significant when players move from the training camp to the match mode. Managers now have much more control over their team, as the FM tactical module has also enjoyed significant renewal. The new preset tactical style options allow managers to choose from some of the world’s most famous football systems or develop their tactics and philosophies. Experienced managers will notice the widest range of instructions from the team, as well as the fact that there are several instructions available depending on whether your team is in an attack, defense or transition phase.

Fans can apply these tactics to one of 36 fully licensed clubs in the first two German football clubs, as Sports Interactive has signed a licensing agreement that will see both Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 clubs, each with badges, kits, and faces of official players – for the first time in the history of the series. The introduction of German clubs and leagues will allow FM19 players to also select the German language, raising the gaming language portfolio to 19.


There is much more to FM19 even for less experienced managers, especially the brand new “manager induction” system which acts as an intuitive and interactive tutorial system and allows beginners to find their own way. FM veterans can also use the induction system to familiarize themselves with new and updated features this season.


All players will immediately notice the new look of the game. The combination of the updated user interface and the new ” manager induction ” system make this not only the most beautiful version of the game to date but also the easiest to play.

Miles Jacobson, Director of Football Manager, said – “Over the past year we have faced an important change as a studio, moving offices, improving our work practices and spending a great deal of time researching. The result of all this work can be seen in Football Manager 2019 – has a clean look and also a lot of freshness, not only with the new features but also through many other changes that make it an even more compelling to play – we are all very proud of what we got with FM19 and we can not wait to hear what our fans have to say “.


After the many debates and after the controversies in the football world in the last years, he makes his debut in Football Manager 19 video technology with Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and goal-line technology. Both technologies will be present in competitions that use them in real life and will certainly create many points of discussion during a rescue, as well as in the real world.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Required operating system – Android 4.1.
  • The application offers integrated purchases.