Download ZArchiver PRO Version 0.9.5 APK [Latest Version]


ZArchiver Pro is a file manager that comes with a lot of features for managing archives. It features a simple and functional interface.

ZArchiver Pro Features

  • Dark and light themes
  • Files are modified in the archive
  • External memory and MicroSD support.
  • Preview Images in the archives
  • Passwords can be stored

What You Can DO With ZArchiver

If you are wondering about what you can do with ZArchiver Pro below is the list of things you can do with ZArchiver Pro Apk.
They are:
  • Create Archive files.
  • Decompress archive files on your mobile device.
  • Compress archive files and easily share them with your friends.
  • Password protect archive files.
  • Unlock password-protected archive files.
  • Multi-select archive files in parts and extracts them all together.
  • You can partially archive files which makes you split them into parts.
  • You can also cut, copy archive files into any folder between internal or external SD card storage.

Key Features

  • Multithreading support (useful for multicore processors)
  • You do not need to enable multi-select mode. You can select a file by tapping on the icon on the left side of the file.
  • UTF-8/UTF-16 supporting in filenames. You can use it to add national symbols in filenames.

DOWNLOAD ZArchiver Pro v0.9.5 APK [LATEST]. Click HERE.

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