Football Manager 2020 Mobile (FMM 20) Game: A Stripped-down Version of the PC Game


Released in November 2019, Football Manager 2020 Mobile is a sim game that has had its fan base grow over the last few months. The football management game is also known as FMM20 and has an updated player database bringing teams in from around the world. That’s not all. You have an improved experience and upgraded coaching features. The game is the successor to the Football Manager 2019, designed by Sports Interactive, which is known to develop other sport series. They have made other sport simulators like NHL Eastside Hockey Manager and Championship Manager Quiz.

The game was made in several versions for desktop and mobile and other platforms. These versions are dubbed Football Manager 2020, Football Manager 2020 Mobile, and Football Manager 2020 Touch. The Football Manager 2020 is the fully-fledged version made for desktop computer platforms, the Touch version for both desktop and mobile and the FMM20 Mobile is strictly for mobile. The Touch version is a stripped-down version of the original, and it has focused on matches. Our focus in this post will be on the Mobile version.


You’ll be impressed by just browsing through the game the first time, and you’ll find a broad set of options. Create your own club and start a thirty-year career at a team you want. The game features Challenge mode, which has seven scenarios to get you immersed in the game. In the relegation battle, FMM20 Mobile has, you may have to deal with an unbeaten run or injury problem.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile 3
Football Manager 2020 Mobile

The game boasts of Danish and Greek leagues which are new additions to the former leagues. This makes the total number of leagues to be at 60, across 21 nations. Of course, this is far from the 116 leagues and 52 countries that the fully-fledged version sports. An upgrade is made to the youth development system where you can see and track details on the progress of your young players before they are bought over by bigger clubs. You want more help? Just ask a seasoned pro to train and mentor any of your promising youngster.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile 5
Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Football Manager 2020 Mobile can be very addictive just like you’d find it in the other versions. You’ll find many of the same functions and the classic managerial inbox. One great feature is the ability to save games locally to your device. This allows you to continue with the seasons even if there’s no internet data or Wi-Fi. The game can also allow you to save to the cloud so you don’t bother your phone’s memory. The traditional mode of playing is still there and one thing I like about this one is that it allows you to start mid-season.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile 4
Football Manager 2020 Mobile

This is a big game title for PC and being on mobile too, you should expect some features to be missing. The ‘shout’ feature which allows you to shout at players when the game is on is missing. Basic operations process like changing your starting lineup are also not really clear. Playing it on a smartphone seems a little difficult with the screens and menus cramped, but it must be because of the developers dealing with the space issue and making sure most of the elements from the desktop version are there. On a tablet, it would play fine and you won’t encounter this issue.

You love football and you like to take the manager’s position in seeing your teams succeed at matches and leagues? Then you can’t go wrong with FMM20. And having a mobile version is a great advantage as you can take your management skills on the go.

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