How To Download Movie Box For iOS Without Jailbreak?


Moviebox Application is a well known online movie streaming application that allows users to view their favourite movies online.

It is the most amazing choice for film lovers who do not care about viewing movies in theatres. You can just relax in your house and view your preferred movies on your large screen via this app.

Moviebox is an Android app and does not support iOS devices. But, you could download Moviebox on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.


Below is the simple process to download and install MovieBox application on iOS devices for free without jailbreak:

How Can I Install Moviebox App For iOS Devices?

This is a working method to download and install the MovieBox app on your iPhone running with the older and latest versions of iOS. It is effective on iOS 10 or 11 and the most recent iPhone X device.


Below are some easy ways to helps users to download and install Moviebox on their iOS device.


To download the MovieBox app, you will need the Emus4u app.

How Can I Install Emus4u App?

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  1. Before anything else, download the Eus4u app on your iOS device.
  2. To do that, head to iinstaller.net from your Safari browser.
  3.  Tap “Install onto your device.”
  4. Your consent is needed to install this app when a pop-up message shows on your screen.
  5.  Tap “Allow” to access the profile management window.
  6.  Tap “Install” and wrap up installation with your iDevice password.
  7. You can tap “Install” and continue with the further Emus4u app installation on iPhone X.

How Can I Download MovieBox For iPhone X?

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  1. Immediately you are through with the installation of Emus4u app on your iPhone X, you can open the app. Double click on the App.
  2.  Way down on your iPhone, the Apps icon will be visible, tap it.
  3. Swipe down on this page and you will view the moviebox App.
  4. Tap “Get” close to the Movie box Icon to download moviebox on your iPhone. A pop-up window will be visible and your permission will be needed to install moviebox for iOS. Tap Install.
  5.  Then head back to iPhone main menu, and the moviebox App icon will be seen.
  6.  You just downloaded moviebox on your iPhone, iPad. Installation is necessary now.

How Can I Install MovieBox App?

  1. Since the app is not an official app, you need to activate the unknown sources option before installation can happen. Therefore, users have to mark the app as a safe app.
  2. To do that, click moviebox icon on the main menu of your iOS Device and an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error will be seen in a pop-up window on your display. Tap “Cancel” and proceed to the next step.

To Trust The MovieBox App

  1. Just tap Cancel and head to “Settings” on your device, then choose “General,” swipe down till “Profiles & Device Management” is seen and then tap it.
  2. Tap Trust “China Television Information Tech.” You will see a pop-up window prompting you to trust this App. Tap Trust.
  3. You are done. You have successfully downloaded and installed moviebox on iOS. Now head back to your iPhone, iPad main menu and tap Moviebox App.
  4. The main menu of moviebox App will now be seen with all of the most recent movies.