PES 2020 Download APK OBB Data for Android
PES 2020 Download APK OBB Data for Android

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) always strives to bring the best version of football to the gaming machines possible. Although many people will always choose to play FIFA Mobile, PES has built many things next over the past few years and until PES 2019, Konami’s football genre has many interesting things.

With the name change to suit the growing esports scene, eFootball PES 2020/PES 20 has undergone some major changes to the gameplay, and while there are moments that highlight the authenticity of the beautiful game with Graphics and special features.

Instructions to play the best eFootball PES 2020

1. How to earn more GP

At first, everything you do will get you a GP. And if you try a new strategy in the game or do missions you will be rewarded with several hundred GPs.

After a while, getting a GP will get harder and harder. And you will need a GP to shoot a Agency, renew contracts and buy many other things.

So what can you do?

# 1: Login daily

You will receive rewards every day just by logging in. These can be 1,500 GP, 30/40 coins or 12 Stamina Restoration items.

This is a great offer, along with the first win of the day – giving you a reward of 3,000 GP. You can usually earn at least 4k GP just by playing one game per day (Online or VS COM).

# 2: SIM

This is a method that many people hate, but it gives you great results. It works great if you can play Pro Evolution Soccer every 15 minutes or so – you’re basically earning a GP after some time.

First, you create a team with a cheap manager, 11 white balls and a bench – the idea here is to have a 5-star squad because the players get the bench. Then turn on Auto Subscription then turn OFF NOW so they are never used (so you don’t need to pay for their contracts).

And every 15 minutes you will earn 1320 GP.

# 3: Play the game!

Ironically, you can also earn GP by simply entering a multiplayer game.

Earn GP by playing myClub itself

As mentioned above, one easy thing you should do is play at least once a day. The first victory of the day always gives you money (3,000 GP) – you can just win a VS COM match easily.

Some VS COM matches also have a multiple of multiples – for example, if you use TOTW players – or give you 500 GP as a reward for winning the game.

Online, Co-Op is a very rewarding method – even better if you have 6 players playing and you will eventually win. Only a portion of your players are selected for each game, so only certain contracts will be used.

Online ranking matches don’t yield incredible profits, but you’ll occasionally come across a special live match – with more GPs if you win, and sometimes other rewards, such as a Trainer EXP.

PES Weekly League is another great way to earn some GPs – you can earn at least 7,000 GPs and 25,000 GPs per week in a low split, depending on your position at the weekend.

Earn GP by playing Matchday

This is a new competition in PES 2020. Matchday is a very limited time event that will give you Scouts and Coins, depending on how much you play and how you play against other players during that time. .

See this section to understand how Matchday works in more detail.

Earn GP by playing Game Mode offline

This used to be a great way to gain some GPs, but it doesn’t seem possible in PES 2020. In previous versions, completing Training and playing Master League or Becoming Legend will get you there. GP.

MyClub tips & tricks

  1. Save your money! Use them to get weekly featured Players / Teams or to unlock Top Managers from the start. For Contract Renewal and Agency, GP will always be used
  2. When you’re just getting started, first play the “Introductory Online Challenge” contest in which your first 5 games will help you increase 10,000 GPs (total of 50,000 GPs).
  3. If you’re playing Ranked Match (SIM) to farm GP, immediately convert Data Match Data to skip the cut scenes of the game. The match will end faster.
  4. When training players, keep in mind that coaches who reach level 10 multiples (levels 10/20/30/40 / Vases) will give basic EXP.
  5. Duplicate coaches will give you more EXP (3 times the base EXP) – if you have 2 identical players, train one person with the other to increase your strength.
  6. If you have 3 players correctly, you can trade for any other player with the same type of ball, level 1 (Legend not applicable). All of them need to be the same version, that is, this won’t work if you have the Player One Standout version and 2 regular versions.
  7. Players who get better match ratings get more EXP – and those people are usually the ones to score. If you want to grow your CB, consider using them as strikers in easy VS COM games to earn more EXP after each match.
  8. The top manager is locked with money in the first place – the more games you play (including SIM), they will gradually be unlocked with GP. 400 matches will unlock all managers in myClub.
  9. You can use the Management Skill Boost item to increase the manager’s Management skills (so that more skilled players can play with your team at the same time).
  10. Not every Collector’s Box has the same ratio that gives you a Black Ball. A few weeks you should save GP.
  11. Try to log in every day to get a free reward – if possible, play a game every day to get your first win of the day (3,000 GP). This will work even during an easy VS COM match.
  12. Do not underestimate the potential of young players. Some types can actually reach over 90 OVR when maxed out.
  13. Use your Contract extension tickets for your most expensive players.
  14. Make sure you lock your favorite players so you don’t accidentally convert them into coaches. To do so, access the CLUB HOME / myClub MEMBERS screen and press the “Menu Player” button to select the “Lock” feature.
  15. To save Stamina recovery items, you can take a break for your main team by switching to the SIM game with your white balls after every 2 or 3 games.
  16. You can save multiple teams to easily switch between 3 stars, 5 stars, and SIM teams. To do so, simply press the “Lineup List” button in the CLUB HOME / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen.
  17. To check your player’s in-game stats (such as appearance, goals, support, average rating), go to the CLUB HOME / SQUAD MANAGEMENT screen, select a player and click “Compare”.
  18. Make sure your strongest team is the designated team for cloud matches. This will be the team that other players will face in SIM matches and you will earn a free GP once a week. The amount of GP will depend on the performance of your team.
  19. You can save some GPs by renewing the player’s contract while he is still in development. When you search for a player you are sure that you will use it often.

What’s new in PES mobile 2020 football game?

If you’ve played the game last year, you’ll quickly realize Konami hasn’t changed much for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Here is everything you need to know:

  • There is a new Matchday mode.
  • Now everyone also has outstanding National Team players (not just clubs).
  • Weekly events and matches have moved from Thursday to Monday
  • Now every player starts at level 1, which corresponds to the level 30 old. Basically means every player will play to their true potential from the moment you sign the contract.
  • You no longer receive GPs from Offline game modes (such as Training mode, Master League or Become a Legend).

eFootball PES 2020 is a phenomenon. The stadium is spectacular, and the details are not simply; but also the spectators, lighting effects and the pitch make it the most beautiful football game today. It has a selection of managers who look great, and the players look lifelike.

And every player is very real, and maybe seeing Suarez and Messi come out will make you choke. The build of the match and the different perspectives – including the new Stadium angle – gives you a great experience that goes far beyond past PES titles.

The number of officially licensed products this year is impressive, with each team appearing as realistic as possible, as well as the stadiums.

The game has made huge improvements to overcome, allowing you to play some accurate passes into the goal, where those who wait to let the player concede the opponent. And in the game, there is AI support, whereby AI can sometimes decide on different situations, helping you achieve your goals easily.

Now you have to consider how to overcome the logic. For example, if you are facing the player you are passing back, chances are you will miss it and send the ball away. Make sure you think before you act, PES20 wants you to use your mind.

The first thing fans will notice about PES 2020 is the introduction of the stadium view, an addition that has a magical effect on the aesthetics and sensation that everyone is aiming for. The stadium basically recreates a realistic game of football in the game, shooting close-ups of the players to have a broader view of the field and the stadium.

The second element is the key here – PES 2020 has some of the most detailed, beautiful stadiums in the business and they are at their best and brightest when viewed in camera mode named after them. .

The popular appeal of Manchester United’s Old Trafford or, naturally, Juventus’s Allianz pitch is fully displayed in this mode and, although it seems superficial to say this is a strong point in the version. This year’s new game.

Game mode of the game

The next big change for PES 2020 – besides changing the name, which emphasizes the focus on esports and bulky games – is what comes to the Master League. PES always lacks career regimes …

Although the career mode for players continues to feel they can do more in the game, the Master League mode will be a great mode in the task of management.

Matchday mode is a new option that will launch in PES 2020; Each week, Konami will choose a match (for example a derby) to make the title match and the player will represent one of the two teams as a confrontation around the world.

There have also been many changes made to the Master League, updating the core single-player mode of PES to bring a more realistic experience of daily management in football.

Regarding online modes, MyClub allows players to build their own team and compete with others around the world. Unlike Fifa and NBA 2k games, players have to create a great team within a reasonable amount of time, but it lacks many different options like Fifa’s Ultimate Team.

This match mode is a new feature in which you join either side of competition and play games to earn points for your team.

What does Myclub have?

PES 2020 has myClub mode, the most popular game mode in Pro Evolution Soccer games. myClub allows you to create your PES club using all the managers available in this game’s database.


The legendary characters are available in the game mode myClub PES 2020. Below is a complete list of all confirmed PES 2020 Legends.

  • Arravin
  • Ronaldinho
  • Johan Cruyff
  • Diego Maradona
  • Oliver Kahn
  • David Beckham
  • Pavel Nedved
  • Hidetoshi Nakata
  • Park Ji-sung
  • Romario
  • Patrick Vieira
  • Lothar Matthäus
  • Gabriel Batistuta
  • Francesco Totti

Currency in Myclub

In myClub, you need to use virtual currency PES (Currencies) to buy players. These currencies are available in two types:

  • GP – GP is given to you every time you complete a match. You can spend the GP to extend the contract, hire the manager and pay the scout to get the players from the pack.

GP is probably the easiest currency to find. Initially, almost everything you do in the game will give you GP

Every time you finish a game in myClub, you will also earn some GPs – even if you lose.

You can use this coin to extend your contract, hire managers, pay to get the players you want or try your luck at the store. You will not be able to get Weekly Featured Players with GP and most of the top coaches will be locked out.

  • Coins – Coins are usually earned when completing an achievement. Coins can be used to sign and unlock the Top Managers. Coins can also be reached as login rewards (after 3-4 days).

Coins are harder to earn, especially after completing initial achievements. Spending coins is the only way you can get weekly Featured Players and unlock top managers soon.

Sometimes you get 30/40 coins by logging into the game (every 3 days) and sometimes PES will only give you money as a reward when participating in a contest or product launch (like PES). Lite or PES Mobile) …

Earning money takes quite a while, but there is a way to speed up the process – you pay real money and 100 cents is about = 1 USD

Sign a new player

You will start with some players, but if you want to build a good squad (or simply play with the soccer players you like), you will end up signing new players.

Types of players

There are 5 different types of players – White / Bronze / Silver / Gold / Black Ball.

The type of ball will depend on their OVR value at level 1. You will learn about later levels.

  • White Ball (White: Player is rated up to 69.
  • Bronze Ball (Bronze): Players are evaluated in the range of 70-74.
  • Silver Ball (silver): Players are rated in the range of 75-79.
  • Gold Ball (yellow): Players are rated in the range of 80-84.
  • Black Ball (black): Player is rated above 85.

You may want to build a black team, but keep in mind that those players will be more expensive when it’s time to renew all their contracts. A black ball can cost about 4k, almost the amount of GP you earn after winning a game.

Each player also needs a cost in the team. And Black Ball will be more expensive – this will force you to have a top manager if you want to play with all your superstars.

Agent use

If you feel lucky and you have some GP / pennies to spend, you can spin a Dealer. This year, there are quite a number of Agent options in PES.

Collection box

Every week, a new box pops up, usually, there are 300 or 450 players you can get. Each spin will cost you 25,000 GP (or 250 coins) and will get you 3 players (level 1).

This is also the only thing that can get you a Legend (like Maradona or Roberto Carlos).

All of these players will be level 1, (Silver balls and above)

Special agent

For most weeks (including the International Schedule), you will receive a Player of the Week box with 11 active players. Those can be from the Club or from the National Team (new in PES 2020).

There will also be a Highlights Club (sometimes there will be more than 1) with a player selection (usually 8) rated higher than their default Overall Score. And assuming it’s a good team, most will be Black Balls.

For both of you, you can only try your luck 3 times and each spin will cost you 100 cents. You will only receive 1 player (level 1) per spin. But remember that you cannot use GP for this.

Top dealers

There are 4 Top Agents you can use:

  • One will help you 3 forwards
  • will help you with 3 midfielders;
  • Will help you to have 3 Defenders;
  • Will help you with 3 Goalkeepers.

These are useful if you want to improve a specific area of ​​your team.

All of these players will be level 1, Silver balls and above.

Contract management

In other Pro Evolution soccer game modes, you can switch as many squads as you want, but in myClub, if you want a specific lineup like 4-3-3, you’ll need to sign one. The manager really uses it.

When you first get started, most of the top managers will be locked out with money – you will not be able to spend GP to sign them. They will gradually become available as you play more and more (you will need to play / SIM hundreds of games – about 400 – to unlock the best managers).

A cheaper manager is easier to change, but the downside is that it may not be suitable for all of your superstar players. Of course, you will not have this problem with a more expensive manager like Joachim Löw, but people remember that if you do not accomplish your goals, you will need to spend 9.5k GP to continue to use it.

The list of available managers is regularly refreshed by Konami (every 8 hours) – so you may not see that manager again after some time. But remember that they can come back with different rosters too, so if you see the manager you want with the perfect lineup, you should seize the opportunity.

On the last day of each month, the list is refreshed every time you enter the Managers list area – so this is often a good day to select those managers.

Assistant coach

You may want to use more than one squad in the game – for example, an attacking squad like 4-3-3 when you need a goal and a more defensive formation like 4-5-1 to make sure lead the way.

It is possible, as long as you have 2 different managers using those specific forms.

Each team can have up to 3 different presets. In your HOME / SQUAD MANAGEMENT CLUB screen, then you will need to do the following:

  • designate one of the managers for your attacking squad, by switching to that Preset Strategy;
  • assign another manager to the defensive squad, by switching to that Preset Strategy.

For easy in-game switching, you first need to access GAMEPlan and the “Support Settings” tab of the Mode. There, make sure that the “Switch Preset Tactics” is selected to be ON.

You can then press “UP” in the game to use the attacking formation or press “Down” for the defensive formation.


This is something that may surprise some new users of PES myClub. Buying players/managers is usually not the hard part – keeping them is the real challenge in this game.

Renew players

Every 10 matches, you will need to renew your contract. The Black Ball character is more expensive than a Silver Ball, which costs about 3-4k GP. This will be a problem because this is almost the same as the GP you get when you win a match and if you have a 5 star team, you will need 35k every 10 games to continue using all your players. You can also use coins to extend contracts to your players.

If you do not renew the contract immediately, you will still keep the player in your club – you simply won’t be able to play with the player until the contract is extended.

Occasionally you will also receive some Contract Renewal Tickets “Contract Renewal”. And it basically means you can extend any player contract without spending a GP / cent. Naturally, you should save those Extension Tickets for your most expensive players.

Contract extension of players becomes more expensive when they level up (increase lever). If you are looking for a player like Ronaldo, who will probably play regularly in your team, you can save GP by extending the contract immediately for dozens or hundreds of matches while he still at level 1.

Renewal management

The managers are a little different: when the contract expires, provided that you have fulfilled their goals, they will be renewed for free.

If you do not reach their goals, you will need to spend GP / pence to extend their contract – the top managers are very expensive (7k or more) but at least their contracts are extended. in 25 games.

The goal varies depending on the coach you are using and the level of success you have in the previous run. At the end of each game, you will receive status updates on your goals.

To renew their contract for free, you need to complete a certain number of points in one of the following contests (stage 25 game):

  • Rating matches / Cup challenges online
  • Match rating (SIM)
  • COM COM / VS COM Challenge Cup


Player level

By 2020, all the players you receive will be at level 1 – this is their “default status”. Previously, level 30 represented the basic performance level for all players, so this basically meant that level 1 was the new level 30.

Their overall rating at level 1 determines the Player’s Ball Type (White, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Black). Depending on the age and development potential of the player, they will have different maximum ceilings.

This means that gold (and even silver) players can be rated more than 85 when maxed out – this is quite good because they are cheaper to maintain.

To reach the maximum level of players, you will need to train them to upgrade their stats. To do so, you will need to play a lot (each game will give your player a bit of EXP, depending on the number of minutes played, star ratings and difficulty settings) and / or switch players you don’t also wants to be EXP Trainers.

Convert players into EXP Trainers

During the season, you will get many players you don’t like, that doesn’t fit your play style or simply don’t need it.

When you have players you won’t use in your games, you can also convert them into EXP Trainers.

And I usually wait until my contract is up, and instead of renewing, I convert them into Trainer. If they are White Balls, they won’t gain much EXP, but they all add up. You can hold up to 100 trainers.

Each player has a different potential. Just like in real life, young players will have higher potential.

To ensure you don’t accidentally convert your favorite players into coaches, you can lock your players in the CLUB HOME / myClub MEMBERS screen (just select your player (s) and press the button). “Menu Player”).

Maximize EXP (experience)

When you train your players, make sure you consider both their position and their coach’s position. In other words, you should train a CF with CF or DMF with another DMF to maximize compatibility, thus gaining more EXP.

In PES 2019, the level of the player you’ve converted into a coach is important to consider. Their base EXP increases every 10 levels – so if you have a player at level 18, you can also reach level 20 before converting him into a trainer.

For PES 2019, you can use this handy Base Experience Calculator to determine the number of Base Experience you can receive.

Configure the game on PC / Windows

  • Requires processor and 64-bit operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 – 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 / AMD FX 8350
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 270X
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Capacity: 40 GB of free space
  • Additional: 1920 x 1080 resolution
PC system analysis for eFootball PES 2020 requirements

eFootball PES 2020 requires a Radeon R9 280X graphics card with a Core i7-3770 quad-core 3.4 GHz or FX-8350 processor in order to achieve the recommended specifications, achieving a high graphical setting on 1080p. 8GB Ram will also be needed to achieve rec eFootball PES 2020 specifications and reach 60FPS.

The eFootball PES 2020 needs a graphics card that is at least as powerful as the GeForce GTX 670 / Radeon HD 7870 paired with a 3.2-GHz FX-4350 / Core i5-3470 CPU to match minimum specs. PC settings at this level will reach 25-35 Frames per second at the Low graphics setting at 720p resolution.

Minimum RAM requirements are 4 GB system memory. Your graphics card will need to be able to run DirectX 11. It is recommended that you use a higher-spec PC to play smoothly.

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