Dryers – what are the maintenance tips for Dryers?

To extend the life of the dryer, just a few small steps are required. Thanks to these we not only avoid malfunctions, but we also reduce the environmental impact and save on consumption. If you are thinking of buying a new model, you can save up to 180 euros with our test.

Tank, filter, and condenser

Here’s what you can do to keep your dryer longer.

  • Empty the water tank. It is usually in the upper right corner, sometimes near the door. The water must be removed when the tank indicator indicates full. Another possibility is to connect it directly to the drain, it will perhaps be less pleasing to the eye, but more practical. The producers indicate after each drying, however, never wait for more than 5 cycles.
  • Clean the filter. It is necessary to regularly remove residues (fluff and the like) because they hinder the performance of the machine, causing it to lose efficiency and consume more. We recommend doing this every 5 or 6 programs.
  • Check and clean the condenser. It is generally located at the bottom of the machine. It must be extracted and washed with cold water. The operation must be performed with a certain frequency (unless the model has the self-cleaning system that uses the accumulated condensation water), at least every 10-12 drying cycles.

To reduce consumption

The dryer is, in fact, one of the appliances that consume the most, but even in this case with a few steps you can save:

  • avoids using the programs at maximum temperature;
  • do not use it normally, but only in cold-humid periods when it is strictly necessary;
  • to reduce the action time, and therefore the consumption, insert the clothes already spun into the washing machine (at least with 800-1000 rpm);
  • take advantage of the bi-hourly rate, if included in your bill- start it in the evening, so it is important to choose a little noisy model;
  • choose the ironing program that allows you to iron more easily- it lasts and consumes less, the clothes come out slightly more humid;
  • buy models of high energy class, but very expensive does not guarantee an effective saving on the annual cost.

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