What is the best time to buy on Black Friday 2023?

Like many other customs, also from the United States, we have copied the already famous Black Friday or “Black Friday”, on this occasion many stores around the globe give customers a great benefit to purchasing what they want at a very discounted price. That day is approaching, and more and more people are ready to take advantage of it to do their Christmas shopping or indulge themselves saving some money, however, what is the best time to buy on a Black Friday?

On Black Friday you must be very attentive to the clock

Black Friday is around the corner. In the United States it is the day of the year in which a greater number of purchases is made, especially purchases related to the Christmas items that are also close, and I am afraid that, if it is not the day in which There is a greater number of sales, little is missing.

Stores and brands take advantage of that day to offer amazing discounts that users can take advantage of. Thus, we can get a new smartphone, a tablet or a computer with considerable savings. But the largest volume of sales is made online, since not only is it more convenient to buy things, but we can also locate offers faster than if we were from store to store. They say that more than 70% of smartphone users are ready to buy online. However, getting the best deals is sometimes difficult and requires a preconceived plan in which the time you connect to buy is essential.

During Black Friday, many of the offers launched by many establishments and brands are limited in quantity. Therefore, in these cases, it is best to start at the begining of the offer in order to avoid seeing the poster “Out of Stock” in the product you want. In fact, if you already know what is on offer, I advise you to add it to the shopping cart and wait for the moment when the discount is already applied.

black friday offers

As a general rule, the worst hours to do your online shopping on Black Friday are from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. The reason is logical because it is the hours of food, dinner and rest and therefore, the hours in which there are more people in front of your computer to buy. During those moments you will not only find yourself with lack of stock of some of the products you most want, but it is also common that some websites “crash” due to the high number of people who are making their purchases. In some cases, the web may experience a slowness that is not usual and before you choose and pay, the product runs out of stock.

On the other hand, the best hours to do your Black Friday shopping are between 3 in the morning and 7 in the morning, because during those hours most of the people sleep so you will not have to suffer the aforementioned problems.

From then on, people are waking up, and things get more and more complicated. In any case, try not to delay your purchases beyond 10:00 in the morning because that is when the biggest peaks of online traffic begin.

Finally, when it comes to offers like Amazon, which every five minutes launches new offers whose stock, in addition, is limited, I am afraid that you will have no choice but to spend Black Friday in front of your computer screen. In this case, the ideal time is the time at which the offer you want to take begins. Well, actually half an hour before if you are from the Amazon Prime Club because if you are not, it is possible that the offer starts with zero stock.

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