Download Magisk 17.1 and Magisk Manager v5.9.1 | Latest release

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Download Magisk and Magisk Manager. Renowned developer XDA topjohnwu recently announced another Beta update for Magisk, the universal system-less interface for Android devices. Now you can download Magisk and Magisk Manager. The instructions below will also help newcomers install Magisk and current users to easily update to the latest version.


If you’ve ever heard the word “Rooting”, there’s a strong chance that you’ve heard of Magisk“. It’s basically a complete interface that not only offers a root solution for Android devices but also allows the user to hide the root from some apps and also provides the ability to easily inject additional features into the operating system.

Magisk is developed and managed by Xjo Recognized Developer topjohnwu. Since the last update, about 2 months ago, the developer has finally released a new and improved build on 7 July 2018. Magisk aims to add support for Treble-enabled devices and also fixes the mysterious root loss problem that has hit several phones.

Below, you will be able to download Magisk and Magisk Manager and also find instructions on how to install/update it now.

Download Magisk and Magisk Manager

The latest version of Magisk is finally available after almost 2 months of waiting and we would like to tell you that it was worth it! Despite all the commitments, he was still able to move on to development and made some huge improvements to your favorite root solution.

Before going to download Magisk and Magisk Manager we learn more about the changes and new features of this version.


The new build was announced

in John Wu’s Twitter account and the release notes were published on the official XDA thread. First of all, we would like to highlight the version control. The developer intentionally ignored version 16.5 since there have been several major changes since the last version, namely version 16.4.

With Magisk, the developer highlighted two important changes/improvements, along with many other minors. The first is the best

support for generic system images (GSI) on Treble-enabled devices. In detail – Magisk is based on files stored in the partition/data of the device.

So, while a user switches to a different GSI and performs a factory reset, then he should re-install Magisk to get the root. In Magisk, a magisk APK Magisk Manager is embedded in Magiskinit. So, after a reset, if it detects that Magisk Manager is not present, the APK will be automatically injected and a fully functioning Magisk environment for root will be hosted.

Another major improvement to which topjohnwu strove was the abnormal root loss problem. According to him, the cause of this problem was the presence of multiple Zygote servers, which was not managed by MagiskHide and therefore created the problem.

To overcome this, the developer has added a new “magisklogd” log monitoring, which works with “magiskd”. It confirms that the internal testers who have faced these crashes are no longer facing them with Magisk.


Download Magisk 17.1 (Magisk Manager v5.9.1)

Latest version of Magisk Magisk v17.1
Latest version of Magisk Manager Magisk Manager v5.9.1

Download Magisk 16.6 (Magisk Manager 5.8.0)

How to install Magisk and Magisk Manager

  1. Make sure you first make a complete Nandroid backup before installing Magisk.
  2. Download the latest version of Magisk.
  3. Transfer the downloaded zip file to your Android device.
  4. Restart the device in recovery mode. Depending on the device, button combinations may vary.
  5. If you use TWRP recovery, select Install from the menu and select the Magisk zip file.
  6. Then do a Swipe to the right to install.
  7. Once Magisk is installed, you will see the Reboot System option, touch it.

How to update Magisk?

  1. Go to the app menu and open “Magisk Manager”.
  2. Press the menu icon at the top left.
  3. Select “Settings” from the menu.
  4. Scroll down to the “Update Settings” section.
  5. Tap “Update Channel” and select “Beta”.
  6. Go back to the main screen of Magisk Manager and scroll down to update.
  7. Tap the ‘Update Magisk’ button.
  8. Select “Install”> “Direct Installation”.
  9. The installer will automatically install Magisk and update it.
  10. When finished, press the ‘Restart’ button.


So, you could just download Magisk and install/update it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.