Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar Review, Powerful Sound, Immersive Audio Performance


Pete and his friends were planning a small get-together. He already told some friends about the event and how cool he thought it would be. An alfresco party is not a bad idea at all. There would be a few girls, food, wine, and music too. There would be lots of opportunities for dancing. But what kind of speaker will do justice to the small event?

There are many choices to make but some of them were not tenable because wire works were not desirable and could cause some trouble if things go wrong. Whatever the choice would be, it has to be something that was not too big and must also be compact.


The boys arrived at taking along the Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 10W 1200 mAh Mini Smart Bluetooth Soundbar. This was the best pick because when the sound level was tested, it trounced other MP3 Bluetooth speakers it was compared with. Pete called it “a small speaker producing a big sound” and it seemed rightly so, for the manufacturer of the soundbar had in mind the use of this device outdoors.

The decision was made, and at the scene, before the party started, the soundbar was connected to Pete’s smartphone. It was amazing.

Design and Appearance: Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar Unboxing

The Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar is long at about the length of a grown-up man’s forearm. The experience narrated at the intro tells us that the boys used a smartphone to operate the soundbar but a user can also make use of a smart TV, laptop or desktop PC.

The very first and foremost quality of this product is that it is a powerful sound producer. In this review, we will explain how that comes about. But taking a look at the soundbar, you can see that it is also a beautiful product which comes neatly packaged. The user will appreciate the package because it is simple and without frills.

This device provides very good and surround sound to the TV, laptop, desktop PC, or smartphone it is connected to. The sound production power is due to the presence of two built-in 5W speakers inside it. This sound system has a very palatable system providing excellent bass at a decent volume and it comes with high frequencies without acoustic interference.

Yet, not that this product comes without disadvantages. While there are many advantages that the user finds in the product, it also has disadvantages and we shall mention them below for your information. At first, the user may be looking at the device as something very simple, without technical complexities but this is ACTUALLY true.

What’s in the Package?

The product arrives in a simple box of white and green colors; something you see in Blitzwolf packaging all the time. It has a lot to do with the brand. In the center, you can find an inscription that says ‘BW-SDB0′. Look also to the upper right and you will see ‘Blitzwolf’ written there. That is the name of the company behind the product.

Open the box to find the product itself; the soundbar lying snugly inside the box, held in place by two foam elements to shield it from damage in the case of an accident. There is also a micro USB cable that isn’t that long. Further, find the user manual also inside the packaging.

Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 375 x 55 x 65 mm compact
  • Weight: 613
  • Case: Black matte plastic
  • Speakers Protection: Iron mesh
  • Feet: Two silicone feet
  • Waterproof: No
  • Heat Resistant: No
  • Output Power: 10W (5W*2)
  • Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
  • Transmission Distance: 10m
  • Color: Black
  • Speaker’s Effective Frequency Response: 100-16KHZ
  • Working Voltage: DC 5V
  • Bluetooth Version: 3.0
  • Working Time: 100% Voice Volume – 2Hrs
  • Connection: Wired or wireless
  • Certification: FCC, RoHS, CE

Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar Usage

Bluetooth soundbars give users some worry because they are fairly small and compact and people usually think the sound emanating from it may not be great. It has varying uses, particularly three.

There is the Bluetooth Mode which when the user presses M button to go to Switch Mode. In this case, the user can use the TV, laptop, or smartphone to search for the Bluetooth Soundbar in order to complete the connection.


The second mode is the Clock Mode which can also be reached by pressing the M button. Long pressing the forward button to flip to hours mode. Press the plus or minus button to pick the hours. Then short press the forward button to select minutes. In the same way, you can also press the plus and minus buttons to change minutes. However, you have to long-press the forward button to finish the clock setting.

The third mode is the FM mode. To accomplish the task short press the M button to Switch Mode. Then long press play button to search for radio stations around your area.

That’s it. The use of the Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar is very easy once you know how to go about it. Users may operate the product without even immersing their minds into it because it is so easy to do that. Find these controls at the front of the device.

At the back of the item, there are also functions such as ON/OFF, micro USB port for charging, Audio input, and TF card slot.

Summary of Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar Box Contents

  1. The soundbar
  2. Charger
  3. Manual

This is how simple the product is. Two ways to use the product are via DC power or through a charged built-in battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh. If the user hears battery low prompt, it is time to charge the soundbar via the micro USB cable.


  • Get rid of wires, except when you charge
  • Multiple use; great for home and alfresco use
  • Great surround sound
  • Beautiful design


  • If you step away more than 10 feet from the soundbar, the Bluetooth sound may cut off.


You don’t need to doubt that this is truly a great product. Many responses online shows that users were first surprised when they listen to the sound. So, be assured that the soundbar will over-perform.

Are you looking for a good but inexpensive audio system that has deep, full sound is close to the feeling of surround sound? The Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar is your best bet right now.

Where to get it?

If it has caught your attention and you want to buy the new Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar, you will find it available in the official store of the Chinese company for just $36.99. You must remember that, with this purchase, you will acquire an appliance that, in addition to being new in technology, will be very useful in your home thanks to the great features that it presents.

Buy the Blitzwolf BW-SDB0 Soundbar


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