Top 5 Best Privacy Browser for Android that Protects from Tracking 2018


If you are not using Best Privacy Browser for Android, you are losing your personal details on Dangerous Sites. There is no question that all the Websites or Blogs on the internet are Using Tracking Services. This is usually because they want to deeply understand your Behaviour to Manipulate you later by offering Product and Service in the form of advertisements that are related to what you browse on your Android device. And that’s what you need to be aware of. So, in today’s post, I will tell you top 5 Best Privacy Browser for Android that never let you get Tracked on any site or Blog.

Now, as always, before getting to those best Private Browsers, I want you to have clear knowledge about these browsers and why you should use it.


And by knowing the kind of useful information, you will be able to protect yourself from being manipulated. So, let’s get started.

What is Privacy Browser?

Privacy Browser is a type of Browser that ensures No Data Leak, Prevents tracking, erase the data quickly after closing the app, etc.

The Privacy Browser is built in a way that blocks everything that stop person trying to get the pieces of information from you.

These types of browsers for Android either provide you secure connection after entering into Browser, or the Browser shield helps not to leak any data.

That way Privacy Browser works and Protect Users data.

Why you need Best Privacy Browser in your Android?

No! You wouldn’t need any privacy Browser for your Android if the internet pages were safe enough. The generation we are living in right now are surrounded by powerful and dangerous software. Like Tracking services. Yes, these software are useful but not for all of us.

These software’s are very useful for Business or Websites owner to grab useful details about user behavior. But its also harmful for the Consumers who visit sites just for knowledge.

No worry! Because You can gain your controls by using any of these trusted Best Privacy Browsers for Android. Now let me show you those top 5 Privacy Browser for your Android.

5 Best Privacy Browser for Android 2018

Here are my five best Pick of Privacy Browser for Your Android that will protect your Data everytime you visit the dangerous website:

1. Firefox Focus: The Privacy Browser

Best Privacy Browser for Android

A pure Android Browser that only built for Protecting Users Data. Even All the Firefox Browsers built for People, and this Firefox Focus Privacy Browser proves that. With this Firefox Focus, you can surf the internet without worrying about your Data. It is like No one is monitoring you when you are Browsing. Because Firefox Focus has the ability to block any Tracker service. And the most important thing, it is easy to use, file Size is not too big, fully free.

Moreover, firefox Focus uses a Great combination of colors in their Browser. It has Light purple and Maroon color combination in its entire Browser. Also, We at TechReen use the same color combination for our Top Header.

The elements on the Home page is rare. There is only navigation that leads towards settings of the Firefox Focus Browser. And this impresses me! All Browser should be Providing clean and simple homepage like Firefox Focus. Because we only care about the search bar, not the news and top sites suggestion.

Firefox has not many but a good amount of features for Privacy Browsing. All of them are super powerful and useful. And if you will know about, you can enhance it and make it more powerful Privacy Browser.

Key features of Firefox Focus:

  1. Automatic and Easily blocks the Trackers.
  2. History, password, cookies get auto cleaned.
  3. Ad-blocker that enables faster page opening.
  4. Data will get automatically

Download Firefox Focus

2. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Best Privacy Browser for Android

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is one of the best Private Browser that is available for Android. This Private browser is growing better than opera browser and had gained the trust of millions of searchers. DuckDuckGo promises to ensure privacy anytime with anyone. And the best part is it has its own search engine Which is super-encrypted. Their privacy policy is so simple; they don’t share and save any personal information after a user leaves the search engine. And that most search engines don’t do like Google and Bing.

Apart from its quality, the Interface of DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is so friendly. It uses black them in the entire browser and has super simple Home Page contained search bar and DuckDuckGo logo along with features shortcut navigation.

Moreover, DuckDuckGo is good at Feature. It doesn’t have too many features, but it does have powerful features for Privacy Browser users.

Key Features of DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser:

  1. Escape Advertising Tracker Networks. DuckDuckGo can block any advertising network at the instance.
  2. Increase Encryption Protection. It doesn’t matter the site you visited is a danger or not, it will act as the armor to protect your Privacy.
  3. Search Privately. Do you leave your personal details like Account No., Personal information, your education-related papers? Then Search Privately feature is Gold for you. It never traces you, what you search is your own business! No will know anything about your searches.

Download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

3. InBrowser

Best Privacy Browser for Android

It is an Incognito browser that is especially available for Android with TOR and Video Supportability. Means you can play videos on the Browser and when you leave the Browser, all the data will get erased. Like History, Sessions, cookies, etc. InBrowser is a complete Incognito Browser and it is super rich in features. It has many features for Private searchers like Do Not Track, Panopticlick Tracking Protection, Secure Application mode, safe search and more.

Apart from its quality, InBrowser has lite them and interface. Means, you can easily navigate anywhere in the Browser. The InBrowser uses Google Search engine for showing results. And you can easily change the default search engine from settings. Overall, its good at Protecting from trackers. Let me show you the main features of this Browser so, you can get good insights about InBrowser.

Key Feature Of InBrowser:

  1. Lite size and gives less load to Android than other privacy Browsers.
  2. Theme and Navigation are well managed for Newbies.
  3. The downloading feature is Good for Downloading small files in small times.
  4. Advance Customizing allowed. You can do a good amount of Customization for fast and secure surfing. Like you can disable Images to load, disable javascript to loads and more.
  5. Private Internet Access. It uses the TOR connection for private Connection. Means, no one will know on this earth what you searched on the Internet.

Download InBrowser


4. Orbot

Best Private Internet Connection Provider app

This one is not actually a Privacy or Private Android Browser. It helps other browsers to access the Private internet connection to get Private on the Internet. It’s Kind of similar but more secure than any available Private Browser. To get a Private Internet connection for your any Internet Browser, first, you need to operate Orbat to get connected to a Private Internet server of the app.

Just open the app, tap on the Orbot Log to start searching for Private network. When the app finds a relevant connection in your area for you, it will automatically get connected.

Once connected, a Green sign will start showing, you will become Private internet user. If the default global setting doesn’t work for you, then you can try manual settings for connecting to the private network. Here’s what you exactly need to do to connect to a Private internet connection using Orbot:

  1. Start the Orbot.
  2. In the Global settings, change the auto setting to your manual location.
  3. Enable VPN mode.
  4. Hit the Start button to start fetching for Private Internet Connection.
  5. Once the server gets available, it will automatically get connected, and you can start your private searching.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor is a super simple app, and it doesn’t need to be explained. In one or two moves, you can get going with Orbot for Private Internet Connection.

Download Orbot from Play Store

5. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Best Privacy Browser for Android

Ghostery is a Free Privacy Browser for Android that promises secure and private Searching on the Internet. Even more, it provides dozens of features that enhance the security of Privacy. Ghostery uses DuckDuckGo search engine for blocking the dangerous trackers. And I think the combination of Ghostery and DuckDuckGo search engine will probably beat any strong tracker available on the internet.

This privacy browser has a handful of quality like add-ons features, Request Desktop site, Advance Privacy settings like Updates Tracker Library Automatically. This one is so amazing. Ghostery Privacy Browser has huge Database of Dangerous and popular trackers. And using the Automatically Library tracker update will confirm your protection in the future.

Apart from its quality and some handsome features, the theme and color combination of the Ghostery browser is awesome. You won’t get feeling boring while surfing with Ghostery. For instance, showcase, let me show you some useful or key features of it.

Key Features of Ghostery Privacy Browser:

  1. Built-In Ad Blocker. All the ads on the website will be prevented to load. It will also increase your surfing speed instantly.
  2. Enhanced Privacy Features. There is a smart blocking feature in the Ghostery browser that optimizes pages performances when it gets enabled.
  3. Tracker Visibility and Control. With this, you can view who is tracking you on the website, and you can deny or allow him.
  4. Ghost Mode. A strong incognito mode that offers privacy protection and doesn’t save history in the data.
  5. Phishing Protection. It disallows auto information taker on websites that steal Password and username of the user. It is a strong feature which you should be using if you want next level protection.

Download Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery will be your final destiny of Best Privacy Browser for Android. And that’s why we put it to last so, you don’t have to look for there articles for the same information you were looking for.


Do your Privacy a favor and adopt any Best Privacy Browser for Android from our suggestions. Because all the browser that are listed with tag Privacy works flawlessly.

You will regret when someone theft your data from your hand. Just one good move can make your data safe forever. And this is what I don’t want.

And that’s why I am recommending you every time on this TechReen Article to opt a better Privacy Browser.

Hopefully, I have given you the worthful details about the corrupt side of the Internet along with a solution.

And if you are still reading this then please share because “sharing is caring.” When we starting caring for others, the world will start becoming better.

See yaa!

Disclaimer: At TechReen, we recommend you download all software from the official source. Software from third-party sites can endanger your device. See our Disclaimer page.


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