Facebook Messenger will be safer for children

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Social networks can pose a real danger to children. In fact, there are many malicious users. That’s why Facebook wants to take steps to better protect the little ones. In a post on the official blog, he briefly explained what he is doing to protect children on Facebook Messenger and beyond. However, the news will not start just now.

Facebook Messenger will be safer for children

Last year, Facebook added many security features to Messenger. In this case to protect users from scams and abuse. They covered a more detailed analysis of message requests, alerts on suspicious activity, limits on forwarding messages, and new ways to report abuse.

Now the new functions are more related to children. That said, this social network will begin to detect signs of strange behavior. For example, if an adult sends hundreds of friend requests to children, it will be checked. Let’s say invisibly. But Facebook will start to look at that person suspiciously. The same for people who start to identify several unknown children in photos and even send them by message. Yes, there is control over what we send. However, this control, unfortunately, turns out to be necessary.

It is also part of the discussion of what is going on through WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal and the potential growth of these networks. So far there was more control on WhatsApp than on the other two networks. However, with the massive growth that Telegram and Signal are experiencing, things will have to be more controlled, otherwise, platforms can become a danger for everyone. You can read more about it here.

At this point, it is not yet known when the new features will arrive. Anyway, it is excellent. After all, we all want our children safe.

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