Best Bluetooth Earbuds To Buy In 2021


These are the best Bluetooth Earbuds to buy in 2021, you don’t need to keep on untangling your earbuds’ wire anymore. In 2018, there are lots of Bluetooth earbuds to choose from, these earbuds offer a more pleasant listening experience that the ones with wires. With wireless earbuds, you get to have freedom while listening to music. They even have enhanced battery life, better sound quality and fits more comfortably into your ears. We’ve made a list of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can buy below, check them out.

1. Bose QuietControl 30

best bluetooth earbuds


This is one of the best noise-canceling earbuds you can get at the moment. The company is known for creating some of the best high-quality noise-cancelation headphones. The QuietControl 30 proved that Bose isn’t stepping down in the noise-canceling game anytime soon. This earbuds come with a horseshoe-like neckband-style, letting it rest comfortably on your neck while you listen to quality music. Furthermore, the earbuds are sweatproof, meaning you can go jogging with it or even workout. However, it’s not advisable to swim with it. It’s available for $299 on Amazon below.

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2. BeatsX

best bluetooth earbuds

Another earbuds with the neckband-style here, this is undoubtedly one of the best Bluetooth earbuds you can get. Even though it was designed by Beatsbydre, there were a little help from Apple’s design and engineering teams as well. This leaves the BeatsX with the best design on this list. The neckband is also flexible and twistable, letting feel comfortable all day long. While the two earbuds’ cable were made of nickel-titanium alloy, making it light and durable as well. It comes with low-power W1 chip, making it easy to connect to Apple’s iOS devices as well. Once fully charged, you’ll get eight hours of playtime and charges fast too. You can get it for just $99.99 below.

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3. Jaybird X3

best bluetooth earbuds

The Jaybird X3 is an update to the X2 earbuds, and if you’re looking for overall earbuds with all the features, then you’ve got yourself a winner. The X3 was built as a sport headphone, it has a hydrophobic nano-coating to wick away moisture and sweat. A very comfortable earbuds you can use through your day to day activity. If you need both quality and comfort in terms of earbuds, then look no further. It also has a nice battery life that lasts for more than 8 hours when fully charged. They produce amazing sounds and bass as well, it’s available for just $99.90.

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4. Bose SoundSport

best bluetooth earbuds

Bose is known for its powerful series of earbuds, and this SoundSport earbud is perfect for people who are into sports. It delivers the perfect sound of quality music that will keep you motivated, it’s also sweat-proof, so you won’t bother when sweating profusely during a workout. Although its soft silicon fins might feel lost in the ear, it’s securely fit and gives you the best comfort ever from earbuds. It’s not totally noise-canceling, which is perfect for runners and individuals into sports, this will keep you at alert to your surroundings. Click below to get it for just $149.

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5. Apple Airpods

best bluetooth earbuds

Of course, Apple Airpods is definitely one of the best Bluetooth earbuds right now. Apple stopped designing smartphones with a 3.5mm jack with the iPhone 7, and since then there have been improvements when it comes to the earbuds’ brand. The Airpods is perfect for iPhone users who want something wireless. It comes with the Apple W1 chip to work seamlessly with iOS devices, produces amazing sounds and sports dual mic as well. When fully charged, you can use it for more than 5 hours and it charges fast as well. You can get it for just $159.

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6. Losei Dual Wireless Earbuds

best bluetooth earbuds

This Bluetooth enabled earbuds are perfect for those on a budget, it offers great value as well. It has Bluetooth version 4.1, with built-in mic and charging case. The charging case are magnetic, even if you turn it over when charging, the earbuds won’t fall off. Charging without cables is one of the good things about the Losei earbuds. One of its highlights is its virtually wireless design, you won’t get tangled in any wires or feel uncomfortable. You can also send one of the earbuds to a friend and enjoy single mode with just one ear. It’s very affordable as well, for just $29.99.

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7. Sennheiser HD1 Free Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

best bluetooth earbuds

This Sennheiser earbuds is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds right now and the best in terms of calls. It offers crisp audio quality and looks exquisite as well, that’s not all, it comes with a neckband as well, which sits on your neck. There’s a remote to help but you easily increase the volume or decrease it and easily answer calls with ease. It offers 15Hz-22kHz frequency range and everything you say would be heard clearly as well. Get it below for $185.02.

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8. SENSO Bluetooth Earbuds

best bluetooth earbuds

If you’re looking for Earbuds with amazing value, look no further. It’s also perfect for sports, it has IP67 certifications, making it water resistant. However, you’re advised not to spend a lot of time underwater though. It comes with mic and HD Stereo, cancels noise efficiently and offers 8 hours of listening time. Even with all these features, it retails for a giveaway price on Amazon. When you buy it, you’d find out it comes with a sturdy case as well, while it’s comfort silicone fits right into your ears. You can get it for just $29.97 below.

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9. Anker SoundBuds

best bluetooth earbuds

This earbuds is known for its affordability and what it offers, definitely a great value for money earbuds and one of the best out there. It provides amazing comfortability and durability, they are also very light, you won’t have a clue you’re wearing one. It’s IP65 certified and sports a rubber material, this lets the earbuds survive underwater. When it comes sounds, it delivers excellent sounds and bass, the battery lasts for seven hours when fully charged as well. Each Anker earbuds comes with an 18 months warranty, you can get it below for just $29.99.

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10. ENACFIRE E18 Bluetooth Earbuds

best bluetooth earbuds

The ENACFIRE E18 comes with its own wireless charging pad which magnetically fills up the earbuds battery. Once fully charged, they offer up to 15 hours of playtime, this is very impressive for affordable earbuds, thanks to its 500mAh battery. It’s also one of Amazon’s choice for “wireless earbuds”, plus the fact that it comes with no wires offer wireless audio products and build a totally wireless lifestyle. You can also give a piece to a friend or family and let them feel your music and joy. Get it below for just $49.99.

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Best Bluetooth Earbuds – Conclusion

These are the best Bluetooth earbuds you can buy at the moment. They give you the handsfree experience and are very light as well. No matter what your budget is, you can always find one that will fit your lifestyle above. Happy shopping!

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