How To Choose The Right WordPress Hosting Company


One most important you need to succeed online is an excellent web hosting service provider. Many time I have overheard several people talking about how annoying their host and so many of them have being disappointed because their site always goes down or crash in no time. To help relieve the problems going on, we have to put up this post.


The first thing to consider before launching a website is an excellent host; it is vital to select an appropriate and reliable web hosting service provider increases a lot. Below are features to look before jumping into buying a web hosting.


Features You Need To Look Out For Before Buying A Web Hosting

1. Technical Specifications


Picking a decent and good host is almost the same to the way you choose your laptop. You don’t have to learn every component in the laptop to pick a good one; likewise, you don’t need deep learning to choose a good hosting. However, you need to know what makes a hosting plan stands out from the others.

In choosing a good and reliable host, it Must;

  • Have full support for WordPress,
  • Offer unlimited or large bandwidth,
  • Have unlimited or considerable disk space,
  • Have the possibility of upgrading without downtime,
  • Offer 99.9% Up-time or more,
  • Provide third party tools (e.g. CDN, cloud backup) integration facilities and compatibility,
  • Offer high Processor capacity,
  • Offer great Memory capacity,
  • Have automatic backup services,
  • Be SEO friendly.

2. Customer Service


Customer service is an important factor that you must take note of. A poor support service is a foundation for damage. In web hosting (WordPress hosting), customer care service must be working 24 hours and responding fast. Taking 24 hours to answer to customer’s message is useless. A web hosting company must have support tools like toll-free numbers and live support (live chat). Through this, you are sure of active support when there is a breakdown.

Support staff qualification is another point to know whether they offer quality service. If the web hosting company has unqualified staff, you’ll certainly find out and learn when to run for your dear life!

3. Reviews And Testimonials


People do express themselves online about the quality of service they get from web hosts. Google about the reviews company you want to buy host from and find out what people that have used them said about using them. Know that the more the bad reviews and complaints, the more you’ll be careful before choosing.


Example on how to search hosting company reviews is “InmotionHosting Reviews.

4. The price


The price of the hosting plan is a crucial thing to consider when buying a host. The reason we don’t encourage some hosts with high price is that the cheap is not always cheap because you may end up paying more regarding what you get for the low price. Hosting has prices (which the leading price for start up is from $5 below), and you have to know that.

Why We Choose InmotionHosting

InmotionHosting.com is one of the premium web hosting companies in the world now.  We have been using them for two years now, and we have no problem with them. We have used their shared hosting and VPS. To tell you the real truth, they are better than Hostgator and Hostwinds.

InmotionHosting has 100% support for WordPress (with Softaculous one click WordPress installation setup).


One thing that will make me always to stand their side is that they are always present with qualified support service to help you out. Whenever we have some issues, we do contact them, and they will resolve it immediately without taking a dime from us. You can even contact them to know more about their services before buying it because they have live chat support on their site. You don’t need to look for their live chat because it will pop up immediately you log in to their site.

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Thanks for bringing out time to read this article but please kindly comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.