Mini World Block Art 3
Mini World Block Art 3

Mini World is a free sanbox game, where players discover and create beautiful and funny 3D worlds together like Minecraft. Very Creative Game Features: With hundreds of shapes available for you to choose and over 1000 game elements, you can express yourself in a completely controllable world through placing and remove the other shapes.

You will be creating a dream team: Invite your friends to explore. Collection: Various types of mini-games, parkour, puzzle, FPS, strategy, and RPG. You can create your own game thanks to the integrated editing feature. In addition, if you are a game enthusiast, but want Pixel graphics like this, you can try Craft Warriors, a very interesting intellectual game.

How to download and play Mini World: Block Art on PC / Computer

Anyone who wants to play MWBA on a computer now has an easy way for you, in addition to supporting Android phones with IOS, this good game has a version for Windows PC, and better yet Nearly every laptop, computer can download and install, because it does not require too high machine configuration, but quite light and smooth.

Configure to download Mini World: Block Art to Windows PC

  • Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Intel (R) P4 / PE dual-core
  • RAM: Minimum 1Gb

GPU card: Intel Integrated Graphics
DirectX 9.0 compatible game

Mini World: Block Art Mobile has nothing attractive

Explore an amazing open world in the adventures of amazing cubes in Mini World: Block Art.

1. Collect and explore the world of mini world Sanbox

Manually collect valuable items and maintain your HP to be able to survive the longest in this game

Collect resources and hunt animals for character development.

Mini World: Block Art brings a unique Sanbox adventure for you with a very detailed open world map, full of resources for you to collect and use. The game gives you an interesting manufacturing experience and unique missions to defeat Chaos monsters.

You can start the game by selecting your own favorite characters. The game has two characters named Kaka and Nini that you can choose and start your survival career in an open world opportunity map and potential dangers.

Mini World play and control

This game has survival gameplay in open world map, in which you must avoid hunger and pay attention to your health to survive in nature for as long as possible. Your goal in the game is to collect resources and create items to survive along with completing quests and defeating evil forces.

Mini World: Block Art is a game on PC and mobile. But it also has intuitive controls, making it easy to control. You can move your character with the joystick on the screen and can also attack or interact with an object by tapping the screen. To collect some resources, all you have to do is touch and hold until resources are collected from your character. Moreover, you can also switch between sneaking mode and normal mode is very useful in attacks.

Built-in Mini World: Block Art

Experience creative mode in the game is quite easy and interesting. You can build weapons like swords and sharp objects, valuable items such as ladders, windows, toolboxes and more. All of these manufactured items need resources that you will have to collect from an open world map. After that, you can use these weapons to hunt animals for food, build houses to be protected from barbarians when the sun goes down (night) and do many other things for people objects in the game.

Development and creativity are the strengths of Mini World: Block Art

Mini World: Block Art brings stunningly simple graphics with some great details of open world maps. All resources and animals have been shown quite detailed. Moreover, you can also experience spectacular sound effects and realistic background tunes that make the game experience more enjoyable. In short, the game is a complete entertainment package with great graphics and addictive gameplay that now has hundreds of millions of people Download Mini World: Block Art APK and play it.

If you want to go through the process of gathering resources and want to make items right away, you can use tickets in the game. Each task you complete can earn you tickets (tickets). However, you can also buy them from the game store with real money. Great discount offers are available at the store through secure payment methods.

Survive in the wild world full of resources to collect and animals for hunting. Avoid dangerous people at night and create valuable items to ensure your survival. Complete the mission to defeat the evil of Chaos. Try Download the Mini World game: Block Art PC today.

Instructions for playing the best Mini World: Block Art game

1. Guide new players for the first time

If you are new in the Mini World, see the basic instructions. This is everything for beginners.

What should you do on the first day of the game?

The first step is to choose wood

Remember, Mini World has many different monsters. When you start the game, the first thing to do is chop down the wood to create many things to help you survive!

Step 1: How to chop wood and create a toolbox

  • With bare hands, the first thing is that you touch and hold on a tree.
  • Then a collected progress bar will appear and it will drop a block of wood after the progress bar is full.
  • And now go to the wood block to collect them in your backpack.

Step 2: fabricate a manual toolbox

  • You can create a wooden box (toolbox) when you collect all the wooden blocks from the tree.
  • Open your Backpack, On the PC, tap B to open the backpack. On Mobile, click the backpack icon to open your backpack.
Open the backpack to select the item
  • First, make wooden blocks into wooden planks.
  • You need 6 wooden boards to make a wooden box.
Manufacturing wooden box (Toolbox)

Step 3: Make a bed in the First Day

In survival mode is a challenge. You have no resources, no food or weapons. The priority is to make a bed after you collect some basic resources.

  • To build a bed, 3 wooden planks and 2 wooden slats are needed
  • First, you need to find a sheep. Walking around, normally there are sheep that will appear near you.
    Touch the sheep to attack.
  • When you kill sheep, it will randomly drop a piece of lamb or wood blocks. Then build a bed with the Toolbox that you made of wood in the beginning.
  • Hold the bed and touch the ground to place it.
  • When night comes, touch the bed to go to sleep!
    Your character will automatically wake up when the day comes.

Tips If it is still early when you finish the bed, you should get more wood blocks and prepare for the next day!

2. Instructions for playing on the 2nd day

What kind of food can you have in the Mini World? But How to get them?
There are many easiest ways to get food, you can do:

Get food In a natural environment

  • There are many things that you can get food by smashing bottles;
  • Pumpkin you see in nature;
  • Cracking leaves can cause fruit drop.

Get food from killing wild animals

  • Wildlife attacks (Pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, fish) and killing them can get raw meat;
    Tips can be eaten directly. Eating cooked meat can restore hunger more. You can do it by using fire.
  • Killing the Boardman / Spiderling can drop poisoned spider meat or legs;
    Advice can be poisoned when eating that.


  • Grow wheat and process them into bread;
  • Plant potatoes, carrots, pumpkins or watermelons;

In the beginning period, the items you have are limited, so do not go away.

On the second day, you can collect some wheat grains nearby.
Advice to remove wild grasses can drop wheat seeds
Using Toolbox to sequence grass

Use hoes to make fields near the water.

Use the pickaxe

Tips for growing soil near water help wheat grow better.

To create Bread = 2 Wheat (can recover 25 hunger)

Do you have more confidence after learning this? Start your adventure now!

3. Instructions for the first time

In the previous tutorial, it shows how to get our wheat farm, solve problems with food. Now to prepare for a long journey, what else should be done besides food?

When you go exploring, you will find lots of resources but not enough basic supplies for you, such as wood or food.

  • First, you need to prepare a set of wood: it should be limited to just one type of wood to save more space in your backpack.
  • Then break some stones with your wooden pickaxe and choose your additional tools.
  • Use the toolbox (toolbox) to create three stone picks and a stone shovel.
  • What you need: a few logs, three stone picks, a stone shovel and Toolbox
  • Choose wherever you want and start tapping!
  • And you should exploit near your resurrection point or your home.

Build armor to protect yourself in Mini World

In the final tutorial, it will give you everything about resource-rich mines. However, in the mine, not only rich in mineral resources but also a lot of dangers.

So today, let’s learn how to protect ourselves first. After collecting some iron ore in the mine, you can start making equipment and armor.

  • First, create a smelting furnace (using toolbox).
  • Then put iron ore into the furnace and put fuel (coal) to start metallurgy.
  • There may be some monsters in the mine. You should create an Iron Sword after collecting iron ingots.
  • Of course, in addition to Iron Sword, we need to add Pickaxe (Iron Pickaxe) to collect more advanced resources like gold/diamond/ Lithium.
  • If you have collected enough iron, you can also build some armor (iron helmet / Iron / Iron Greave / Iron Shoe) to improve protection against dangerous things in this game.
Manufacturing weapons in Mini World

When you dig in your mines, remember to protect yourself.

Good tips, experience playing Mini World

1. How to plant trees

You will get seedlings when you cut down trees but how to plant them?

And below is a guide on How to plant young trees

First, you will need some specific tools, Shovel:

There are five types of shovels but only four can be used to grow plants. Normally when you use a shovel on a block of land, you will break the land mass but when you right click, you will see that you have dug a space on the ground like this:

Now you can plant saplings on it by right clicking! It’s done

2. Map code (Map Code)

When you are creating a world, you can use map codes to create some nearby landscapes so you can find them easier, here are some common map codes for you, you also have to Share your own code here!

  • Smith: M4CCBPFX
  • Hardcore island: -ttgm
  • 10 dungeons: 48VVSH1K8
  • Red soil: NHC63IA0T, PTTT7H0JQ
  • Various landscape: 8KDNGQ8CCPZ9B8D
  • Raptor: XW4C295G7UYX57LR
  • Super Ice Land: Z63UF7ZIMIC
  • Exposed lava: 7LJZO41AAI1IS
  • Full landscape: 1986-1444744340-94779093
  • Half ice half green: GT4QB87GITXCVNNW
  • Half sea half green: OWDRU9KND

3. How to create static water

You all know that water will flow if there is no Container in the Mini World game, but there is an unknown way to make the water still, so first, you need to put three wooden fences like this:

  • You can put water in it and after putting the straw bundle on them:
  • Then Place the fence piles on every outside of the straw bundle.
  • Then you need to summon figurehead by placing pumpkin lanterns on top of it.
  • Then, you summon more puppets:
  • Until all fence piles are used:

4. How to survive the first night

There are many types of monsters at night, which means that it is really dangerous at night, so how can a new player survive his first night? Here are tips for you to remember.

Image: You can build many things for yourself

First, you can dig a cave and hide in it, usually when you are in a shelter, monsters can never go to where you are, then you can stay in the cave waiting for the arrival date but don’t forget to put a torch because the monster will be born in a dark place.

Second, you can find goats before nightfall, hunt them down and you can get feathers and with it, you can make a bed. You need wood to make the toolbox and you can build a bed with toolbox so you can use the bed at dawn or at night and you will get overnight and have a good dream. Now you can survive for one night and many other nights in the game.

5. How to summon a scarecrow

Many players don’t know how to summon this cute scarecrow and this is how you can summon it.

First, to create a scarecrow, you need three things like:

3 piles of wooden fence
1 bunch of wheat straw
1 pumpkin lantern

Place a fence on the ground and then place that bundle of wheat on a wooden stake.

Then add two fences on each side of the straw bundle

In the end, you need to put the pumpkin on top of the head and it will turn into a puppet.

6. How to create hidden chests in Mini World: Block ART

When you create a room, you can always be afraid of someone taking your things and now you hide your things

First, you can prepare the most important thing is the frame, then place the cube like this and place a random block on it.

Then place the frames on each side of the block:

Put what you want to hide in the frame like this:

Dig down to the bottom of the spinning block and place a power source underneath it.

When the rotating chest is activated, your item will be hidden.

Now as you can see, this is a great game, and there are a lot of interesting things, as well as many of you who are new to the thirst, but don’t know where to learn, and watch and watch the channel Oops Lucy, an easy girl who makes clips of Mini Work games: This cool Art Blocks.

Download game Mini World game: Block Art – Latest version

Now available on Android (APK), iOS and on PC, there are also Steams.

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