Bose TV Speaker – Soundbar Designed for Better Sound

Are you looking for some great sound from a portable speaker? The Bose TV Speaker does good in this aspect. It is a soundbar that anyone can count on. Do you appreciate listening to surround sound? This accessory couples that with a deep base, to make your movie night, gaming session, or sports events enjoyable.

Bose TV Speaker Design

This Bose TV Speaker is a small product that looks quite simple. It is designed to be used with a TV, and because of that, it comes with optical and HDMI ARC ports. There’s not much to its features, however. But it looks very sleek and there’s a plastic top, while the front and the sides have a metal grille and fine holes.

The width is 59.6 cm, the height is 5.7 cm, while the depth is 10.4 cm. That tells you how small it is. When you want something that is not gigantic in the way of a speaker but you need a great sound for your TV, this is it. Your TV works well if the Bose TV Speaker sits in front of it, even if the TV is so close to the table.

Take a look at the rear and see the opening for the power cable and other inputs. Take note that there’s no subwoofer, no satellites in the speaker’s setup.

bose tv speaker soundbar
bose tv speaker soundbar

Bose TV Speaker Important Specs

Connectivity Bluetooth, Aux, HDMI
Speaker Type Soundbar
Brand Bose
Recommended Use For Televisions
Model Name TV Speaker
bose tv speaker
bose tv speaker

The Bose TV Speaker Sound Performance

This Bose TV Speaker comes with a decent stereo frequency response, less a good low bass. However, it is able to produce good bass. At the mid-range, it is manageable, but at the treble, it feels great. Adjust the sound as you wish by trying different settings.

The TV speaker does well at the stereo setup as well. The stereo dynamics isn’t that loud but at the max of the volume, there is a lot of thumping and compression. It doesn’t come with a very impressive surround sound but it could be tolerated. Also, the base may not be everything you need at a loud bass level.

Bose TV Speaker Sound Enhancement Features

You’ve got dialogue enhancement and bass adjustment. Like we informed you at the start, the speaker has no room for many features. People who thrive on abundant features on a speaker are often baffled by this incredulous simplicity.

Maybe you expect treble adjustment, surround level adjustment, rear level adjustment, and more. No, you get all those in this Bose TV Speaker. However, you may use the bass adjustment feature if you from time to time prefer a slightly more or less warm sound. Use the remote to operate the dialogue enhancement feature.

The Price

The Bose TV Speaker sells for $249.00. You may have to pay more for shipping according to the distance.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a way to hear your TV better, this is one option for you. This speaker gives a wide, natural sound. It delivers a more realistic spatial audio experience. It is simple to set up, and once you’ve connected with Bluetooth, you can begin to operate it with remote control. The item is unobtrusive, and will not detract from your enjoyment of TV entertainment.

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