Best 7 Invoice Tool Websites for Freelancers and Business Owners


Are you a freelancer or business owner that needs to create invoices and send to customers and clients? Look no further as you have here in this post 7 invoice tools to generate an invoice for your business. You might have been frustrated by looking for the best freelance tool but we’ve got you covered in this article.

An invoice lets you get the description of products and services and their costs across to your clients and customers and online invoice generators are a convenient way to do this.

7 Best Invoice Tools

  1. Invoiced

With Invoiced, you can easily create invoices for your business. A custom logo of your business can be added and you can specify who you are creating the invoice for and the sender. Invoiced allows you to input an unlimited number of items in your invoice.

  1. FreshBooks

Freshbooks gives you free invoice generation cloud service with a professional touch that is reliable. You can adjust the currency to your preferred requirements and you can add custom term specifications.

  1. InvoiceTo

This is one of the best invoice generators on the web and they pushed in a recent update which made it even better and simpler.


With the dynamic item list, your inputs are automatically calculated and adjusted to fit in your requirements.

  1. Zoho

An old software company in the game, Zoho give their members and anyone else access to their flexible and easy-to-use invoice generator tool that will match whatever preference they have and meet their business needs whether it is freelance, small business, or an enterprise.

  1. Paydirt

You can’t get disappointed with an invoice generator like Paydirt, which offers you a simple but elegant invoice generating tool. With it, you can create invoices which possess item list with a concise description which ensures that you and your clients are always updated about each invoice sent.

  1. Online Invoices 

Are you in need of a convenient and easy way of creating tax, simple, and business invoices, Online Invoice may be the best option for you. With it, you don’t need to make any changes on your side. It has the preview option to allow you to make sure that each of your requirements is met.

  1. Wave

A cloud based accounting platform, Wave was developed to cater for freelancers and small business needs. For you to get more advanced features like customer support, you may need to invest in their premium services. Wave allows you to create and send invoices, create a business report about finances, track your outgoing expenses and connect to your bank account.