5 best web browsers for Android in 2022

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One of the apps that cannot miss on a smartphone is web browsers for Android or the means to surf the internet from anywhere in the world we are. Despite the social media and the ability to read the news of external sites already within social apps or those for the management of email, web browsers for Android remain essential to be able to search for any kind of information. These apps are so important that some versions, although often quite limited and sparse, are already present in the smartphone, integrated into the operating system with which they are distributed.

But the world of web browsers offers much more and we want to go and find out which ones are the 5 best browsers for Android. Many are known, also because they are the mobile version of those desktops, others may be new but no less interesting and to be evaluated for the features and functionality that make available.

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How to choose a web browser for Android

We anticipated – perhaps many of the web browsers for Android do not know them because they are used to always use the same (mainly Chrome for the reasons we will see talking about this browser) or ignoring the preinstalled apps with the customizations of the operating system (as with the Samsung Internet Browser); in all cases the alternatives are very valid. The solution? There is no perfect browser, as much depends on personal tastes and needs.

Of course this does not mean that all web browsers are valid and one is the other (so that among the hundreds available we have selected only the best 5), but that each app focuses more on one aspect than another and the elements to be taken into consideration, as we shall see, are really many. If you are thinking about changing web browsers for Android, you are most likely unsatisfied with what you are currently using or want to know if better alternatives exist.

This overview of this type of application is used to grasp the potential of each solution and identify the one that best suits your type of web browsing, if more dynamic and faster or more professional and secure (just to give some examples).

The best web browsers

Brave Browser

Very similar to Google Chrome (which we will discuss in a moment and, given the spread, is a bit ‘” benchmark and comparison” of these apps) but sharper and more secure, here is Brave Browser. The strength of this browser lies in the security and blocking of content that can be managed quickly, easily and securely through a drop-down menu.


Firefox Focus

For those who use Mozilla Firefox as a PC web browser, the choice of Firefox Focus as a web browser for the smartphone appears almost obligatory. The interface is the same with the ability to synchronize your favorites, passwords, tabs, and everything related to your personal profile. A much-appreciated aspect of Firefox Focus, free download from the Play Store, is the block, by default, of all control and monitoring systems and you can block, with a simple option, the various ads that are displayed during navigation. The other characteristic element is that this application is very light and does not take up much space in the phone’s internal memory.


Google Chrome

So here we are at Google Chrome, the most popular and widespread web browser for Android. There is probably little to say, Chrome enjoys the advantage of being part of the Google group (like the Android operating system on which it runs); today it is almost unthinkable to be able to use the smartphone and the web without using the services of the Mountain View giant (think “only” to the incidence of the search engine). With Chrome, downloadable for free from the Play Store, you have everything you have on the PC browser and with access and integration to all the other apps in the group. Chrome also receives constant updates to improve its user experience and levels of security.

Microsoft Edge

The browser of Microsoft, or Edge, known above all for those who use Windows 10, is a solution equally valid as an app for Android. For those who use it regularly on the pc, they know what they are talking about and will find a familiar instrument in the mobile ego. Microsoft Edge, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, allows, therefore, synchronization with the tabs and settings of the desktop browser and ensures a very convenient and intuitive use, easy to use even for those who install it for the first time.

Samsung Internet Browser

The Samsung Internet Browser app is the classic example of an app installed in Samsung branded devices and often snubbed because it is already present in the operating system. In reality, this browser, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, has many strong points. First of all the fluidity in use and, above all, the presence of absent functionalities in the noblest rivals. Among these, we remember the presence of a filter that blocks advertising, access to some websites with the recognition of the fingerprint(instead of inserting traditional credentials), support for extensions (even from third parties) and the possibility to improve the contrast of the pages to better read the denser parts of a text. For those who need and appreciate the synchronization of the browser between PC and smartphone should not have any kind of concern, as on Samsung Internet Browser there is an extension that synchronizes the app with Google Chrome installed on your PC.