mtn kpalasa to smartphones
mtn kpalasa to smartphones

Hello guys, it is time to get back on track with MTN as we uncover little trick on  how to get MTN 2GB for N500, 4GB for N1000 and 8GB for N2000 without using VPN and does not zap like Airtel data. This little trick is confirmed and has been working flawlessly without any issue.

Now, you are free to download the way you like and streaming without fearing of exhausting the data plan. Without beating around the bush, let us just head straight to business. This data plan is almost same as the 100% data bonus where data is being doubled. Nevertheless, that is not all. Just keep calm and follow the step below on how to get MTN 2GB for N500, 4GB for N1000 and 8GB For N2000 without using VPN.

How To Buy 2GB Data For N500, 4GB For N1,000 and 8Gb For N2,000 On MTN

Note: your phone Android phone must be rooted before proceeding.

  • First, you need to migrate your tariff plan to MTN iPulse by dialing *406*1#.
  • Secondly, you need to activate the 100% data bonus by changing your phone IMEI to get Device Bonus:

MTN is giving Tecno Phantom 5 users a surprising 100% Bonus on any data plan they purchase which after successful activation, will run until the next 6 months. It is not everyone that can make use of this device, so we have device a means for everyone to be a partaker of this phantom 5 bonus from MTN by changing your current phone IMEI.

We have provided some working IMEI eligible for the MTN double data bonuses. Just twea your device IMEI to any below:



















CLICK HERE to learn how to easily change your Android phone IMEI

  • After successfully changing your phone IMEI, you will automatically get a message like the one below:

  • You can then load your N500, and dial *406*2# or *131*1*2# to subscribe to the 750MB for N500 plan (do not panic when you see 750MB here, it will be doubled after subscribing for it)

  • After successful subscribing, you can then check your data balance by dialling *131*4#.

NOTE: this plan only last for a week.

How To Get 8GB For N2000

This is very simple. What you need to do is continue subscribing for the N500 plan using the above method every week. We all know that there are 4 weeks in one month. Therefore, when you subscribe N500 for every week in a month, it will be N2,000 only and that will give you 8GB in total.

What is your take about this little trick?

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problems or issues while trying to set this up? Kindly ask questions and if it works for you, kindly share your experience with us.

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