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Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps that You Should use in 2019

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If you using Google Chrome browser on your computer for a quiet time then you probably know that the browser is not soo feature rich. And it shouldn’t be because the browser slow-downs the computer if it soo feature rich. But the work is important and so to extend the features in Google Chrome Browser, you need to use Extensions on it. With the help of an extension, you will be able to do more with Google Chrome browsers like capturing the entire browser and more. And the best part is it’s controllable, you can install the extensions according to your need and uninstall the unnecessary one to also maintain the performance of the browser.

So, basically, here I will provide you the best Google Chrome Extensions that you should use. And the extension I’m going to provide you will dramatically improve your experience with Google Chrome Browser. And I promise you will thank me after the end of this article. So keep reading.

What is Google Chrome Extension?

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Before I show you the best Google Chrome extensions, you need to know what actually Extension is.

An extension is a plugin that can add new features or increase the capabilities of the Google Chrome Browser. The browser still doesn’t have everything we need on a browser like some needs a recorder because they make the tutorial with the browser, some are bloggers; they need grammar fixing tool and similar things. Suppose the browser start adding these things, but then the user who doesn’t need some specific feature will eventually suffer in performance. That’s why Google Chrome Chrome browser’s company doesn’t provide pre-installed extensions.

But it also doesn’t mean you cannot install the extension on Google Chrome Browser. There is a Google Web Store and from there you can install as many as extensions you need. For example, if you are a blogger like me then you need Grammarly, Adblocker, etc. And if you are YouTuber then you need VidIQ, Socialblade, etc. Now, let me show the top 5 best Google Chrome Extensions that everyone should use.

Top 5 Best Google Chrome Extension 2019

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If you use Google Chrome Browser in 2019 then you must use these 5 Extensions for Google Chrome Browser:

1. uBlock Plus Adblocker

Best Google Chrome Extensions

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Using an adblocker in Google Chrome Browser is actually has become the priority. However, almost every website today have place Google ads code and other money making ads, almost 90 percent of websites have it. And due to this, when the users visit their page, they get bombarded with ads like pop-up ads, Screen edge ads, etc. This makes the site load slower in the devices which also squeezes tons of battery power and makes the device hot.

To block all these non-sense ads and other requests that 99.9 percent times are useless, you can use uBlock Plus Adblocker. After researching for a while in a dream of best Adblocker extension, I have found uBlock Plus Adblocker. Once you install and activate it and when you visit a web page, it will block all the unnecessary contents that will not be useful for you. It will automatically purify the web pages and present you only the necessary content.

Download uBlock Plus Adblocker

2. Grammarly

Literally, I have no words for such tool and I thank god that I found Grammarly extension. You have no idea how much spelling mistake I make. Even I’m writing this article, I’m using Grammarly for fixing some grammatical and spelling mistakes. Grammarly is all in one tool for writing free of spelling and grammar mistakes. And the coolest part is it’s free for basic uses like simply correcting the spellings and some normal grammar mistakes. In the free plan, you can do the basic things like store your Personal dictionary, Enable/Disable the extension on Preferred website, save and access your work from any computer.

Moreover, you can download the free Grammarly software for Windows PC and write a free of spelling mistake article.

Download Grammarly

3. HTTPS Everywhere

Best Google Chrome Extensions

There are thousands of blog out there which still don’t have HTTPS enabled. That means those thousands of blog are insecure and unprotected. So, as a web user, you have to protect your self from such unprotected websites. And for that purpose, you can use HTTPS Everywhere extension. This extension allows to encrypt the web, in other words, it converts the sites from “HTTP” to “HTTPS” and jam the hijacking or data sharing. You can also turn the HTTPS Everywhere off in case any website breaks down due to this extension and bypass to access the website normally.

But in most cases, it works and converts the site from unprotected to protected without breaking down the site. And if you really care about your personal data or afraid of hijacking while surfing web pages then I highly recommend to use HTTPS Everywhere extension.

Download HTTPS Everywhere

4. AwesomeScreenshot

It is an excellent screen capture tool that also allows editing the captured picture with great features to edit. The AwesomeScreenshot extension is also capable of recording videos meaning you can record the Google Chrome browser screen without using expensive software. AwesomeScreenshot is a free extension and it doesn’t cost a penny for taking screenshot or recording videos. Moreover, it also doesn’t paste its logo on captured pictures and recorded videos.

AwesomeScreenshot will be a very helpful tool if you are a blogger like me. It will help in taking screenshots, capturing videos in Google Chrome Browser for free. Follow the below link button to add this extension in your Google Chrome Browser.

AwesomeScreenshot Download

5. LastPass

If you think Google Chrome Browser default password manager service is not good or suitable for your work then LastPass will be your final extension for managing passwords. LastPass is an excellent tool for saving passwords that you enter on websites like the usernames and passwords. Even LastPass auto-suggest strong passwords like Chrome passwords manager service does. LastPass is actually an essential extension that you should use. However, we very often switch browser like from Google Chrome to Firefox and to find out the passwords we reopen the previous browser and search for the password.

But with LastPass, you can install and activate it in your new browser and you don’t need to open another browser to know the password of a particular website that you have saved. You just need to remember one password of LastPass account and you will be able to know all your saved passwords.

Download LastPass

Which are the best Google Chrome Extensions?

It’s really not tough for me to answer because now I have a very long relationship with more than 20 essential Google Chrome Extension. But in this post, I have only shown you 5 most essential extensions. To dig deeper and find top-level extension from the above list, then I highly suggest uBlock Plus Adblocker, HTTPS Everywhere, and Grammarly.

These three extensions are extremely important. However, HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Plus Adblocker will help you overall in protecting and speeding up the browsing. HTTPS Everywhere will encrypt the web pages and make it safe for you to visit, Adblocker enhances the browsing speed and you will be able to open web pages fast.

On the other hand, Grammarly extension is what will help you in communicating better with other online users. If you want to let other online users understand your voice through writing, you need to write the correct sentences. And Grammarly is pretty much well in that so, according to my experience, you must have to use these three extensions in the Google Chrome Browser.


You really can’t find a great extension without taking a bit for a taste of extensions listed above. Meaning, you need to try those 5 essential extensions to know what will be best for you. Not everybody uses the Google Chrome Browser for the same purpose, you need to find extensions that will help you in enhancing the browsing experience for your field.

To find more such plugins, you can visit the Google Chrome extension web store. All the extensions that are available for the Google Chrome Browser are available there. Don’t download the extension from other third-party websites because chances they will steal your data and you will regret later. So, it suggested that install any Plugin for Google Chrome Browser from its official directory.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful and have got a few essential Google Chrome Extensions? If so, I appreciate if you just share this with your friends. I’ll see you in the next similar one.

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