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Lucky Patcher is an Android app you can use to remove/block ads on other apps. You can also use it to bypass in-app purchases and get some stuff. The app works best on rooted phones. However, you can still make use of it on your non-rooted phone but the features of the app you can use will be limited. If you would like like to root your Android device to get the full Feature, you can do that with KingRoot which is a one-click step to root your Android device. Primary Features of the Lucky Patcher App Includes:

  • Get the Full version of apps with some special features.
  • Block/Remove Google Adds in free apps.
  • Remove license verification from paid apps.
  • Get free in-app purchases in apps and games like coins, gems, golds etc. Basically in-game currencies.

Asides the basic features of the Lucky Patcher, you can also do some other kinds of stuff like backup your apps to an external storage among other things.

Luckypatcher app APK

First name Lucky Patcher
Current version LATEST v.
Price Free
Size 6.47 MB
Category Tools
downloads 530 million +
Rating 4.8 / 5
Requirements Android 2.3 +

You should know that:

Although stable, the performance of Lucky Patcher cannot be guaranteed at 100%. 

Therefore, you are solely responsible for the use of this application. 

In no case, Netbew will be responsible for any problem caused to your device (restart of the loop, unstable system, etc …).

Latest Lucky Patcher APK For Android

Lucky Patcher is an application that will give us real control over the permissions that we grant to the apps installed on our Android terminal. We can eliminate abusive advertising, modify permissions, make ‘backups’ of other apps, and much more. Of course, we need a ‘rooted’ device to enjoy all these benefits.

When running Lucky Patcher we can see a complete list of all the applications that we have installed in the terminal. Simply click on one of them to display a series of options: view information about the app, uninstall, delete additional data and, of course, access special tools.

Within these special tools, we will find some very interesting possibilities, which will allow us to deactivate advertising, to be able to execute the application when in normal conditions we could not. We can even create a modified APK to our liking.

Lucky Patcher will allow us to take control of the applications installed on the Android terminal. And as with almost all applications that provide more control to the user, it is essential to have a terminal with ‘root’ to access all the features.

Main Features of Lucky Patcher or Luki Patches APP:

The patch application of luck has many more fantastic features. which are described below:

  • Lucky Patcher is an all-in-one application that can block boring ads from Android applications and free games.
  • Lucky Patcher can remove in the verification of purchase of applications for many applications and games of Android.
  • Luki patches can hack many popular games for Android. Unlock many features of the games.
  • You can back up applications and patched games.
  • Lucky Patcher is also able to easily remove the permissions of unwanted applications.
  • Make backup copies of any Android application and games on your SD card.
  • Some of the features do not need root access.
  • Lucky Patcher shows different color accents to understand the state of the applications.
  • Lucky Patcher searches for all applications at startup and shows the applications that can be patched.
  • Custom patch options are available.

Do you want to download the latest version of lucky patcher apk for free?

As we have seen above, lucky patcher is a very powerful application. But the problem that we find ourselves when we want to download the application is that many sites do not offer us a reliable link to download it. That’s why we try to always download the application from the official website (this) to make sure it does not contain malware or anything like that. Many websites offer the lucky patcher download but they are really fake download links or they do not work. But there is nothing to worry about because we are here to solve this problem and offer a 100% safe site to solve this problem.

Download Genuine Lucky Patcher APK For Android

Chances are, you’ve checked the Google play store for this app but couldn’t find it there. This is because Lucky Patcher violates Google Billing system which lets you download, install and make use of paid apps for free. So Downloading it from the Google play store isn’t an option. In order to get the app on your phone, you’ll need to download the apk of the app and side-load it onto your phone.


To do that, you’ll need to Download Lucky Patcher Apk File from their official website. The file will be in zip format so you will have to unzip it to get the apk file inside. Once you do that, you can now head to the Settings Menu on your phone and locate the “Allow Installation of apps from unknown sources” option and turn it on. Now go back to your File manager and locate the Lucky Patcher apk file you downloaded and click on it to begin the installation process. Once it is done Installing, you can now use the app.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk v7.3.8

Download Lucky Patcher Apk v7.3.8

Download Lucky Patcher free 2017/2018

Since we are the website where you can always trust to provide the download link to the latest version of the lucky patcher, we are giving you the opportunity to download it for free. Normally other types of web pages use deceptive advertising where you have to enter your phone number to make the download. But we differ from our competitors in that we are 100% transparent in that sense. All our download links are totally reliable and totally free.


You might notice that the lucky Patcher app might not work for all apps but it works with most. With each update made available, it is able to support more apps so if you can use it on an app right now, just be patient as a future update might change that.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lucky Patcher

Advantages of Lucky Patcher

As an advantage, we can name its versatility at the moment of being able to modify almost any app that we can find in our beloved store of applications of Play Store. We can avoid seeing heavy advertising that bombards us or be able to enjoy 100% and totally free of the games that this wonderful tool can modify. (See the list of games compatible with lucky patcher in its corresponding section.)

Disadvantages of Lucky Patcher

The main disadvantage of this magic patch is that you must have your cell phone rooted so that all the functions run correctly. Therefore we can say that it is not accessible to everyone because many people can have complications at the time of rooting your mobile phone.

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