How to Choose Best Desktop PC Chipset in 2021


A PC chipset is very important. They have always been important, but now, they take on the activities of other PC components, thereby increasing their worth. If you choose the right PC chipset, be assured that it is vital to make your computer run in the best possible many without any hitches. Did you know that now your desktop PC chipset is actually the bone behind almost everything else your computer can do? Let’s learn more about the best Desktop PC chipsets available on the market today.

Upgrading Your Desktop PC

Several things may come to mind as you contemplate either buying a new PC or upgrading it. When you’re buying a new computer, it doesn’t actually start from the Chipset. Oh yes, you could think of the CPU because in a sense it is the most important part of when it comes to what the chipset can do.


Both the CPU and the motherboard work hand in hand. The motherboard’s chipset is also very vital. However, no matter how new the motherboard is, the chipset is the right thing that defines which of the CPU features are available to the user. They control the connectivity, storage potentials, and other features of your PC.

What Is a Desktop PC Chipset?

When you understand what features a chipset unlocks, it is easy to build or upgrade a PC. The chipset is the set of objects that has the graphics card interface and a memory controller. You can see it in a picture here in the article. It basically connects to other expansion slots and onboard devices. It is good to note that over the years, graphics card and memory controller functions are getting more connected with the CPU, while onboard devices remain the motherboard’s main component.

These are just basic concepts. Today’s motherboard chipsets support additional cards and NVMe SSDs. Such controllers as the Serial ATA are now part of it. Two ways to look are first, the AMD, and second, the Intel chipsets. These two are somewhat different Intel retains audio, and network codec interfaces, as well other features, but AMD relocated these functions to the CPU.

Understanding Chipset Models

Today, the chipset market is saturated with different models. Sometimes it depends on how much you have to spend to get the type of chipset quality you need. Models are often grouped into upper or top tier, middle tier, or lower tier to satisfy market demands. For example, the letter A stands for the lower tier chipset for AMD chipsets, while the B and H are for the mid-range. But for the high-end models, letters X and Z identify them.

High-End AMD Chipset

Amd X570
AMD X570

It is the AMD X570. This chipset is one of the best in 2021. It is a top-end chipset for AMD Ryzen CPUs. Technical aspects show how powerful and indispensable this CPU is. This chipset offers four times the bandwidth of the former X370  and the X470. Most of these chipset motherboards come with a cooling fan on the chipset. However, newer versions, especially the one with S in the name, don’t need chipset fans. This one is known as the X570S.

The X570 supports eight USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports. The former AMD versions support fewer. Also, the SATA port count is increased by up to two ports. The former and the latter allow CPU “PCle vifurcation”.


The reason to buy this AMD X570 is to ensure high-speed motherboards. This chipset is essential when running higher-capacity voltage regulators of some high-end motherboard models. If you need to run Ryzen 9 models at optimal frequencies or under heavy loads, you need to look at pairing a top-end CPU with a top-end motherboard based on the X570.

AMD B550 Midrange Chipset

Amd B550
AMD B550

Although this chipset is meant for power users as well, it is recommended for users who may not be able to spend on the top-end chipsets. Some features in this midrange can’t match that of the high-end X570, such as the extra PCle 4.0 ports. It is operating with a PCle 3.0. support. In this chipset, there is no need for the normal cooling requirement that the X570 boats of. Users can still get an enhanced speed to a PCle x16 slot for a video card and a PCle x4 NVMe interface for an internal SSD.

It’s a big bargain for users who don’t need more PCle 4.0 than what the CPU provides directly. It allows them to save though the power consumption is also low. However, it is good to note that better-equipped motherboards cost more than some lesser-optioned X570 motherboards. It depends on the voltage-regulator capacity. Make sure to get a grasp of all the performance you expect from your chipset before you buy. It is better to look at even a higher model than to go for a lower model.


Latest Intel Option

Intel Z590 Motherboard
Intel Z590 Motherboard

Are you thinking of getting a recent motherboard model for a new Intel CPU? This latest Intel is a good option. But if you use the Intel 400 series chipset motherboard with the 11th generation of processors, the performance may be reduced from PCle 4.0 to PCle 3.0. That is why your focus for top-end performance must stay with the 500 series chipsets from Intel at this moment in 2021.

Intel Z590 High-End Chipset

The additional bandwidth between 11th generation core processors and the Z590 allows the adding of three USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 ports. Pairing the Z590 with the 11th Gen CPU provides 20 PCle 4.0 connections. This supports the fastest NVMe SSD speeds. If you decide to run CPU’s X16/x4 combo to three or four PCI Express devices, you need to acquire the Z590. This series of motherboards focus on gaming and overlocking. Target users of the Z590 include overlockers, performance enthusiasts, and content creators.


The three chipsets explained briefly are the most sought-after in the market in terms of quality. Going for others means reduced performance. However, if you are an avid gamer, you want your graphics cards and processors to work at optimum speed. With this explanation, your choice of a chipset is clearer if you’re looking for a top-quality chipset.