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Fed up with Marvel and DC movies? Watch these brutal movies!

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It is true that nowadays both Marvel and DC are the main studios of superhero films. However, some users may be a little fed up. And as such, even Hollywood itself decided to invest in unique projects involving superheroes. And that these days are indeed a great success. After all, it never hurts to vary a little.

That said, to meet your needs, we decided to create a shortlist that contains some of the best superhero movies. This of course is, without involving any Marvel or DC projects. So… are you ready?

Fed up with Marvel and DC movies? Watch these brutal movies!

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Hell Boy
Hell Boy

Before revealing anything, know that some of the films we have listed below are not exactly new. However, this does not detract from the quality of the project at all, and we recommend almost 200%. This of course is, not to mention the so famous Marvel and DC films that we also love. But see our list here:

  • Sky High (super school of heroes) – 2005
  • Hellboy – 2004 movie or 2019 movie
  • Faceless revenge (Darkman) – 1990
  • Hancock – 2008
  • Power without limits – 2012
  • Ninja Turtles – 2014
  • Kick Ass (The new superhero) – 2010
  • The Incredibles – 2004

So, enjoy this great list of superhero movies if you’re sick of those from Marvel or DC. However, if by chance you also miss what you feel about the films of these two studios. These projects above will also definitely help you to pass the time.

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In short, it is true that cinemas at this point are not what they were. And as such, you are likely to get some nostalgia when watching these films. After all, many of them were big hits when they were released in theaters.

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