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Elvenar is a fantasy strategy game in which you will be given two choices; Either you build a normal human city or elves city. The choice will be yours and there will be only you who can grow the city and make it powerful. On the journey of building the city, you will get the opportunity to explore many fascinating things, including ancient technology, resources, etc. For elves, you will need to find a new home for various fairy-tale creatures. The overall mission in this Elvenar MOD APK is you have to try to build a whole new fantasy kingdom. To do that, you can use the available resources to build, develop, and expand.

If you like open-world games too much, then, Elvenar is an excellent game for you. You will enjoy playing it as much as you enjoy other open-world strategy games. Also, the cream part of this article is we will provide you the MOD version of Elvenar. In this MOD version, you will get every Pro feature pre-unlocked as well as free diamonds, gems, etc. Let’s start this article, and let me first give you a full overview of this game.


Elvenar Game Overview

Elvenar game is going to be very adventurous to play. However, as a role element in this game, you have to build a city from scratch. You will be provided with major resources and tools to build the city. It will be your responsibility to civilize the land, which is full of bushes and trees. You decide how to advance your city as you gather resources, trade with other players, and research ancient technologies. Whether you want to build a whimsical paradise or a well-organized metropolis, the opportunity to create a home for fantasy creatures is available here.

The available tools & resources will make the task very easy for you to build the city. You can easily construct walls & overall buildings. Also, the game has Magic available for building homes for elves. If you choose the elves to build a magical city, making homes for various creatures will become easier for you. However, then you will have magic in the game to build those buildings. Also, as you will be growing & developing your city, you have to find more space for creatures’ growing population.

Thankfully, the game can expand the kingdom, but it will require diamonds to do. The MOD version of Elvenar that we have provided here doesn’t require money to buy diamonds. Because you will be provided with unlimited diamonds & gems, you can buy or purchase anything you want in the Elvenar MOD for free. Also, the game offers a trading system in which you can trade materials, including resources, lands, and other things. Your real trading skills will be revealed here because trading with other players will be hard as they do it when making a profit.

Overall, in my opinion, Elvenar is quite an exciting Online Android game where you can learn a lot about civilization & trading. We genuinely recommend Elvenar to everybody reading this to play ones at least because it is an enjoyable game.

Download Elvenar MOD APK Latest Version For Android

Elvenar MOD APK Download

Here, we will provide you the Elvenar MOD APK Download link, and you will be able to access that for free. If you are not aware of the Elvenar MOD, it is the same Elvenar free version that is available on the Play Store but has all the in-app purchase items pre-unlocked. This means it is not required to pay or buy diamonds to unlock some special features or elements. Also, the MOD version file size is less than the free version, and it has some features removed to make sure it performs best in every Android phone.

Let me first show you the full file information of Elvenar MOD, and then we will provide you the download link.

File information:

  • Name: Elvenar MOD
  • Size: 93 MB
  • Version: 1.50.0
  • Developer: InnoGames GmbH
  • Type: Simulation
  • Android Required: 4.4 or higher
  • Last Updated: 28 September 2019

Make sure you look at the above file details before moving further to the download link. It’s important because it will help you to verify the file before downloading it. This way, you will be safe from downloading unwanted software or app. Now, click on the below link to download Elvenar MOD.

Elvenar MOD (93Mb)

How to Download Elvenar MOD APK On Your Android Phone?

Looking for a guide to download Elvenar MOD APK? I’m guessing you are a beginner and have never downloaded anything from the internet. Well, here we will guide you on how you can adequately download Elvenar MOD APK on your Android phone. Before you follow the steps, we recommend disabling all the security & antivirus stuff on your phone. Otherwise, it will create trouble in the downloading process.

  1. Make sure there is no antivirus active on your phone, including Play Protect Scanner.
  2. Click on the above link to visit the Download page of Elvenar MOD.
  3. Wait for the server to ready the APK file for you.
  4. After a few seconds, the third-party server will automatically send the file to your browser.
  5. If the server doesn’t send the APK file, you will get a short link on the page to immediately start downloading.
  6. Once you receive the download request, verify it first using the above file information and then accept the request.
  7. Wait till the file gets completely downloaded on your phone. Done.

Follow the above simple steps to download the Elvenar MOD APK on your phone. Apart from following these steps, also make sure that you have enough free storage space and your Internet connection is stable on your Android. Not caring about these two things can also interrupt the downloading. So, hopefully, you’ve got the APK file on your Android. Now, let me show you the installation process to start playing it on your Android immediately.

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How to Install Elvenar MOD & Start Playing it On Your Android Phone?

Install Elvenar on Android

Most of the time, we don’t require to download APK files from third-party websites because of the apps requirement covered by the official Android App Store. You need to perform the installation manually because you want to use & play the Elvenar MOD version for free. The manual installation will be tough, and you have to follow strict steps, including disabling the Play Protect, Disable Anti-virus, and similar things. We will teach you how to do that properly. Here is the correct installation process of Elvenar MOD:

  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Tap on Security>Unknown Resource and then enable it.
  3. Open the Play Store and click on the menu icon from the top-left side.
  4. Click on the Play Protect from the options.
  5. Then click on the Gear Icon. By clicking that, you will be redirected to the Play Protect settings.
  6. On the Play Protect settings page, turn off both the scanner option. You will only find two options there; just turn them off.
  7. Now, open the file manager and go to the download folder of your browser.
  8. Locate and tap on the Elvenar MOD APK to open the installer.
  9. Press Next… Next, until you reach the bottom and then tap on the Install button.
  10. Wait to complete installation, and after that, press the Done button to exit the installer.
  11. The installation is complete. It’s time to play it.
  12. To start playing it, first launch it from the App Drawer. It will require an internet connection, so make sure you turn on the Internet Data on your phone before launching it.
  13. Accept the terms & conditions and then select the campaign mode (You can look in the settings for configuring buttons & graphics).
  14. You can select which type of city you want to build; a magic city or a normal human city.
  15. After that, you can start building the city by utilizing the provided resources and elements. As you progress in the game, you will face new challenges, and you will also see some fantastic things like Monuments, ancient technology, etc.
  16. Enjoy.

Now start playing the game and enjoy the journey of building your dream kingdom in this little game.



To the fans of open-world games, Elvenar MOD is going to give you huge pleasure & entertainment. Because you will meet some fantastic creatures in the game, including dwarves, fairies, dragons, and other charming fantasy races, the provided MOD version will allow you to access all the in-app purchase items for free instantly. Also, you can use the available unlimited diamonds to trade with other players.

So, hopefully, you liked this article on Elvenar MOD APK? If so, we would appreciate it if you share it with your friends. Also, drop your thoughts & opinion about this game in the comments section below.

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