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Ch131: Download & Watch TV Shows Free on


If you are looking for the best source to watch & download TV Shows for free, then I would like to recommend Ch131 for you. The newly discovered Ch131 is a web portal that provides streaming & links to download the latest TV Shows that are popular among all the regions like the US, India, etc. Ch131 is always referred to as Channel131 with its URL being

At Ch131, you will find all the different types of TV Shows in the International language; English. Ch131 has a huge list of TV Shows with all the episodes in HD-quality. You can choose to either watch or download to watch offline whenever you want. Both features are available.


Also, it provides real streaming, which means you will barely see any error while streaming. Usually, we encounter errors on other streaming sites like connection timeout, Video file doesn’t found, Video is not available at the moment, and stuff like that. You will not face these errors on Ch131, and you will easily watch TV shows without hassle.

This article will guide you on how to Download or Watch TV Shows free online on Ch131. If you hear about this web portal, then I suggest reading this whole article because we will cover everything you need to know about Ch131. Let’s get started.

What Is Ch131?

It is a free web portal that streams almost all the TV Shows, including popular shows, latest shows, season shows, old shows, etc. Ch131 is like a Channel for all the TV Shows in one place, and the best part is you don’t have to pay for them before Downloading & Watching TV Shows. If you see other TV Shows streaming services like ZEE5, Netflix, Amazon Premium Video, etc. charge money every month from users. On the other hand, Ch131 doesn’t charge a penny from a user, and anyone can Watch & Download TV Shows for free.

On Ch131, you can find all the types of TV Shows like Romance, Drama, cartoons, Horror, and more. They have categorized every TV Show and its episode very well, and you can move to the next episode easily on the site once you finish the first one. To watch an episode of a TV Show, you will first need to find that show on Ch131. Once you find it by exploring the TV Show category, you can see all the available episodes just by clicking on it, and with one tap, you can start watching.

Overall, Ch131 is a great free source to Watch & Download TV Shows. You can use your mobile or computer to access the site. The site structure is straightforward, and every element is placed in a very user-friendly way. You are going to love Ch131 for its simplicity.

Features Of Ch131

Previously, I have explained pretty much about Ch131 and how you can find TV Shows. Also, now you know what it actually provides to users. Now, the site is actually super simple, and there aren’t many elements available. But Let me show you some of its best features, so you will use them to navigate easily on the site.

1. Recently Added Section

Ch131 Feature

Recently added is a great section Ch131 has on its website. With the recently added section’s help, you can know what’s newly added on the website. And through this, you will be updated with the latest TV Shows. You can also see the Season titles with a link to stream them in the recently added section. Also, now you don’t need to search for new TV Shows titles on Google. Because you can know about it on Ch131’s Recently Added section, they update that list very frequently, and you will find new content every day.

2. Today’s Airing Show

It is another section where you can know what’s airing today on the channel. And once the streaming finishes, it gets immediately added to the recent section to download & watch. For example, today’s airing two shows; The 100 and Wentworth. Once one or both TV shows ends, it will be published on the site publicly, and anyone can watch or download it. It is a great feature that I liked on Ch131 because it ultimately updates users daily.

3. Navigation

I have written many articles on TV Shows streaming websites but haven’t seen such great navigation like Ch131. Most streaming websites don’t have proper navigation on the, and they use to place a navigation bar on the footer or header, which is not so likable. And users find it difficult to use. But Ch131 has covered it, and they have properly placed a navigation bar on the left side. Their site layout is Content, Primary, and secondary Sidebar. The sidebar only contains navigation and nothing else, which also helps users see it clearly.


4. Great Video Streaming Option

Have you ever faced problems while streaming TV Shows on some sites? Such as “Video is not available at the moment.” This is a very common problem users have faced while playing video on streaming sites. It happens when the site owner provides video streaming using a third-party streaming service. Most third-party streaming service expires the uploaded video after 15-30 days of uploading. And when you try to stream the TV Show after expiring, you see the Video is not available. But things are a little different at Ch131. These guys update the uploaded TV Shows from time to time to make sure users don’t face such problems.

Also, they provide more than 2 options or servers for every TV Show to stream. So, if, for some reason, one doesn’t work, you can use the second one. Ch131 mostly uses Vshare and Vidoza services, and trust me, they are the best available on the Internet. Their servers are fast, and you will barely see any buffering.

So, these are the 4 features that we found useful to share. Now that you know very much about Ch131, let’s come to the main point, which is how you can download & watch a TV Show. Well, let me guide you right now. But before that let’s quickly see other alternatives to Ch131.

Ch131 Alternatives

1). [Officia website:]
2). [Officia website:]
3). 123Movies.To [www.123Movies.To]
4). SolarMovie []
5). Primewire []
6). MegaShare [www.MegaShare.Sc]

How to Download & Watch TV Shows on Ch131

It’s super easy to Download & Watch TV shows on Ch131 because the site is very basic, and anyone can easily navigate through it. If you still want to know, then continue reading this post.

To Watch TV Shows


Here are the steps to Watch TV Shows on Ch131:

  1. First, visit the using Google Chrome Browser. If you are using Adblocker, then you should disable it for the site to load properly.
  2. After you visit the site, select any TV show you want to watch from the category Or Recently Added section.
  3. Click on the TV Show to see the option to stream.
  4. In the next window, you will see the video streaming services button like Vshare, Vidoza, etc. Just click on any button to see the video is available or not to stream.
  5. If it’s available, then continue watching and if it’s not working, try the next one.
  6. Done.

That’s how you can watch TV Shows on Ch131 website. Remember, if the first link button doesn’t work and you see a block screen, try a different link button. Sometimes, the first streaming server gets busy or overload. Now, let me show you how you can download TV Shows on Ch131.

To Download TV Shows


Here are the steps to Download TV Shows on Ch131:

  1. Visit using your favorite downloading browser (I recommend Chrome).
  2. Click on the Download category from the navigation bar.
  3. Now, explore and select the TV Show you want to Download or save for watching offline.
  4. Select any server to start the streaming.
  5. Once the video started, click on the three vertical dots to see more options.
  6. Select the Download option to start downloading the TV Show.
  7. Done.

This is how you can download TV Shows from the Ch131 website. Sometimes you will not see the download option because not all the content is available to download, but most of the contents are. If you do not see the download option for a TV Show, you can use the IDM Software to the TV Show. To do it, download and install the Internet Download Manager on your computer and then start the TV Show. At the corner of the streaming window, you will see the option to save the video. Just tap on it and Download the Particular TV Show on your computer.

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Ch131 is an excellent free source for Watching & Downloading TV Shows in High-quality. If you can’t afford to enjoy the TV Shows by paying for today’s streaming apps, I recommend checking out Ch131. It’s free all in one place for TV Shows.

Hopefully, you liked this article on Ch131? If so, share this article with your friends and let them know about this amazing free source for TV Shows.


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