Facebook Messenger – The feature that everyone was begging for!


Facebook is the most used social network in the world. Your application “sister” Messenger is probably the most used form of communication, perhaps taking WhatsApp.

We have seen Mark Zuckerberg’s company implement several changes in the application, especially at the design level. However, options such as dark mode are still missing.

As of today, Facebook Messenger will launch an update for Android and iOS with a new enough demand- to cancel sent messages.

That message you regretted sending can be canceled… if you go in time!

For about a year now this function has been “promised”. The same already exists in the Telegram and in a way in WhatsApp where you can delete a message for both parts of the conversation.

In this sense, imagine that you are sending a message in error and that you need to erase it. All you need to do is tap the conversation and select “remove.” The application will then ask if you want to delete only for yourself or for all participants in the conversation.

However, there is a limit. From the moment you send the message, you only have 10 minutes to decide if your online love statement was well written or not. After the stipulated time, your message will be registered forever.

The motivation for this change began when several users reported that many of their old messages had been deleted. Facebook explained that they were removed because of an internal privacy policy. At the time the company apologized and promised to implement in the future the function of canceling the sending of messages.

In short, this function may seem insignificant but with millions of messages being sent every day, someone will use it. Of course, if it’s fast enough.

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