The Best 10 2FA Apps to Protect Your Online Accounts in 2023

Two-factor authentication, often known as 2FA, is a subset of multi-factor authentication (also known as MFA), which verifies a user’s identity by using more than one factor at the time of login. One of these factors is almost always going to be the password that is connected to your account, and the other is typically going to be a time-based token that is generated by either a token-generator device or a mobile app.

App-based two-factor authentication is a more accessible and practical solution for the majority of people because it costs less (or nothing, in some cases) and offers better portability. Although in general, both of these token-generation approaches work well and have their share of advantages and disadvantages, app-based two-factor authentication is the preferred method.

Having said that, there are a great number of two-factor authentication apps on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, so selecting the right one can be a challenge. In order to make this procedure more straightforward, we have compiled a list of the top two-factor authentication (2FA) apps available for both Android and iOS. This list will assist you in finding the finest 2FA app to meet your requirements.

1. 2FA Authenticator (2FAS)

2fas 2fa authenticator app
2fas 2fa authenticator app

2FA Authenticator is a straightforward and cost-free two-factor authentication tool. Even when you’re not connected to the internet, it may generate 6-digit OTPs for authentication purposes for your online services and accounts using a technology called TOTP (time-based one-time password).

The 2FAS backup system allows you to back up all of your keys, and those backups can be stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed from several devices. In addition to that, this allows you the flexibility to access your keys on numerous devices all at the same time. Not to mention the fact that it might also come in handy in the event that you lose your cell phone because you can still access your passcode on your other device even in this scenario.

The process of registering for and setting up accounts with 2FAS is fairly simple as well, and you have the option of doing so by scanning a QR code or by manually entering the secret key. When it comes to the protection of the app itself, you have the option of utilizing biometric authentication in order to secure the app.

Last but not least, the 2FA Authenticator supports push authentication for services that have been integrated through the 2FAS provider.

Download 2FA Authenticator: Android | iOS

2. Aegis Authenticator

aegis 2fa authenticator app
aegis 2fa authenticator app

Aegis Authenticator is a two-factor authentication app that is only available for Android devices. It is free to use and comes with an open source license. You can use it to create authentication codes for a broad variety of services. Any service that is compatible with Google Authenticator also supports Aegis Authenticator, so you can use it with those services.

The fact that Aegis is compatible with a wide variety of services thanks to its support for the TOTP and HOTP algorithms is one of the system’s numerous strengths. In a similar vein, one of the most remarkable features of the application is the capability to categorize your tokens into groups or assign them individual symbols in order to make it simpler to locate them.

In addition, you have the ability to block screen captures, lock the application using biometric services, set automatic backups to the vault or cloud storage, and more. The Aegis Authenticator app also has a function called “tap to reveal,” which allows you to conceal your tokens until you choose to show them. This feature stops your tokens from being displayed as soon as you start the app.

If you are moving from another two-factor authentication app, you may import your entries from the majority of the popular two-factor authentication apps quite easily using Aegis. In addition, if you need to export your entries, you have the option of either producing them in plain text or encrypted format.

Download Aegis Authenticator: Android

3. Twilio Authy

twilio authy 2fa authenticator app
twilio authy 2fa authenticator app

Many Android and iPhone users have chosen Twilio Authy, which was originally known as Authy, as their preferred two-factor authenticator. It does this by generating robust two-step verification tokens for your online accounts, which adds an additional degree of protection to those accounts.

Not only that, but Authy also assists you in guarding your cryptocurrency wallets against the likes of Coinbase, CEX.IO, and other similar services. In addition to this, it continues to function even when you are not connected to the internet, ensuring that you are never inconvenienced by a lack of network connectivity.

Unlike some of the other applications that provide two-factor authentication (2FA), Authy also offers 8-digit tokens, which you can use to further increase the security of your account. In terms of additional features, you will have access to secure cloud backups, which will guarantee that you will never lose access to your tokens; multi-device synchronization, which will allow you to access your tokens from a number of different devices; and automatic backups, which will allow you to automatically back up your tokens to Authy’s servers.

You have the choice to lock down the Twilio Authy app with either biometric information, a personal identification number (PIN), or a password, depending on the operating system that you are using it on. This helps to prevent unauthorized access to your 2FA tokens.

Download Twilio Authy: Android | iOS

4. Microsoft Authenticator

microsoft authenticator 2fa authenticator app
microsoft authenticator 2fa authenticator app

Microsoft Authenticator is a free two-factor authentication tool that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. The program is very simple to use. It is compatible with a large number of different online accounts, but the fact that it was developed by Microsoft means that it gives you the option to combine all of your Microsoft accounts (whether personal, professional, or academic) into one.

2-step verification Tokens generated with Microsoft Authenticator are time-based and have a timer countdown of thirty seconds, just like the majority of other two-factor authentication programs. Because TOTP is the algorithm used to generate these tokens, the service will continue to function even if you are not currently online.

The notification-based login for your Microsoft accounts is one of the standout features of the Microsoft Authenticator app. This feature enables you to sign in to any of your Microsoft accounts with just a tap and does not require you to enter your password. You will need to demonstrate that you are who you say you are by using either the security PIN or biometrics (fingerprint or facial authentication) that are included in the app.

Additionally, the service enables certificate-based authentication, which will come in handy in the event that you need to demonstrate the genuineness of your device in order to access other apps and services provided by Microsoft.

Download Microsoft Authenticator: Android | iOS

5. TOTP Authenticator

totp 2fa authenticator app
totp 2fa authenticator app

The TOTP Authenticator is an effective two-factor authentication method. On Android and iOS, it may be downloaded for free, but there is also a paid version available. You have access to pretty much all of the key features that one looks for in a two-factor authentication app with the free version, however the premium version unlocks a few advanced capabilities to take your experience to a higher level.

In order to gain access to the TOTP app, all that is required of you is to scan a QR code. Setting up two-factor authentication with TOTP is a relatively straightforward process. You will receive support for multiple platforms, which will synchronize your tokens across a variety of mobile operating systems. In a similar vein, you have the option of creating backups both locally and in the cloud for your data (on the paid version). Cloud backups are secured using encryption and are carried out via Cloud Sync.

In addition, TOTP Authenticator provides you with a few choices for customizing (and organization), as well as security features that enable you to safeguard the program itself from unauthorized access by making use of biometric or PIN security measures. Additionally, if you subscribe to the subscription plan, you will have access to a browser extension that will simplify the process of inputting tokens whenever you are prompted to login.

Another cool feature that has been added to the app is support for widgets, which enables you to add shortcuts to your token collection to the home screen of your device.

Download TOTP Authenticator: Android | iOS

6. Duo Mobile

duo mobile 2fa authenticator app
duo mobile 2fa authenticator app

Duo Mobile is a straightforward two-factor authentication tool that not only enables you to protect your accounts with two-step verification but also makes it possible for you to log in with only one tap by utilizing push notification authentication. If you use Apple products, you can even log in with only one tap on your Apple Watch if you are part of Apple’s ecosystem.

Because the tokens that are generated on Duo Mobile are time-based, you are able to access them even when you are not connected to the internet. It supports a large variety of well-known websites, and the process of adding entries for those websites only requires a few simple steps. The user interface (UI) of the application has been updated as part of the most recent update release. These UI modifications make the application more user-friendly and provide some choices for personalization.

In addition, Duo Mobile gives you the ability to lock down your app and prevent illegal access by utilizing either biometrics or passcodes.

Additionally, it enables you to back up and restore functionality, which enables you to back up your accounts and security tokens from your current device and restore them to a new device. This capability is offered in addition to the ability to back up and restore functionality.

Download Duo Mobile: Android | iOS

7. Obsidian ∇

obsidian ∇ 2fa authenticator app
obsidian ∇ 2fa authenticator app

Obsidian ∇ is a two-factor authentication app that is only available for iOS only for iPhones. It is one of the more aesthetically pleasing two-factor authentication apps available, and it provides a wide variety of personalization choices that enable you to tailor the app’s style to suit your preferences. Changing themes, making use of icons, and selecting different visual modes are all examples of the customisation possibilities available here.

In terms of its functionality, Obsidian makes use of FaceID and TouchID to authenticate users, and it depends on iCloud Keychain to carry out its secure operations. It guarantees that no data will ever be transferred to or stored on any of its servers. In addition, registration is not required in order to make use of the service. If you have a Mac, you can sync the data on your iPhone with the data on your Mac by using the sync function, which is present on both devices.

Additionally, Obsidian will generate a backup of your token entries on a daily basis. When you alter an existing record or create a new entry for an account, it does this for you as well. You may organize your accounts within the program by using folders to keep your personal, professional, and any other kinds of domains distinct from one another. This is one of the additional features. In addition, if you came from Google Authenticator, you may use the import functionality in Obsidian to bring over all of your entries from Google Authenticator.

Download Obsidian: iOS

8. Google Authenticator

google authenticator 2fa authenticator app
google authenticator 2fa authenticator app

The Google Authenticator app provides the simplest form of two-factor authentication available today. As its name suggests, it was developed by Google and is offered for download on both the Android and iPhone platforms. The fact that Google Authenticator is supported by virtually every service and app on the market today that requires two factors of authentication is one of the app’s most significant selling points.

Google Authenticator is the best choice if you want a straightforward two-factor authentication tool that doesn’t include any extra features (and is, in a way, more secure than other options because it doesn’t provide cross-platform use or sync data). You are able to use this 2FA app even if you do not have an internet connection because, like the majority of other 2FA apps, it also generates tokes using the TOTP algorithm. In addition to that, the HOTP method is used by the app to produce tokens when it interacts with supported services.

You may either use a QR code or manually enter a setup key to create an account, and both methods are relatively straightforward and easy to understand. In a similar fashion, you can export your accounts in a breeze with the assistance of QR codes. You have the option of utilizing biometrics as an additional layer of protection for the application.

Download Google Authenticator: Android | iOS 

Honorable Mentions

9. Lastpass Authenticator

Lastpass Authenticator is a popular two-factor authenticator that was developed by Lastpass and is available for both the Android and iPhone operating systems. It not only provides push notifications for one-tap login approval but also creates TOTP 6-digit codes. In addition, it offers support for SMS codes, encrypted backups, and automated configuration through the use of a QR code.

Download Lastpass Authenticator: Android | iOS

10. andOTP

andOTP is a two-factor authentication (2FA) program that is only available for Android, is open source, does not cost anything to use, and has outstanding token security. It utilizes Time-based One-Time-Password (TOTP) for the generation of security keys and encrypted storage for safely storing them onboard. In addition, it provides a variety of backup choices, including plain text backups, backups that are password-protected, and backups that are encrypted using OpenPGP.

Download andOTP: Android

Keep Your Accounts Protected With 2FA

You may use the finest two-factor authenticator applications on your Android or iPhone to manage your 2FA tokens across all of your different online accounts. Some of the top two-factor authenticator apps are listed above.

It is ultimately up to you to choose an app that best fits your requirements, despite the fact that the most of these apps perform effectively and are capable of satisfying the majority of your needs. Obsidian, Authy, and 2FAS are some decent solutions to consider if you are looking for a two-factor authentication tool that offers support for multi-device sync as well as cloud syncing.

On the other hand, if you use a lot of Microsoft services, the Microsoft Authenticator is the best two-factor authentication app for you to use. On the other hand, if you want a more secure experience, Google Authenticator is a safe bet due to the fact that it does not support multi-device use or cloud syncing.

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