Could Smartwatches Be As Popular As Smartphones?

Wristwatches have been around since as far back as I can probably remember. To some, a wristwatch is just something they use to check the time while to others, it is an accessory – a must have to complete a look or an outfit. However, the good old wristwatch seems to have gotten smarter over these past few years, just like TVs, Phones and basically every other gadgets.

Smartwatches are basically Watches that got smarter – bringing on board some new features. Think of it like the usual phones we were used to in the 80’s and 90’s. These phones literally just make phone calls send text messages, then it got smarter and now it can do a whole bunch of stuff; From browsing the internet to playing console-quality games to taking clear and crisp pictures just to name a few. Smartwatches have somewhat gone through the same kind of transformation to be where it is at today. However, we will be taking a stroll down memory lane to figure out where watches started picking up – getting smarter.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

seiko rupter pro

Much isn’t known of the very first smartwatch as it believed to be the Seiko Ruputer which was released sometime in 1998 with just a meager 2MB ROM (Internal Storage) and 128kb of RAM. Now, I realized how bizarre the specifications might sound compared to the ones we have now. But back in the day, smartwatches didn’t have much computing to do with way fewer features than what they are packing these days.

However, things seem to have changed and rapidly I might add as smartwatches these days now pack a whole lot when it comes to specifications and features. The Apple watch series 3 and Samsung Gear S3 has almost 1GB of Ram. Almost the same amount of RAM smartphones had when they started out some years ago.

Well, It all Began back in 2013 when Samsung saw the opportunity and took it by releasing their first ever Samsung Wearable – The Samsung Galaxy Gear. The following year, LG and Motorola followed suit with theirs; LG G Watch R and Motorola 360 by LG and Motorola respectively. Then Along came Apple a year Later with the very first ever Apple Watch in 2015.

SmartWatches Came Late To The Party

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Smartwatches started gaining attention and popularity sometime in 2013 when Samsung released their smartwatch, 3 years after Samsung released their first ever Smartphone. 3 years of constant upgrades and improvements on the features of their Smartphone. Most features of most smartwatches have been on Smartphones for long – Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G, Apps, GPS/Maps etc, so some people didn’t see the need to get one – we already take our smartphone every we go, why do we need another gadget when our phone can basically do everything it does?

However, some new features seem to be coming into the mix which is setting it apart from smartphones like the heart rate sensor among others. Asides that, smartwatches seem to be catching up in other aspects as there aren’t that much of a difference when it comes to the major features on both smartwatches and smartphones. While the smartphone market is hot right now and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, The same cannot be said for the smartwatch market yet as it is probably way too early to tell.

Still A Potential There

apple watch vs samsung gear

Every year, we look forward to the release of new smartphones from different phone manufacturers. Watching them try to improve from their last year’s phone while also trying to outdo their competitors. This has been some kind of ritual since different Smartphone manufacturers churn out numerous phones year after year. Now, asides the new phones that get released every year, which we all obviously look forward to. Nothing else is really worth anticipating every year in the tech sphere.

Well, except for the new up and coming Smartwatches. Since numerous tech giant like Apple, LG, Xiaomi Motorola and Samsung dabbled into creating smartwatches, it has been worth looking forward to every year. Wondering and Anticipating what wow factor they’ll bring in next year’s version. Samsung currently has Samsung Gear, Gear S2, and Gear S3 while Apple has Apple Watch 1, 2, and 3. Other companies also have theirs with each trying to make theirs even more smarter with each new successor they release.

Google has also seen the potential in the smartwatch market as they (Google) are reportedly creating their own smartwatch (Pixel Watch?). The first in what looks like their own line of smartwatch which would debut very soon if the reports turn out to be true. It’s only a matter of time before every other smartphone manufacturers who haven’t joined the bandwagon gets on board by creating their own smartwatch.

Wrapping Up

Personally, I think smartwatches have the potential to be even more popular than smartphones. However, a lot of work still has to be done before attaining such feat. Smartwatches are a must have in this era and aside from completing one’s outfit, it also has almost all the major features of a smartphone; ability to make phones calls with e-sim, Navigate using maps, listen to music, browse the internet etc. It’s just like having a mini Smartphone on your Wrist.

Add this to the fact that slapping a watch (whether smart or not) around your wrist before going out at this point doesn’t seem like an extra task and more of a ritual to most people and you’ll know it a plus if the watch gets smarter. Also, checking your notification on your watch instead of your phone while with someone won’t make you look rude. Smartwatch users have also confirmed that Using Maps on their smartwatches is way easier and better than on smartphones, especially if you are navigating through a walking distance. The advantages of having a smartwatch are just too much to mention but I’m sure you get my point.

Of course, These are my opinions and I strongly think that smartwatches are the next big thing in the tech industry, despite arriving somewhat late. What about you? Do you think smartwatches could be as popular as Smartphones? Or will they be gone before we even know it? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment in the comment section down below.

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