Developers Are Being Blocked On GitHub Due To US Trade Sanctions


GitHub brings millions of developers to one platform and enables them to discover, share, and build better software. This platform was founded in 2008 and is owned by Microsoft Corporation. The latest news that we are getting to hear about this platform is that GitHub has started blocking developers based on their nationality.

ZDNet has officially reported that GitHub has started restricting accounts of the developers belonging to the countries facing US trade sanctions. The countries facing US trade sanctions include Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. These developers are using the service provided by GitHub to host their websites and software.

GitHub has restricted the account of a 21-year old Russian developer named Anatoliy Kashkin. He lives in Crimea- a region in Ukraine. He was using GitHub to host his website and GameHub. GameHub is a Linux launcher which brings games from Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle to a single platform.

Anatoliy Kashkin said that his account had restricted by GitHub due to US sanctions as he lives in Crimea. He also mentions that he will not be able to keep up GameHub in the future. He also shared the screenshot of the message sent by GitHub.

Hamed Saeedi, a developer from Iran has used the Medium platform to report that his account has been restricted too.

GitHub has updated its support page and has added the following statement, “To comply with U.S. trade control laws, GitHub recently made some required changes to the way we conduct our services”. You will also find these lines in the Trade Controls support page. However, the pressure by the US laws is making this platform getting deflected from its main goal of connecting developers across the world.