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Do you consider running Facebook ads for your product or services? Or probably you just opened a new online store and you looking for alternative means to generate your first sale on Facebook. If so, in the article you will learn how to set up your own Facebook ads. Facebook ads or advertising is marketing publicity and structure that provide effective ways for marketers to showcase their products to billions of people around the world.

With the new base structure of the internet services providing to billions of people running your business it a better option especially to beginners. The amazing story about Facebook ads is that it enables marketers to gain and target specific audiences in any niche. Facebook ads provide you with amazing features to help build and also allows you to reach out to your specific customer type based on location, interest, demographic, and lots more. You can review the section below to understand how it operates.


How Do Facebook ads work  

With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, the main objective is to create awareness of his set of users. This means that it provides you with effective advertising space to showcase what service you are rendering. Facebook ads offer users various tools based on their location and profile information also other option available.

With the right Facebook ads manager tools on different categories such as Campaign, Ads set, and Ad provides you with the requirement to set up your ads across the world. Then after creating an ad, you can improvise in setting up a budget and bid for the number of clicks that your ads will receive. The entire structure helps you generate traffic for your page and your website. Note that depending on the price that your traffic can be generated. You can view the outline below to set up your campaign ads.

How to Create a Facebook Ads Account

If you have no ideas on how to create a Facebook advertising campaign, you can start with the following guide. Also, note that you need to have a Facebook business page or running a website. If not you can do that along the process:

  • Go to facebook.com/business/ on your web browser and ensure that you are using the computer system note the mobile phone.
  • At the top right corner of the page click “create an Ad” and then enter your Facebook account details.
  • Then click on the arrow drop-down at the top of the page and then select advertising on Facebook.
  • You can create a new campaign by first selecting your campaign objective.
  • After filling the objective you can set your audience and choose where to run your ad on ad placement.
  • Then set your budget, pick a format for your ads, and once you have reviewed the info. You can place your order.

Finally after summiting your order and enter your payment option. Your ad will begin its function and you also can track the performance. If you want to change any details you can change your campaign structure in the ads manager. After that, you can now monitor your ads through the mobile phone.

Facebook Ads Manager App

As business owners and marketers spend less time on desktop computers and more on mobile devices, advertisers have a growing need to manage Facebook campaigns on the go. To meet that demand, last summer Facebook introduced the Ads Manager mobile site, which is now used by more than 800,000 advertisers each month. Today, in an effort to make mobile ad campaign management even easier for the two million businesses using Facebook advertising, they’re launching the Ads Manager app.

Using the app, marketers can:
  • Track ad performance
  • Edit existing ads
  • Edit ad budgets and schedules
  • Receive push notifications
  • Create ads
Ads Manager app is available globally on App Store and Play Store.

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