2021 Best EXE To APK Converter Tools


EXE to APK converters – Long story short, EXEs are basically files that work only on Microsoft Windows, and APKs files work on Android operating systems only. As you already know, PC files are usually huge and cannot be directly transferred on a smartphone. In contrast, APK files are only made compatible enough to work on a small device. Therefore they cannot be transferred directly to other bigger hardware systems.

This is where EXE to APK converters will come in handy as they let you experience the same amazing features of PC on your Android phone whenever you want. With these tools, making this happen is possible, and the process is not complicated. See Best EXE To APK Converter Tools In 2021:


What You Will Get From EXE To APK Converters?

  1. They are completely free to download and use.
  2. You can play the same games on your Android system as your PC by converting the gaming files from EXE format to APK format via any converter.
  3. You’ll be able to download other apps from your PC that weren’t previously available on your mobile device’s Android system.
  4. Everything happens smoothly as long as you have both your PC and smartphone close by to transfer the files from EXE to APK.
  5. The process is easy and effective; therefore, the possibility that your EXE files might not get converted into APK is very low.

What Are The Best 3 EXE To APK Converter Tools?

1. Change My Software – EXE To APK:

Best EXE To APK Converter
Photo credit: techwarior.com

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This software is seen as one of the best EXE to APK converters right now. It is freeware, and it only requires the updated version of the .NET Framework that should be installed on your system to help it run seamlessly. With it, you can convert any EXE to APK within seconds or minutes, and all you have to do is download it.


2. Droidexer v1.8:

Best EXE To APK Converter
Photo credit: techwarior.com

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This is another brilliant software that helps with the conversion of EXE files to APK files, and it lets you save 100MB per file, which is the restriction for this software. Droidexer v1.8 is a regularly updated converter that is most stable among others on this list. It is free as well, plus it works smoothly.

3. EXE to APK Converter Online (Free):

This one is quite different from the ones above because it doesn’t have to be downloaded. Just open it in your browser, then select the file you wish to convert and hold on for conversion to be complete. Once it is done, install the saved file on your Android device or tab. This tool is free to use, plus it gets updated regularly for your smooth use.

That is that.


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