DT NO.1 DT28 Fitness Watch Review – Make The Best of a Budget Smartwatch


I have been hearing that the DT No.1 DT28 is the best smartwatch from DT No.1 but I didn’t believe it, so I decided to try things out for myself and see if this is true. The moment I lifted the watch out of the packaging, I still had doubts it would be anything near mediocre.

DT28 is a no-frills all screen display watch that anyone could feel has no sophistication to it at first. Some people would not even have anything to do with a leather watch. Yes, that’s what the watch straps are made of. Further, I found out that looks could be deceiving.


This is a new product from the company and having been released in the month of February 2019; it could be said to make up for lapses that may have been found in the No.1 S10 released in 2021. So now, what would anyone think about a smartwatch which is almost weightless? Is it worth anything? Come closer to take a profound look at the DT28.

When you think of the DT28, think of the following:

  • Smartwatch for business, sports, and health
  • Budget wearable
  • Cheap and cool gadget
  • Rated #1 among DT’s products

Design and Display

Take it or leave it, the DT No.1 DT28 is not the most powerful or most sophisticated wearable out there. But many DT fans will admit it is the best from the company. However, as one can see, the watch comes in plastic and zinc materials. No wonder, it is a slimmer design and people are cherishing its functions.

There is a 1.54 inch TFT color screen with 240 x 240 pixels resolution. This watch weighs only 59 grams. The strap which is 22mm is nice enough and comfortable to use anytime. Use it for all occasions and style if you must. There are both silicon or Milanese straps available for users. Viewing the screen outdoors is not that tough, but it is also not very complicated. There is a hint of durability in the way the gadget was designed.

The one you are looking at in the pictures is the black colored DT28. There is also a gray type out there on the market.

Technical Specification

  • Processor- Nordic NRF52832
  • Operating System- Proprietary OS
  • Display- 1.54 inches TFT LCD 240 x 240 pixels
  • Memory- 512KB + 64KB
  • Battery- 250 mAh Standby Time- 20 days
  • Sensors- Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Blood Pressure Monitor

Use of DT28

DT28 lacks GPS but it is water resistant up to the level of IP68. There is also the Nordic NRF52832 chipset.

Also included in the performance specs are UV, weather, and Altimeter. Pair it with a smartphone and share your locations. You can make use of apps in here to test your ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate when you have it on your wrist. Once you touch the ECG icon and hold it down for 30 seconds, it shows the ECG results. You can later get a detailed report. Inside as well, you can get more features such as music control and alarm.

In the case of multi-sport mode such as running, walking, swimming, cycling, basketball, badminton, table tennis, and hiking, you get a good companion in the DT28. Other features included are altitude and air pressure. This watch is also packed with NFC payment processor which allows for anonymity of making payments online.

If your DT28 is fully charged, you can make use of it for about six to seven days. Other features you get while using it, as long as it is paired with your phone, are calls, messaging, social app notifications, stopwatch, remote photography, alarm clock, music control, sedentary reminder, drinking reminder, and things like these. It works with Android and iOS phones. For your information, you might just see that this DT28 smartwatch is the cheapest out there that measures high blood pressure!

Check out the gadget as it is strapped on your wrist. Notice that the two buttons at the right of the chassis are the best way to begin using your smartwatch. The upper one is responsible for returning to the home screen, while the second one is a back-space button that takes you one step back to where you were. At the back side, there are a few sensors and two connectors. One of the sensors is for charging. It is magnetic.


Would you like to use it for hiking? That’s cool. There are apps that can measure the air pressure, altitude, the ultralight level, and other things. Get the app and get connected.

In order to connect the smartwatch to your smartphone, you have to download the official DT app called DT NO.I from Google Playstore for Android users and iOS can as well download the DT NO.I app from Apple Store. As said above, there are some useful features available to unlock when you connect the watch to your smartphone.

The app interface is very easy to use and all functions are shown. You won’t need much time to learn using this app. What we liked more is its ability to push notifications of many social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Package Contents

  • The DT28 smartwatch
  • Charging cable
  • User manual


This is by far one of the cheapest gadgets of its kind out there on the market. The smartwatch officially sells for $26.99 at the moment, when others in its form and specs may go for almost double that price. The array of great functions and the slimmer designs, when combined with the price is really the most fascinating thing about the gadget.

Battery Life

Powering the gadget is a 230 mAh battery. That as seen in the specification can be used for at least five days without needing a charge. Some people said they have used theirs for up to seven days without charging it. I think if one turns off some icons and apps that can be possible. Make use of yours to really determine the standby time and work time of your DT28.



  • Very cheap
  • Reasonable design
  • Impressive display
  • Best for blood pressure measures from a smartphone
  • Simple but quality material
  • Ease of use
  • comfortable


  • Could get a facelift at the user interface
  • UI needs a few upgrades


The No.1 DT28 gives the manufacturer more opportunities to cover demographics. Probably, the attempt to reach up to more customers is a deliberate move but hey, here is a smartwatch that can help DT reach its goals in 2021 and beyond.

Remember that at the outset we mentioned that this smartwatch is a sports, business, health gadget. Someone out there may see things differently. In fact, when you look deeply at the DT28 you may decide that it is not a business watch. For sports, this looks like the in-thing. In this case, we could say successfully that it is a sport watch because it has many features for sports activities.

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