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iphone game

For the older generation, arcade games were the must-have games. After some time, this genre of the game saw a decline but with the advent of smartphones, they are now back. Even though you enjoyed these games as a kid, you can still bring back the old time fun by downloading this games to your smartphone. The processing power of an iPhone/iPad is more than enough to handle the classic arcade games that existed in the 80s and 90s. We’ve curated for you the best Arcade games you can play on your iPhone or iPad.

Best 5 Arcade Games for iOS


You remember the yellow circle-shaped hero PAC-MAN who’s always hungry for those delicious pellets? Yes, it’s now available mobile. The objectives are same as before and all you need do is to move PAC-MAN around the screen to eat all the palettes by swiping in the direction you want it to go. And don’t forget to look out for ghosts Blinky, Clyde, Inky and Pinky who will try to disrupt your mission.


Candy Crush Saga

Yes, this is that popular game you know – Candy Crush Saga and you must have received requests on your Facebook profile to play this game with your friends. You get to pass through wonderlands, mysterious places and meet deliciously kookie characters in this game. If you like, you can challenge your friends to get a higher score than you. The game is a free to play one.


Dragon’s Lair

An huge hit at the arcade, Dragon’s Liar possesses excellent graphics and is embedded to enough humour to make it a great arcade game. It has an addictive nature because it was developed around seeing how long you could play and how far you could go unlike most games that gives you high scores. Dragon’s Liar makes you glued to it to see what would happen.


Jetpack Joyride

This is a fast-paced game in which players control their jetpack-clad character along dangerous corridors full of lasers, electric fields and missiles. You can earn coins and tokens to make upgrades your such as new jetpacks, costumes, distance credits or revival ability.



Osmos is an ambient arcade game that demands quick thinking and fast reflexes and gives credit for planning and patience. Your purpose in this game is to grow your mote which will absorb the smaller one than itself. When moving and causing your mote to shrink, you will encounter an uneasy balancing which must be continually played out as you explore playgrounds.


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