Best Inverter Batteries To Buy In 2021


In this post, we will be looking at the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2021. Getting an inverter for your home or office might seem like a walk in the park, but getting a good inverter battery isn’t that easy. It’s one thing to buy an inverter to help power up your devices when you don’t have access to electricity, then you have to buy a new battery for your inverter when the one it comes with gets weak.

Getting a good battery for your inverter is very simple really, and in this article, we will be listing the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2021. But before we go any further, a lot of questions needs to be asked. There are lots of inverter batteries out there and you have to be careful when purchasing one. You might end up buying a battery that will explode when you want to charge a device with your inverter.

You also need to know the battery capacity you want or the battery capacity required by your inverter before going ahead to purchase the battery. Which type of battery do you need? There are two types of Inverter batteries, you need to know the one your inverter needs.


An inverter battery name will look like this “Luminous 120Ah Tubular Battery” or “Power Bank Series 50AH”. You might begin to think, what is the “AH” or “Ah”? AH stands for Ampere Hour, this simply means the amount of current the battery can supply for a specific duration before getting charged up.

Then there’s the Watt, you need to know the total load in Watts before buying the battery. What gadgets or equipments do you charge or power up with the inverter? For example, if you want to power up 3 lamps of 75 watts each and 6 fans of 40 watts each, then you need a load of 6 x 40 + 3 x 75 = 465 Watts.

Types of Inverter Batteries

Before we go ahead and list the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2021, you need to know there are two types of Inverter batteries. We have the Flat Plate battery and the Tubular battery. These two batteries are completely different when it comes to safety, efficiency, battery life, maintenance, and price. They were built with different internal technology as well.

The Flat Plate battery sports positive and negative plates, the battery has a lifespan of just 3 years and after that, you might need to get another one. When it comes to efficiency, the Flat Plate battery isn’t really that impressive. Nonetheless, it’s very easy to maintain and weighs less as well. It’s so cheaper than the Tubular battery.

The Tabular battery has a positive tube and a negative plate, the lifespan is typically 5 years and it can go more depending on how you use it. It has high power efficiency and won’t be skyrocketing your electricity bills like the Flat Plate battery. But the Tabular battery weighs a ton and not really easy to maintain. Plus it’s also expensive compared to Flat Plate battery.

Best Tubular Inverter Batteries

These are the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2021, the batteries below are up to the task.

1. Luminous ILTT 26048 | 220AH Tubular Battery

best Inverter batteries

This does a good job when it comes to the principle of converting chemical energy into electrical energy. This sealed battery has tall tubular plates which offer power efficiency. It comes with 48 months manufacturer warranty and weighs 65.6kg. It has an electrolyte volume of 41.5 Liters and packs 220Ah capacity.

2. Su-Kam Big Warrier Series – 150AH, 180AH

best Inverter batteries

The Big Warrier Series from Su-Kam is a powerhouse waiting to unleash its true potential. It’s one of the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2021, it comes with tubular-plate technology which enables it to deliver a larger amount of consistent and reliable power. It’s known for its excellent performance even under extreme temperature conditions and can withstand long and frequent power cuts.

3. Su-Kam Big Conquerior Series – 150AH, 180AH

best Inverter batteries

Another power inverter battery series from Su-Kam, this was also built with tubular-plate technology and also deliver consistent power as well. It has increased power efficiency which expands the battery life and makes it last longer. It boasts of a DARAMIC separator which provides high porosity, low electrical resistance, and excellent oxidation resistant.

4. Su-Kam Bazooka Series – 150AH, 180AH

best Inverter batteries

The Bazooka Series battery is the most compact Tall Tubular battery with global acceptability. It comes with extra thick spines cast at high pressure to ensure minimum corrosion for reliability, extra long life, and overall strength. It also boasts of micro-porous ceramic vent plugs with float guide indicators.

5. Amaron Current CRTT180 Tall Tubular 180AH

best Inverter batteries

This battery is compatible with any brand of Inverter you have. It gives you a hassle-free experience and sports a high heat resistant Calcium/ultra modified Hybrid alloy for as its grids. It doesn’t lose water that easily, so maintenance won’t be needed frequently.

Best Flat Plate Inverter Batteries

If you need a Flat Plate battery or you’re on a budget, check out the list below.

1. Su-Kam Power Bank Series – 50AH – 220 AH

best Inverter batteries

The Power Bank Series from Su-Kam is an economical multi-cell flat plate series. It has Proven Technology for years which offers good electrical performance and better distribution of lead mass for current distribution and long grid life. The battery uses more plates, means more surface area giving more power.

2. Su-Kam Power Supreme Series – 50AH – 220 AH

best Inverter batteries

The Power Supreme Series another economical multi-cell flat plate series from Su-Kam. It has extra thick plates for excellent discharge performance which increases the battery life. This battery comes with low Antimony alloy which reduces electrolysis loss, thereby needing low maintenance.

3. Luminous IL 18039 I 150Ah Flat Battery

best Inverter batteries

This Inverlast series of flat plate batteries from Luminous comes with robust design, excellent charging rate, low water loss and enhanced battery life. It also uses more plates to give more power.


4. Exide Instabrite

best Inverter batteries

This is the latest inverter battery offering from Exide, it promises superior power backup at a fantastic low price. It gets the job and is worthy to be on the list of the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2021.

5. Amaron CR-I100H29R 100AH Flat Plate Battery

best Inverter batteries

Amaron CR-I100H29R battery comes with a 24-month warranty, free shipping, and Installation from most shopping stores. It uses an ultra-modified Hybrid alloy for its grids, this results in low maintenance.


This is a list of the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2021. Inverter batteries are very few online because they are unsafe products and hazardous material, people keeping it in the warehouse take precautions, especially while transporting.

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