Elgato Stream Deck – Do More With Mac Computer


Here’s something that all Mac users must have if they want to make life easy as they use their computers every day. Although the product is in itself great, you may find it hard to carry along as you travel if you make use of the MacBook Pro. However, it’s a small device that’s not as conspicuous as some other gadgets. Here comes the Elgato Stream Deck.

What is Elgato Stream Deck?

As you see in the picture, it has buttons on it. They could number 6, 15, or 32. It depends what the version of Elgato Stream Deck you bought. All of these versions do the same thing. Each button is programmed to do something or several things.


For example, you press one button, and Microsoft Excel will open. Or you could press another key to launch Zoom. At the same time, that button can launch specific keynote presentations and a particular outliner in OminOutliner. Other buttons could work for video conferencing.

During your video conferencing, you can get the job done in a much easier way by having Stream Deck buttons doing such jobs as mute, unmute, turn the camera off, and doing other things as well.

Stream Deck
Stream Deck

Stream Deck Hardware Design

The buttons look and feel solid. Just take a look at it and you know these would be very hard to peel off. That doesn’t mean that they are hard to press too. The buttons slope downwards.

The 15-key version of Elgato Stream Deck comes with a plastic stand that can be adjusted. When adjusted well, it can hardly slip off your table. But the 32-key version has a stronger magnetic hold on the desk. When you buy the 32-key version, you will notice that the USB cord can be detached. In the 6, 15-key versions, they are not detached.

Attach the USB directly to the Mac so that you may not have a problem with stopped functioning, especially when it is switched off and on.


How Elgato Stream Deck Works

Each of the Stream Deck comes with a tiny screen, helping you to display icons on them. When you want, you could change the icons. Each button can have what you need them to do displayed so you don’t get confused. In case you need a button to be pressed in order to open Gmail or YahooMail, the button will display the logo of the email you chose on it.

Elgato Stream Deck 1
Elgato Stream Deck

Stream Deck Software

The Elgato Stream Deck comes with an app that lets you control so many things. It is from the app that you decide what each button do, and what icons should show on the buttons.

When the app is launched, it displays an image of your Stream Deck’s layout. To set the corresponding physical button, you need to click on a button on-screen. To get started, select a button and choose what actions it will take from the Deck’s action list.



The 32-key version sells for $249.99, the 15-key version for $142.10, and the 6-key edition goes for $79.99. Those are costs apart from shipping costs.

Should You Buy Elgato Stream Deck?

If you must buy, you’re better off dealing with the 32-key or the 15-key versions. The price of the 6-key version is cheap but it doesn’t offer value up to the price at which it is sold.

Feedback from users reveals that the 32-key versions are still the best buy. So, if you have enough to buy it, go ahead because you’re sure to enjoy your new gadget.

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