Datally Google APp cover
Datally Google APp cover

Datally helps users around the world better control and save their mobile data. The average app user saves up to 21 percent of their data. With the following 4 modes in the application, data can be saved even more.

Setting a daily limit or limiting unwanted data

Do your friends or family borrow your smartphone and give you more time than you expected? We love friends, but we do not have to spend the data. Using Guest Mode allows the user to set the amount of data that another person may spend in the near future – who is going to borrow his smartphone.

It is very easy to quickly spend your monthly data package, sometimes we do not know how. With Daily Limit, you can decide how much data to use on that day and set it up. When the application reaches the maximum set limit, mobile data usage simply blocks (if you choose), or alerts you, and you can continue to move on.

Data is also down to background applications

Up to 20 percent of mobile data is used by background applications that are not currently being used by the user. Unused Apps displays all unused apps that “steal” data. They can uninstall and preserve their precious data with one touch.

Wi-Fi Map displays the closest available Wi-Fi networks, which can be used without fear and do not change your data. After use, the network can be rated for other users.

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