Best Fortnite Battle Royale tip and tricks, guide and advice

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Fortnite is the game of the moment. If until a few months ago Pokémon Go was the video game on everyone’s lips, the product created by Epic Games has gradually conquered a huge market, currently being one of the most practiced video games in the world.

Available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, but also on mobile (Android and iOS), Fortnite presents itself as a game of normal complexity but that, due to its competitive nature, requires a certain practice to achieve excellent results.


Fortnite: the Battle Royale version is free

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The Battle Royale version of Fortnite is separate from the rest of the game. This means that a player can download the mode in question for free and jump into exciting games that can get to involve as many as 99 players simultaneously.

So anyone with a console, a mobile phone or a PC (with suitable hardware) can easily be involved in the furious and fun sections of the game. Yes, but how to avoid fooling and be at least challenging?

General advice

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Of course, like all competitive games, the practice is very important: not discouraging if you are humiliated by more experienced players in the first few games. This is a normal learning process (not just Fortnite).

  • Use the covers to your advantage: always think about how your opponents are all human and not controlled by the AI. So you can use the guards to move without being seen and take another player by surprise. Avoid in every way to move through open spaces or areas where you would be easy prey for the more experienced players.
  • Choose well where to start your game: it may seem an almost obvious advice but it is not so. If you choose well where to start your game at the beginning of the game, you already have a great advantage compared to less savvy players.
  • Evaluate every situation or clash between other players: if you see two or more players attacking each other, how do you behave? In this sense, there is no universal answer. Much depends on your tactics (more or less aggressive), even if you must always try to evaluate each case carefully: avoid being involved in the conflict in focus, intervene only when there is only one player alive and make an easy loot.
  • The headphones are almost mandatory: the hearing has a rather accentuated incidence in Fortnite. Being able to hear an enemy approaching you or understanding where shots come from is essential to survive: to get the best hearing it is recommended to use headphones of excellent quality.
  • Manage your arsenal as best as possible: try to get useful weapons both for close encounters and for a long haul. Always remember that this is not an old style FPS: if you are too impetuous and if you use little acumen, you will have a short life.
  • Respawn: weapons and other useful objects have respawn times. Keep in mind that many players jump on them without thinking too much: do not get fooled and keep in mind that greedy players are also easy targets …
  • Take advantage of weekly challenges, experience: There are a number of weekly challenges in Fortnite that allow you to gain experience and other special prizes. The experience (intended as character score) is a very important factor in this game even if we later explain its usefulness more in-depth.

In reality, it is rather general advice, but for those who are just starting, this can be enough to start their adventure in the game without having to be perennially the first gamer to be killed in the session.

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Once you get a bit of confidence with Fortnite, then you’re ready to dictate and enforce it!

Movement and surrounding environment

Knowing the map and how the environment behaves around our character is a good starting point for any game of this kind.

As already mentioned, even moving only causes noise: in fact, hearing is a factor that can be easily determined in Fortnite. In this sense, it is recommended to run only when there is a real need, as this causes a greater noise and can make you a target, to say the least delicious.

The squatting position is a rather useful option to exploit the surrounding environment. Trees and other objects, in fact, can be excellent to avoid being easy targets and, often, even to catch the enemies off guard. Even before knowing how to shoot an opponent, a level player knows how to handle running, squatting position and use of the surrounding environment to camouflage.

The importance of the map

The map is essential for Fortnite players. Knowing where you are and where you need to move is of extreme importance. Keep in mind that compared to other PUBG games, Fortnite has a smaller map and the crashes are therefore closer and more frenetic.

Always keep in mind that the storm is a constant danger and, even if some pro players use it for extremely advanced combat tactics, it is good and right to keep a safe distance.

PE, Experience Points

Not to be confused with the player’s baggage of experience, the PE is essential for those who want to make the leap in quality in Fortnite. First, we need to clarify how PE is obtained, that is:

  • surviving as much as possible
  • making as many kills as possible
  • with a better final placement
  • through the challenges

The EPs allow reaching the successive levels with which personalizations and special objects are unlocked. What are the tricks to get more PE in the shortest possible time and without spending money? Especially in the early stages of the game, the best way to get experience points could be to survive as long as possible.

Even if it is not a very fun style of play, try to last as long as possible to accumulate PE. Of course, as you take the measures, it will be appropriate to start making the first kill, perhaps taking advantage of, particularly favorable situations.

Weapons and respawns

Need to emphasize the importance of weapons in a game like that? Being able to find the right weapons in the shortest possible time can be a fundamental advantage. Yet it is not enough to wander like damned souls up and down the map: you have to keep in mind some game mechanics to avoid being too greedy and find yourself riddled with blows!

Why do we state this? Weapons and ammunition are quite visible and this means that the most reckless players will jump on it: therefore always pay great attention.

In order to obtain resources and weapons in Fortnite, there are also scattered boxes inside the buildings. They can contain objects of great value and are therefore particularly sought after by the players.

Weapons and weapons

The weapons system on Fortnite is rather simple: they are divided into colors based on the rarity (green, blue, purple and orange) and are not upgradable. Each step represents a greater damage.

This game mechanics, albeit rather trivial, allows us not to undermine the rather tight rhythm of the clashes with similar tactics or reasoning.

As already stated, always try to have with you different types of weapons and not to choose them only based on the mere power of them: combine a shotgun (for short range), an automatic rifle and a sniper, is a good method to face every situation.

Fighting tactics

If you think that by attacking blindly you’ll get the better in Fortnite, maybe you’ve got the wrong game. We need some basic tactics, a minimum of practice and a certain manual skills to obtain good results.

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Steps and opening doors can be a good way to listen to the enemy even before you see it: to win you need to know when to move and when to stay still.

Dose the ammunition: shoot at random not only makes you waste but signals everyone where you are. Attack when you think you have a good chance of hitting your opponent.

When you are under enemy fire and the situation gets hot … it starts to bounce with alternating rhythm: it is a good method to try to avoid some blow and to hope that, in the meantime, the enemy will finish the ammunition.

Manage the backpack and the space available with the care (precious) and the materials with which to build. Shooting is not the only way to succeed in Fortnite.

Resources and construction

This game offers a series of variations to the gameplay really impressive: there is, in fact, the ability to recover resources and various materials to build traps and gimmicks that can help us eliminate or slow down opponents.

It is a salient feature of Fornite and, even in this area, you have to know how to manage well if you want to achieve good results.

walls, ceilings, floors, but also bridges and towers, but above all the deadly traps can be the objects that, with the right materials, will be built by our character thanks to a tool with default.

For obvious reasons, the first phases of a game must be concentrated on the discovery of materials and, only in the final part, we can concentrate on the construction of structures. Many resources can also be accumulated by destroying objects or by making findings in the aforementioned coffers.

Do not underestimate the field experience

Beyond individual advice, whether they are rather trivial for a gamer with great experience or extremely difficult to follow for a novice, they must be accompanied with some practice.

The mechanics of the sparkling and dynamic game, give the opportunity to get the victory by following different strategies: to know them deeply though, you need to do dozens of games, always engaging even if things (logically) at the beginning will be pretty bad.

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