Facebook to Introduce Live Audio Rooms, Other Audio Features


The social media giant Facebook is introducing Live Audio Room as part of its interest in presenting new audio experiences for users on its platform.

The new Clubhouse clone Live Audio Rooms and other audio features will arrive in a few month’s time.

The Live Audio Rooms version of the popular app Clubhouse will allow people to listen and participate in live conversations.

Facebook’s interest in providing Live Audio Rooms may be an indication pointing to the increase of audio-only networks that have become popular in the lockdown era of the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook plans to also introduce a new feature, Soundbites, which will enable users to create and share short audio clips. A small number of creators are expected to help launch these features for Facebook in the next few months.

Users will be able to earn money with Live Audio Rooms or with the Soundbites. It is not yet clear if this part of making money will immediately reach out to others on Facebook apart from the creators. Creators are Facebook users who have a large following.


The use of these new features will make it possible for users to listen to podcasts directly from the Facebook app.

A Facebook spokesperson said that audio seamlessly fits within people’s busy lives, allowing them to be inspired by new ideas, and talk about these with other like-minded people without any pressure. It is still unclear how Facebook will moderate the audio channels.

Reddit Talk, a version of Clubhouse has also been announced by Reddit, just about the time that Mr. Mark Zuckerberg announced the Live Audio Rooms and Soundbites.

These new releases may further show to the world that Facebook is susceptible to anti-competitive behavior, something that the co-founder, Zuckerberg has already agreed to in the past.