12 Best Step Counter Apps to Get on Track for Your Fitness Goals

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Are you looking for counter apps that can give you accurate information about your health? We have information about 12 of these below, and you know what? Many of these pedometers are totally free.

The following information is much applicable to people who may not be able to keep track of their physical activities because they don’t own a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. Of course, there are many workout-tracking devices out there for people who look to walking as the best form of exercise for them.

Of course, there are advantages to using these step counter apps every day. But first, let us give some information about these pedometers out there.


1. Pacer


Pacer can be gotten from iOS or Android. This has a very good rating out there from users. It does a lot and for that, many users highly regard the pedometer. It is able to track many of the activities you do every day, it can act as a step counter and even do more. At first, as you activate it, the free version works as a pedometer but when the user upgrades it, it does more and even compares how your activity compares to that of other people.

The premium version can cost you up to $50 per annum.

2. WW Weight Watchers Reimagined

Weight Watchers App
Weight Watchers App

It used to be known as the Weight Watchers app. But now, it works for more activities than counting your calories intake. It now keeps track of how the user can achieve overall good health. The app’s built-in step counter feature works so fine. With this app, you can set targets and reach them by working hard toward that purpose. The app helps in your several daily activities like mood, energy, and sleep habits. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

The upgrade costs only $10 per month.

3. GoogleFit


This app is regarded as one of the best out there when it comes to step counter apps for Android, having been developed by Google itself. Like other apps of its kind, however, it tracks more than just steps. It monitors all the user’s physical activities, letting you set fitness goals. It even works with other apps already installed on the user’s device.

Good thing is that this step-counting app is totally free.

You can get it from iOS and also from Android.

4. Sweat


This is also a comprehensive fitness app also designed to offer step-counting features that are already in-built. One thing though. This app is mainly designed for women. When using it, you can get a comprehensive wide range of approaches that enables you to accomplish many things health-wise. The step-counter part works just fine but if the user wants to move on to things like post-pregnancy workouts, it will cost $10 per month.

Get it on iOS or on Android.

5. MyFitnessPal


This app is known as one of the best calorie counting apps out there but it is also nice for step counting activity, though some users may not be aware of that. It makes use of motion detection in your phone or another external device to do its job. In this way, it works like Fitbit. You can use it to track your food intake, your daily calorie bank, which will adjust appropriately depending on how many daily steps the user makes. You can stay motivated to achieve your weight loss with this app.

The premium version costs $50 per annum.

Get it for iOS or for Android devices.

6. MapMyWalk

Map My Walk Under Armour

This app is good at tracking your workout and showing the user his/her frequent routes on a map. While working out, you get all kinds of stats that help the user to understand the kind of activity he or she is involved with. The user can track distance and step count. It uses so much energy on your smartphone so beware of keeping it on all the time.

To get an upgrade, the user has to pay $30 a year.

Install it on iOS, or install it on Android.


7. StepsApp


Coming with beautiful colors, this app also does step counting. It is already obvious in the name itself. It has a widget that displays how many steps the user has taken. The good thing is that this app can also work with Apple Watch. The ad-free version costs only $3.


Get it for iOS or for Android devices.

8. Fitbit

Fitbit App

In addition to being a step counter, this app keeps track of your food and hydration every day. It is good for managing your health and fitness goals. Don’t worry, you don’t need a Fitbit tracker to use this app, and it’s totally free.

Get it for iOS or for Android.

9. ActivityTracker

Activitytracker App

Apart from being a step counter app, people love this app because it has a feature that helps users to toggle between different views. However, one of the best things you can do is track your activity on a bar graph by day, week, or month – anyhow you like it. Some users love the hour-tracking feature! It is also able to work with Apple Watch, and the user can export or import data for use.

It can be used free, while upgrading will cost $5.

Install it for iOS or Android devices.

10. AppleHealth


This app sounds like something from the stable of Apple. Yes, it actually is from Apple. In case you just want to track your steps without downloading anything else, this is one that is great and it is in-built on iPhones. It works with Apple Watch too. With this app, you can track how much you’ve been standing or sitting.

You don’t pay a dime to use this. It is totally free.

You can only get it for iOS.

11. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin App

Unlike the rest of the apps, this one pays coins when users make use of it. You can use the coin to buy certain products but that depends on how many steps you log each day. To earn credits, the user has to keep it open in the background. People say it drains their phones’ batteries. The app is totally free to use.


Get it on iOS or on Android.

12. CharityMiles

Charitymiles App

Using this app, the user can donate money to any charity he or she wants. The free step counter activities, like walking, running, or biking – all count. The app syncs steps with Health or Strava – apps for running or cycling. The charities the user can donate to are already stipulated in the app.

This app is totally free.

Get it for iOS or for Android devices.

Benefits of Using Step Counter Apps

The apps mentioned here are either totally free or very cheap to buy if the user decides to buy any of the premium versions. Secondly, this is a great way to start your fitness activities. Maybe later you can graduate to using a smartwatch. That is if in case, you need to do more than count your steps.

These apps have helped many people to achieve their fitness goals. But they may not be as accurate as you may think. They can’t monitor heart rates too but that shouldn’t discourage you if at this time you just want to track your steps.