Flutterwave – African Merchants Can Now Receive Payments on PayPal


For a long time, people who sell on the internet and who desired to make use of PayPal as the means of receiving payments have not been able to do so from many African countries. PayPal only made that possible for a few African countries such as South Africa and Egypt.

Now, Flutterwave has partnered with PayPal, allowing African merchants to accept payment on PayPal. Merchants from Africa can now accept payment globally because Flutterwave made it possible. This new partnership aids merchants through the ‘Pay with PayPal’ feature.

There about 377 million PayPal accounts worldwide. Any of them can send the payment PayPal feature into any merchant’s PayPal account even if they live in Africa. Remember, that the platform has been known for a long time for the highly fragmented and complex payment and banking infrastructure on the African continent.


That is ending because Flutterwave has stepped in with this new partnership with PayPal. At this time, the new feature is live and can be used by anyone in the designated countries in Africa. About 50 countries are included. Even small business owners who make use of Flutterwave can now integrate with PayPal to accept payments from countries like Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius, Malawi, Mozambique, and Senegal.

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They can accept payments not only from payments made in Africa but from anywhere on the planet. This means that the new integration opens small African businesses and freelancers to international demand.

To get started, merchants must register on Flutterwave, then visit the Flutterwae dashboard, and follow instructions to enable the payment method. Next, they need to click on Account Settings, enable Dashboard Payment options, and select PayPal from the list of options.

That’s all that is needed to integrate the PayPal checkout button from which customers will pay the merchants.

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