How To Change Twitter Trends Country Location


Twitter has become extremely popular for entertainers, students, policymakers, politicians and the general public. For a very long time, several users had no idea what Twitter was, and how it can be used, but fast forward to 2021, it has become the social media platform of choice for a lot of internet users.

The snappy nature of tweets simply attracts mobile phone users who do not wish to read very long content on their screen. And as you already know, the type of information you tweet about depends on whether you are tweeting as an individual or as an organization, project or group.

As a personal Twitter account user, you can always tweet about your hobbies, news stories and general observations, while following whoever you want, but if you are tweeting on behalf of an organization, project or group, you might have to send only research-related tweets.


Twitter Trends are simply a topic or a phrase of words that people are talking about the most on the popular social media platform. It always starts with a hashtag – # – but sometimes, it could be a word or phrase. In summary, Trends are the latest topics being talked about in a particular location, nation or worldwide.

The Trends feature is very important as it helps users find the most engaging and emerging topics of discussion on Twitter when they want to get involved. They are tailored for all users based on their location, accounts they follow, and their interests. Be aware that location is not the country you selected on Twitter, it is the present location you are accessing the platform from.


Fortunately for you, users don’t have to be restricted when it comes to accessing trends on Twitter, especially topics outside of the location you are currently in. For instance, if you stay in Britain, trending topics in the UK will automatically be available to you, however, you are also allowed to manually change your trends to any location of your choice. See How To Change Twitter Trends Country Location:

How Can I Change Twitter Trends Country Location on Desktop?

  • Get yourself logged into Twitter.
  • Head to twitter.com/explore or tap the “#Explore” button. This is where your present trends locations will be visible.
Change Twitter Trends Location
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  • To alter Twitter trends location, tap “Settings,” at the top right.
Change Twitter Trends Location
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  • If the “Show content in this location” is ticked, untick the box to see “Explore Locations.”
  • Tap “Explore Locations.” Now, type in your preferred location to view the trending topics on Twitter from there.
  • Don’t tick the “Show content on this location.” box. Just close the tab by tapping the star icon behind the Explore settings.

How Can I Change Twitter Trends Country Location On Mobile Phone?

  • Launch the Twitter application and get yourself logged into your Twitter account.
  • Click on the search icon near the bottom, then click “Trends.”
Change Twitter Trends Location
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  • Click on the cogwheel icon and then on “Trends Location.”
  • Select your preferred nation from the list.
  • That is that. You have switched to a location of your choice to access the latest trends from.
Change Twitter Trends Location
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That is that.

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