How Borrow Money From ETISALAT, AIRTEL, GLO, & MTN

Hello, guys, most of you might have been searching for latest cheats and tricks, guess what, TechReen.com just hired me into the game.

So I will be giving out lots of mobile related trickz, and I do not want any of you to miss out on this.

Now let get into the topic proper. Nigerians love what they call AWOOF a lot and I believe that is exactly what brought you here.

Many people over the years have been waiting for something like this and thanks to Nigerian bloggers who have worked hard to see that our long awaited privilege to borrow money from various networks like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL comes to reality.




There was a time when I use to say; GLO is a very stingy network in Nigeria. Although I was right, I tell you, not anymore Due to much competition from other networks; GLO has been doing everything possible to make sure it serve it, users, well.

So if you do not have credit on your phone anymore, you can just dial
Moreover, GLO will bring up some specific amounts which you are qualified for. So after dialling that code, you will get a message of the amount which you are eligible to borrow.

Moreover, perhaps you might want a specific amount of credit, so if you do not want to go through lengthy procedures just follow the below steps to make it easier.

*321*1000# Dial this code to borrow N1000
*321*500# Dial this code to collect N500
*321*200# Dial this code to get N200
*321*100# Dial this code for N100
*321*50# Dial to get N50

That is all for GLO users. So enjoy your borrowed credit and don’t forget to pay back o.

With joy and happiness, let’s enter into the world of ETISALAT.



Sometimes back when ETISALAT just came to Nigeria, they came with an exquisite and creative business strategy, because their network was excellent and they are ready to offer good megabytes to bloggers, so most bloggers went for ETISALAT.

Well up to this moment I still enjoy them, and I am currently using their network regarding megabytes.

However, for bloggers like SAMUEL AFOLABI, (THE OWNER OF TechReen), while I was having a chat with him, he told me that GLO is still the best for him, regarding megabytes and things like that.

So if you want to borrow airtime from ETISALAT, just dial

*665*amount #

That is the code.

If you do not understand that, just follow this example.

*665*1000# for N1000
*665*500# for N500
*665*200# for N200
*665*100# for N100
*665*50# for N50

That is all for ETISALAT.

Now let dive into MTN.



Well, I honestly don’t want to start condemning this network because they have done “high thing” for me before.

Follow me gentle. I load a recharge card of N400 TO call somebody, and the next thing MTN told me is that ‘my credit is finish’. What? It is not even up to 30 seconds. Well since then I stopped using their network.

How to borrow airtime on MTN


Then follow the menu that will be displayed to you.



A couple of times have tried borrowing airtime from other networks except GLO and AIRTEL.
AIRTEL has an excellent plan and strategy for making people buy their SIM cards. They love to spoil market for other network providers.

It is only on AIRTEL you will see things like:

N100 for 100mb

Can you just imagine, but they actually know what they are doing. They will give you a megabyte that you won’t be able to finish.

Now listen, it’s not as if you can’t finish it, but they will do it in such a way that, the network will be very slow for you to use.

HOW to borrow money from AIRTEL

*500*amount #

Now I want all of you to know that, the higher you recharge per month, the higher you have greater chance of getting biggest offers. Wink!! If you don’t understand what I said, read it ones more and you will get it.

Borrow what you can pay back, some Nigerian’s even use a tactics, you will always see them with new numbers every day, why? It’s as a result of borrowing.


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