15 Best and Cheap eBikes You can get in 2021


Do you cringe at the thought of walking into a packed subway station right now? You are not alone: Many Americans and Asians are ditching public transportation in favor of other ways to commute. Many people prefer to commute on two wheels rather than four.

Nielsen stated that sales in some areas have quadrupled over the past few months. It’s growing faster than any other category. It is inspiring to see people embrace them.

Electric bikes are also known as eBikes, are bikes that have an electric motor and a battery attached to them. Although the motor helps you pedal the bike, it is not as powerful as a motorized scooter, or motorcycle. Nielsen stated that you don’t have to use the motor at all if you don’t want to. “Most models allow you to turn it on or off easily.”


Electric Bikes are now popular and are a fast and no-cost mode of transportation. They are good for health and not associated with those problems that standard bikes have like pedaling-induced stress, knee pain, climbing heights, etc. What you find in electric bikes include rechargeable batteries, a motor, smart sensors, and a throttle. Whether you want to get to the nearest coffee shop or even work, the electric bikes listed here will take you where you want.

Is The Electric Bike For You?

Nielsen said that electric bikes could be used by everyone regardless of their lifestyle.

Perhaps you are an avid cyclist and want to take longer rides. Maybe you are a little older or recovering from an injury and still want to keep pace with your family and friends. You might be a commuter who wants to use electric bikes but not get sweaty to work. Electric bikes make it much easier for travelers to explore destinations that might otherwise be too difficult to bike.

Electric-assisted bikes provide a fallback, allowing for more gain and less pain. I feel that the stigma around e-bikes has been rapidly dismantled, and they are being rebranded as the most excellent tech in the cycling industry. They are being called “The Great Equalizer.”

Choosing The Best Electric Bike

Nielsen stated that electric bikes are more costly than non-electric bikes. He explained that spending a bit more on a sturdy bike will pay off over the long term. There are three types of electric bikes you should consider when shopping for an electric bike.

  • Electric bikes of class 1 are pedal-assist and have no throttle. They have a maximum speed of 20 mph
  • Electric bikes of class 2 are throttle-assisted (as the name suggests, it involves a throttle component on your handlebar similar to a motorbike) with a maximum speed of 20 mph.
  • Electric bikes of class 3 are best for trail or road riding and can be pedal-assist only. They have a speed limit of 28 mph.

These classes define the type of motor that the bike uses and whether it can be used in specific areas. The motors of all three classes are limited to 750 Watts.

Consider what purpose you are looking for in an electric bike. A commuter electric bike is best if you live in a flat area and plan to use it mostly on city streets. Avid bikers who are looking to buy a road bike should be aware of the battery life and maximum speed. You will need to charge your electric bicycle regularly, but not as often as with a car. Also, you should consider where you can charge it. Although most electric bikes allow you to remove the batteries; it is not required to charge your bike.

The cycling experts that we spoke with recommended additional features to be considered before purchasing an electric bicycle.

  • Parts for bikes: Downey suggests looking for a bike that is equipped with these features; Shimano Or Bosch. These specifications are adhered to by most of the listed bike parts. These parts are of higher quality and last longer than other brands, he believes.
  • E-bikes usually require more maintenance. These extra costs should be considered when you decide how much to spend on the electric bike. This is a substantial investment.
  • Purchase from a company that makes electric bikes. Downey explained that it is crucial to have the experience to properly spec and design a bike for proper riding. “Companies that only manufacture electric bikes are often poorly designed.”
  • Some states have particular laws and regulations concerning e-bikes. Downey pointed out that some local governments have banned certain types of electric bikes. Before you buy an electric bike, make sure to understand the rules in your area. The National Conference of State Legislatures provides a guide. Guide for beginners.
  • Be comfortable before you go electric, learn to ride. Downey reminded us that even the lowest-class bike can reach 20 mph. Non-electric bikes can only sustain 20 mph for 20 minutes on professional bikers. Riders must be comfortable and cautious when navigating through city streets and crowded roads at such high speeds.

Best Electric Bike

Here are the top e-bikes on the market, according to our guidance from experts.

1. Cannondale Mavaro Neo City Electric Bike

Cannondale Mavaro Neo City Electric Bike
Cannondale Mavaro Neo City Electric Bike

Downey said that this classic, class 1 bike costs slightly less than other models. The “Neo” series from Cannondale is also one of the most reliable lines. This bike is made with Shimano parts and a Bosch lithium battery. It can be charged in just 3.5 hours and can last up to 65 miles without needing to recharge. The bike can travel at a speed of around 20 mph and is 54 lbs.

2. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 2 E-Road Bike

Fix Edges And Seems, Extend Back Top, Clean Cable Shapes
Fix Edges And Seems, Extend Back Top, Clean Cable Shapes

This class 3 model is worth considering if you are an avid rider and looking to upgrade your electric bike. The Neo 2 is made of high-quality Shimano parts and is designed for road riding. The battery can last up to 75 km and can be charged in just a few hours. Experts say this model is an excellent representation of what you can get for a higher price.

Levine said, “You could take it to France and pretend you’re on the Tour de France.”

3. Electra Townie Path Go! 10D Step-Over Trek Bike

Electra Townie Path Go! 10d Step Over Trek Bike
Electra Townie Path Go! 10d Step Over Trek Bike

The class 1 model is ideal for short rides around town or longer trails. It has step-over pedals that are typically found on mountain and racing bikes. They provide additional pedal power and give you a more balanced ride. The Bosch parts are used in this model. It has 27.5-inch tires, a battery that can last up to 65 miles and is made from Bosch parts. The unique features of this model include a SmartphoneHub controller that monitors ride data and Electra’s Flat Foot Technology, which moves pedals forward relative to the saddle. This allows riders to extend their legs while riding, which can make it more comfortable. It also allows them to shop with their feet flat on the ground.

4. Norco Scene VLT Electric Bike

Norco Scene Vlt Electric Bike
Norco Scene Vlt Electric Bike

Downey recommended this versatile, class 1 electric bike from the brand’s “Urban” line. The seat can be adjusted using a button on your handlebars. It also sports large, 27.5-inch tires. It is priced in the middle range of electric bikes.

5. Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike

Rad Power Bikes Radmission 1 Electric Metro Bike
Rad Power Bikes Radmission 1 Electric Metro Bike

This class 2 e-bike is an excellent option for novice cyclists or those who want an easy way to travel without too many bells and whistles. There are two sizes of bikes, depending on how high the frame stands. The lightweight, seven-pound battery fits under your seat and can travel 25 to 45 miles depending on how heavily you depend on it. Additional features include a twist grip throttle and an LED control panel that allows you to adjust between gears.

6. Schwinn EC1 Cruiser-Style Electric Bike

Schwinn Ec1 Cruiser Style Electric Bike
Schwinn Ec1 Cruiser Style Electric Bike

The Schwinn class 1 model is a highly-rated, affordable option. This model is ideal for commuters, with five pedal-assist modes as well as seven speeds (up 20 mph). The battery charges in less than six hours and can be used for 30 miles. This is a significant advantage over other models. This bike is excellent for beginners and those who commute shorter distances. It weighs in at just over 50 pounds with 26-inch tires.

7. Specialized Turbo Vado E-Bike

Specialized Turbo Vado E Bike
Specialized Turbo Vado E-Bike

Downey said that the sleek model is another class 3-e-bike with solid acceleration, smooth turns, and strong acceleration. You can attach your belongings to the Vado’s rear rack and have it adjust to four sizes, with three levels of assist. It is made of Shimano parts and charges in just over four hours. The battery can last for 50 miles. This bike is an excellent option for those looking for an electric road bike that’s more affordable than the Neo 2.

8. Tern HSD S+ Folding Bike

Tern Hsd S+ Folding Bike
Tern Hsd S+ Folding Bike

This class 1 folding bike is great for commuters and those with limited storage space. Bosch electric parts are used to make the battery, which is located in the back of the bike. It has a lower center of gravity. It can be charged in between 2.5 and 4.5 hours and lasts between 32 and 75 hours. The battery can reach speeds of up to 20mph and is 58 pounds. You can easily attach a seat or bag to the back of your bike, whether you are taking your child on a ride or carrying your bag to work. At 20 inches, the bike’s wheels are smaller than most models. This makes it lighter and easier to transport.

9. Urban Arrow Shorty Electric Bike

Urban Arrow Shorty Electric Bike
Urban Arrow Shorty Electric Bike

This e-bike is perfect for commuters and anyone who needs to transport cargo. The bike has Shimano disc brakes to avoid skidding and a low center of gravity. It has a large basket that can hold gym bags and other packages. Pets are also compatible with it, provided they don’t leap out of the basket. For children, parents can attach a seat to the back. A single charge can last up to 75 km.

10. Vanmoof S3 Electric Bike

Vanmoof S3 Electric Bike
Vanmoof S3 Electric Bike

The Vanmoof S3 electric bike is priced in the middle range. It has a stylish and sleek design that’s suitable for riders from 5’8″ to 6’8″. The bikes come with an automatic gear-shifting mechanism and disc brakes. Vanmoof also claims “puncture-resistant tires.” Vanmoof’s mobile app allows you to track the location of your bike and set off an alarm. The battery’s range is comparable to other models, at 37-93 miles.

11. Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike

Ascshin is known for quality and durability when it comes to their bikes. Aceshin produces a number of bikes but the 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike is one of its high-end bikes. The bike features 3 modes. It can ride purely by the human legs, it has the pedal-assist mode and finally the e-bike mode. The pedal assist combines the e-bike (in which the motor moves the bike) and the regular mode (the human legs pedaling).

The bike is built to have a 3-speed smart meter button control to dictate the mode you want to switch to. For safety purposes, a disk brake is installed at the front and rear. It has a 36V 8Ah battery which in pedal-assist mode can move the bike up to 50km. The battery requires 4-6 hours of plugging into a power source to be fully charged.


12. Rad Power Bikes RadRunner

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner is also one of the best electric bikes to buy in 2021. This one is versatile among the e-bikes you find in the market. It mixes affordability with usefulness thus its versatility. The RadRunner is Rad’s latest hefty utility commuter ebike. It has a 120-pound rear rack and big, stable, custom Kenda tires. For those that are new to bikes, there’s an easy step-through frame and premium trimmings that are just like Tektro hydraulic brakes. Though very great to use, it’s very expensive.


13. Gocycle GX

This is a bike that is great to ride and easy to fold up. The bike is interesting and fun to ride too. A con, however, is that it does not fold neatly as some of the more foldable e-bikes. It is built with three gears, variable assistance, and with Gocycle’s handy app, you can switch its kicking power. With your phone, you have control over the bike through Gocycle’s handy app.

The engineers made sure that the bike is equipped with ample power by the tweaks of the power delivery algorithms and torque sensors. The lighting needs are in the care of by a super bright front LED lightbar and a rear lamp that gets power from the main battery.



14. Civia Parkway Step-Thru

The Civia Parkway Step-Thru is another e-Bike for cycling. Its Bosch Active Line motor gives the bike pedal assist up to 20mph. Its large battery as said by the manufacturer can last 30 miles to a whopping 110 miles and this value depends on the e-assist mode, speed, terrain, rider weight, and cargo. The machine got 26-inch wheels, 2-inch tires, round aluminum tubes, a swept-back handlebar, Shimano Sora 9-speed components, and an 11-32 cassette, and coupled with a motor, battery, and Purion display, it is a powerful bike.


15. emdaot 26” Electric Mountain Bike

This is a mountain bike from emadaot, makers of bikes, and other home equipment. The operational modes supported on this bike are manual pedaling, pedal-assist, and full-power/pure-electric. The 21-speed gear built with it gives it the fast-cycling speed and hassle-free movement uphill.

The bike is lightweight at about 20kg and this is due to it being built by durable aluminum alloy material. For durability and speed, the rims of the wheel are double-walled. The battery of the 36V 8AH  rating can let the bike cycle for 15-30 miles at Max speed. This battery charges fully in 4-6 hours.

There are also hundreds of great electric bikes that we cant mention in this article, so I will recommend that you head over to Amazon for the latest ebikes offers.