Download Adobe Zii for macOS Big Sur and above [Guide]

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How to crack all Adobe software on macOS from Big Sur onwards with the new version of Adobe Zii and a few small changes


  • Version: Adobe Zii Patcher 6.1.7 CC 2021
  • Mac Platform: Intel, Apple M1 Chip
  • OS Version: OS X 10.8 or later
  • Processor type (s) & speed: 64-bit processor or 32-bit processor
  • Compatibility: All Products Adobe CC 2015, CC 2015.5, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, CC 2020, CC 2021.

Many users have reported to us that Adobe Zii, a known software to crack all Adobe softwaredoes not work on macOS Big Sur. Unfortunately, with the recent updates of Apple’s operating system, it seems that this fantastic program is not supported or malfunctions by not opening and not applying the crack correctly preventing you from activating the programs of the Adobe suite.

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Fortunately, there is already the solution on the net with Adobe Zii fully functional on Big Sur. In this article, we will publish the complete solution and the new installation and modification method to make Adobe Zii work on mac Big Sur with the latest Zii Patcher 2021 version. With these solutions, we will have the possibility to crack the Adobe suite 100% even on Big Sur.

Below you will find the updated Adobe Zii links to activate all Adobe CC suite software automatically. The links will be updated every time a new version of Adobe Zii is distributed with the previous one which is replaced with a new one updated and working with the latest versions of programs released by Adobe.

Adobe Zii on macOS> Big Sur: Required files

To unpack the file you downloaded you will need to enter the password

For information, I also leave you those for previous versions that you will not need in this guide.

Adobe Zii on macOS> Big Sur: Help

  1. Download AdobeZii 2021 from the link above.
  2. On the page that opens, enter the captcha code and then on the purple button with the V.
  3. By clicking on the link that will start the download of the file, at the end, start it.
  4. To unpack the file you downloaded you will need to enter the password
  5. Move the Adobe Zii 6.x.x_TNT_AdobeZii.Com.dmg file to the Applications folder (Replace xx with the version you downloaded).
  6. Open and move Adobe Zii 2021 6.0.2 (.app) to your applications folder.
  7. Delete all spaces from the name of Adobe Zii 2021 6.0.2.
  8. Open Terminal and type sudo bash.
  9. Now enter the user password if needed and required.
  10. Always write on terminate the command sudo spctl –master-disable(Attention there are two dashes before master).
  11. Then type spctl –status.
  12. If the Gatekeeper service is disabled, the message ” assessments disabled” will appear.
  13. Finally, type the command xattr -rd /Applications/ xx with the version you downloaded)
  14. Open Adobe Zii 2021 6.xx from the application list, then drag and apply the patches.
  15. Now re- enable Gatekeeper.
  16. From the terminal type sudo spctl –master-enable (Attention there are two dashes before master).
  17. To finish, check the status by typing the command spctl –status.

Troubleshoot Adobe Zii

There are several errors that Adobe Zii returns

  • Adobe Zii Damaged Can’t Be Opened
  • Adobe Zii Damaged solution or any problem solution
  • Adobe Zii is damaged and can’t be opened. you should move it to the trash
  • Adobe Zii is damaged and can’t be opened. you should move it to the bin
  • Adobe Zii disk damaged
  • Adobe Zii is damaged. Please eject the disk image
  • Adobe Zii file damaged

The error messages in macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Catalina, Big Sur, and other versions have a common error when you try to install an application from the App Store does not. And to solve it is quite simple and you have to give some command from the terminal following our instructions that will allow you to solve all the errors. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Terminal with administrative privileges and type the command sudo bash;
  2. Type the following command replacing “AppName (AdobeZii)” with the real name of the app in the Applications folder, rename it so that there are no spaces:

xattr -cr /Applications/ (

(Replace XX with the version you downloaded)


sudo chmod +x "/Applications/Adobe Zii 2021 Zii 2021 6.x.x"

(Replace XX with the version you downloaded)

  1. Finally, press Enter to execute the command.