Debunking Blue Light Glasses Claims; Why You Don’t Need Blue Light Lenses


Have you heard about blue light glasses? Have you used one? If not, the following questions will merit your attention.

Do blue light or computer glasses really work? Do I need it? If I don’t need them, what are the probable reasons? Are blue light lenses bad for my eyes? Are blue light filter glasses real? Are they even worth the hype and extra bucks people release to own them?

Blue Light Glasses Promo Product
Blue Light Glasses Promo Product

In this article, we go through all these questions and examined more facts about blue light glasses. First, let’s get a better understanding of what blue light glasses are.


Blue Light Glasses – What They Are

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Blue light glasses

Have you ever sat before your computer all day, and when you shut it down you felt your eyes were dry and tired? It happens to millions of people every day. To combat the negative effects of digital screens because of the blue light they emit, it is suggested that users make use of blue light glasses. What are these glasses?

They are a pair of light-blocking glasses that have been cleverly manufactured to block or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The lenses are to protect our eyes from glare and can reduce potential damage to our retina from prolonged exposure to blue light.

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The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light can also sabotage someone’s sleep schedule because it tampers with human internal that tells when people need to go to sleep and when they need to wake up.

Because there’s hardly a way for us to stop using computers, most of us are prone to having the problem and consequences resulting from the usage of digital screens. If we don’t make use of computers, we will make use of smartphones, or tablets. Virtually most people on earth own these things today.


Are Blue Light Glasses Worth the Hype?

Some optical companies sell blue light glasses to people who are suffering from being engaged too much on a computer or smartphone usage. In Canada, a report by CBC News examined the matter, looking into how Canada’s largest optical chains sell these blue light glasses to people, something that they didn’t really need.

Other experts in the field revealed to CBC that those optical chains were using false claims to sell those glasses to users. They also claimed that there are some easy and free tips that people can try and these can reduce the strain on the eyes.

In times past, it was usually believed that many negative eye issues are caused by digital screens, but now these findings are being debunked by experts. Some Ophthalmologists say that what really causes discomfort from digital screens is what is known as computer vision syndrome (CVS).

This is a type of digital strain caused by staring too long at a computer, or other devices like phones, reading a book, or driving long distances. Though it is an uncomfortable condition, it is not serious, experts claim. Just manage the situation through lifestyle changes, or limiting the activities that cause eye strain, and the issue can be reduced or disappear altogether.

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What Really Happens When We Use Digital Screens?

When we use computers or other digital devices, our eyes are constantly shifting focus and moving, while looking at the screen. Add to that, the glare and contrast can be menacing on our eyes. By so doing, we may be fooled into thinking that the blue light from the digital screen caused the eye strains we get after working a whole day in the office.

Glasses Computer Photo Cropped
Glasses Computer Photo Cropped

Experts say no, that assumption is wrong. The problem is usually because the user is not blinking as usual. That causes the cornea to become dry and irritated. This happens even when we focus our eyes on reading a book for too long. These activities can cause eye discomfort. To bring ease to the eyes, we may need to look ahead to a distant object. Then our eyes can relax.

Do blue light glasses really work?

We now come to one of the first questions asked above- Do blue light glasses really work? A hidden camera investigation by CBC found opticians and sales associates of some of the top Canada’s optical chains are deceiving people to think that blue light really worked. Meanwhile, since it is now established that the blue light from the computer monitors and screens are not harmful. This claim means that using blue light glasses is optional. The main thing to understand is that the blue light from your digital screens is not harmful.

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Blue Light Glasses Hero

Why You May Not Need Them

Glasses are also fashion items. For that reason, some of the people who make use of blue light glasses will continue to use them. They look so cute, so there is no reason to stop using them.

Secondly, if you make use of suggestions from experts, you may not need to make use of them. Here are some of the things you need to do if you want to protect your eyes from the strains of using computers or phones for too long.

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Blue Light Glasses Universal
  1. Eat well. A properly balanced diet can help restore the eyes
  2. Look away from the device from time to time. Some say that you may have to look away for about 20 seconds. Probably do that every 20 minutes.
  3. In the evening, turn on your device’s night mode

Another thing to know is that the blue lights don’t damage your retina. The light doesn’t cause eye disease or eye strain.


The Glasses Can Really Block Blue Lights from Your Screens

That means it is really effective for a problem that exists only in some people’s minds. The light from most computers and phones can be reduced, so no need for blockage. Meanwhile, the blue light from the sun is so much higher than that from digital devices.


The companies that sell these blue light glasses still continue to feed the mind of people that blue light from computers is damaging and that they must buy these glasses.

Keeping Tabs On Work Tasks
Keeping Tabs On Work Tasks


The CBC investigation showed that some people are finding better ways to deal with the problem of eyestrain from too much use of digital screens. However, not everyone has knowledge of the tips given above. Some have never thought about living their lives watching TV or making use of laptops without using blue light glasses.

The option to eat properly and lead better lifestyles seems to be beneficial for people. Do the glasses themselves present any danger to our eyes? We may need to investigate that another time.

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