Best Cheapest Data Plan to Look Out for in 2022


Internet data in Nigeria had lately in 2015 been on a low price and at its best. I believe it’s from the reassessment of Telecommunication networks in Nigeria otherwise known as Network providers data rates, data cap and customers reactions by the NCC.

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This code were all tested and running in the time of posting it. It works on all gadgets/operating systems like ipod, ipad, android, windows mobile, tablets, and PC.


Enjoy your browsing while it last. See Best Cheapest Data Plan to Look Out for in 2016


MTN users can of course make use of the BBMIDID or BBLITED bundle with Simple Server or Psiphon as they are working perfectly well. MORE HERE


==> For 2GB – Send “SPB to 131″ in a text message. It will cost you N2,000 and will last for a complete one month.

==> 4.5 GB day & Night – 30days, cost N2,500, Text ”120 to 131” in a message.

==> 4.5GB – 1 Month, N2,500, To activate – Text ‘102 to 131’. (Shared for Night & Day. i.e, 2.5GB day time, the remaining 2GB for night hours; 9pm to 9am).


All Etisalat users can make use of the Etisalat 1GB monthly bundle for just N1,000 by simply dialing 9299#. This can work for all smartphones with the help of a well configured psiphon app and a working magic IP like:

Magic (IP)        PORT 8086     8080       3128  8086

To configure, open the Psiphon app, go to Proxy Server, and use instagram.com or mobile.etisalat.com.ng%2F%[email protected]

Every other setting still remains the same. To power all your apps, you need to get auto proxy or proxy droid.


==> For 1GB – Dial 59952#, cost N1,000. Last for 3 Days (Week Ends).

==> For 2GB – Dial; 2292*8#, Cost N2,000, Validity – 30days.

==> 1GB – dial 2292*7#, N1,000, Validity – 30days. (Note – If it selects your Etisalat SIM, simply use an INFINIX Hotnote Android mobile to activate it with the desired SIM Card).


==> For 3GB – Send “COMONTH to 777” in a text message or dial 77721#. Cost N1,000 for a whole month.

(Note – This process will only work on your android phone if you had rooted + tweak your mobile phone into a Black berry serial number before it will work well.)

For heavy Internet Users:

==> Text “55 to 127” for 2.5GB @ N2,000

==> Text “58 to 127” for 4.5GB @ N2,500

==> Text “54 to 127” for 4.5GB @ N3,000


==> Text “12 to 127” for 24GB @ N8,000

==> Text “15 to 127” for 33GB @ N10,000

==> Text “16 to 127” for 51GB @ N15,000

==> Text “17 to 127” for 63GB @ N18,000

Dial 777116# for more info

Glo N200 For 1GB

This plan is for night crawlers and it last you for just 1 day from 12am -5am

Glo N500 for 3GB

This plan is purely meant for weekend browsing from Sat – Sunday + 7nights from 12am – 5am. If you have something big to download go for this plan and you are good to go.

To subscribe for any of the above packages, simply dial *777# follow the prompt


The Airtel weekend 1GB for N100 is the best data bundle Airtel has introduced so far and it is blazing hot like thunder for some people. To subscribe for this plan dial 4741# and 1GB will be given to you usable during weekends alone. If it selects your Airtel SIM, please try out another SIM.

==> Weekend plan 2 – 500MB, for just N500, dial 4731# to activate. To check data balance Dial *140#


==> For 3GB – Dial 44016# cost N1,500 and will last for 30days.

==> For 4GB – Dial 440161# Cost N2,000 and will last you for 1 month.


==> For 9GB – Dial 4381# Cost N3,500, Valid – for 30days.

==> N1,000, 1GB, 30days, dial 1411*3#


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