FIFA Mobile – New era has arrived for Android and iOS


It’s about the time of year when fans of games for smartphones and football wanted so much. Electronic Arts (EA) has just renewed its popular FIFA Mobile game for Android and iOS with the new era.

As expected, this new era comes with many new features that will delight the players of the smartphone version. Among some of the new features, you will also be able to find several features that continue to be a great success for the versions of the consoles.

One of the news that many wanted was the implementation of “Chemistry” among players. Now in FIFA Mobile, the links between your players will also have a big impact on the number of opportunities you have to score.

Last year, FIFA Mobile became a true phenomenon for both Android and iOS, and one of the most requested game modes was  Head to Head in real time. Well, EA heard the requests of its fans and decided to implement this mode in this new version of the game.

The new era of FIFA Mobile finally arrived for Android and iOS

What’s more, a number of improvements have been made throughout the game experience. In this new version, you will be able to enjoy a new game engine, which allowed you to achieve even more realistic graphics.

You will also notice a great improvement in the players’ appearance, making it much easier to recognize the players you love so much while you are playing. To add to the realism of FIFA Mobile, EA worked hard to implement race styles that are characteristic of each player.

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Finally, Electronic Arts has now implemented a new VIP program. That will grant special offers and extra privileges to players who become members. You can now download the new FIFA Mobile for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store. However, just like in previous editions, you will find many ways to spend money on in-app purchases.