Donald Trump Can Step Back on Huawei Ban


US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin made important statements regarding the recent ban on Huawei, which has not fallen off the agenda of the technology press. Mnuchin stressed that if a trade agreement could be reached between the US and China, Donald Trump could ease its sanctions on the Huawei ban.

Mnuchin also said that US President Trump will meet with Chinese President Shi at the G20 summit to be held at the end of this month. The meeting will discuss the recent tensions between the US and China, as well as discussing the Huawei crisis.

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The Guardian reports that if a trade agreement with China cannot be achieved, the US will begin implementing tariffs that have already been introduced to reduce budget deficits.

The US Treasury Secretary said that as a result of a possible agreement with China on this issue, President Trump would also reduce the sanctions on Huawei under certain conditions. As you know, Donald Trump has also considered a possible trade agreement with China as a good possibility in recent months and heralded that they could reach an agreement with the Chinese company.

As you recall, 70 different Chinese companies, including Huawei, were blacklisted for ”National Security ay last month, following a decision by US President Trump.

In light of these developments, Huawei’s Android license was canceled in the first place. Later, the US embargo decision was included in companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, Facebook.

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